Neverwinter The Way of the Drow Event Includes Northdark Reaches Details and a Free Present

For now, though, the team is holding this special Way of the Draw occasion from now through December 1st. Once you declare the pack, you will have an option of only one out of numerous item choices.

The North dark Reaches module was created in collaboration with author R.A. Salvatore and his child Gene Salvatore, and the Never winter group has a unique interview with the 2 to go over the creative procedure of how they brought their innovative procedure, and elements of the elder Salvatore’s series, The Way of the Draw.

Never winter is marking the current release of the North dark Reaches module with the new Way of the Draw event, including brand-new behind the scenes information and a choice of presents.

The items you can select from are:

We just recently spoke with numerous members of the Cryptic team who worked to find out how to refurbish the Temple of the Spider structure and encounters, and this is among the highlight features of the module for a reason.

For more on The Way of the Draw event, and how to declare your brand-new item, head to Never winter.

If you still have not entered the meat of the new content, what awaits is not only new story content in the most recent module for the season, however a revamped Temple of the Spider dungeon, new lifestyle enhancements, two problem choices, and of course, brand-new themed enemies and managers to challenge and kill.

With the release of this module, it represents part one of a prepared two part storyline, so we can anticipate more from this collective team in the future. For now, however, the team is holding this unique Method of the Draw event from now through December 1st. Once you claim the pack, you will have an option of only one out of several item options.


  • Drift Companion (Not account-unlock).
  • Drifts Hair.
  • Catteries hair.
  • Renegade Draw Race.
  • Impressive Insignia Option Load.