The Confertotorium Hotel in the background of Modern Warfare II

The Dutch 5-star hotel, which appeared in the background of Modern Warfare II, released on October 28, announced that it was not wanted.

On the 31st, the Conservative Veto Room Hotel, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, said in the local media ‘De Tolerant’, I knew that our hotel appeared in Call of Duty. I don’t want it. This game is not related to the values we pursue, and I’m sorry for the unintentional description. The hotel is currently considering countermeasures.

The background of the problem is the multiplayer ‘Bring berg Hotel’ in Modern Warfare II. The map features a similar building to the Conservative Veto Room Hotel, and the interior is similar, but the name is written differently. In addition, a campaign that depicts the actual Amsterdam in the single play of Modern Warfare II appears.

Although the hotel did not clearly mention ‘legal response’, overseas media ‘PC gamers’ explained that copyright problems could occur under the European and US building laws.

Europe is often controversial when a real building appears in a game that depicts shooting warfare because it is sensitive to firearms and terrorism. A similar example is the Resistance: Human fall, which was released in 2007 on PS3. It is a game that fights against aliens who invaded the earth in 1951, and a place similar to the Manchester Cathedral in the UK appears in the game.

The British Anglican Church demanded Sony’s apology, donation to guns and to modify game contents, saying it was inappropriate to describe shooting in cities where firearms occurred, copyright issues, and guns. The case was officially apologized and concluded that Sony had no intention of discomfort for local media and Anglican Churches.