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Update 1.06 has arrived for sifu, and here is a list of all changes and corrections added to this patch. This impressive beat-em-up title has received a lot of praise since its publication on February 8th. The game has collected many positive reviews that highlight the intense action and the demanding degree of difficulty. So far, the beat-em-up title was a success. Everything is new with Sifu Update 1.06 patchotes.

Sifu update 1.06 patchotias


• Polishing and debugging. Small changes on the second level

• Troubleshooting for the second (Sean) and third (Kuroki) BOSS


• global optimizations
• Crash corrections.

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Art & Lighting:

• Performance improvements at all levels
• Polishing and debugging

All in all, this game was a success to express the least. The community has even begun to develop some mods with which players can play as famous filmproves like John Wick, Chun-Li and even Daredevil. Hopefully, the community continues to produce this type of content and maintains the tension around the game. So far, the future of the game looks rosy, so you soon expect more updates and instructions.

This update did not bring new content extensions, but it fixes some problems that disabled the gaming experience. This update implements crash corrections, performance improvements and troubleshooting. Players should notice the improvements in their next exemplary procedures. If you are looking for some Sifu instructions, you should definitely go to one of our items; We help you to achieve everything you need.

Sifu is now available for PS4 / PS5 and PC. For more information about this update, see Sifu’s Official Twitter page.

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