Fresh Nolun: Opening of a spiritual world where good and evil coexist

LT Games Global will open the 2.0 update ‘Young Water’ in the mobile RPG ‘Fresh Notation: Immortal World’ on the 14th.


The spirit world is a place where you can enjoy it in a new way after breathing. The spirit world, which is located in the center of the human world, is also a place where human practitioners can enjoy life on the sky after human practitioners reach the state of incarnation.

In the spirit world where good and evil coexist, you can choose one of the fresh and devils that lead to order. In addition, the law system is added, providing more combat buffs in the battle, and 24 species of new tongs/methods can be introduced, and the technology can be combined more diverse. In addition, Sun Woodrow is added, and various fresh or devils can be made to obtain unique rewards or combat buffs.

In addition, nine new unexplored, five doors unexplored, PVP, and Mun pa Daemon were also held. If you achieve the rebellion of the spirit world, you can obtain a limited skin Obtain and the treasure chest, and will be rewarded step by step according to the rise. When the mission is completed, Sun woo’s appointment promotion, which will open a variety of rewards, including limited profiles and legendary treasures.