1. FC Köln | Baumgart chats out: Kilian remains, 96 talent comes

After a sensational debut season with 1. FC Köln, Steffen Baumgart looks at the coming season with great anticipation. The Effzeh coach has now given insights into personnel planning.

Steffen Baumgart has made no secret of the fact that he absolutely wants to commit the central defender Luca Kilian borrowed from Mainz 05. Kilian, who once came from the BVB youth via Paderborn to the Rheinhessen, is one of the absolute regular players of Cologne under the head coach.

Waiting for the transfer soon seems to have an end, as Baumgart reveals in a valley round with the “Express”: The 50-year-old is strongly based on an early deal, “because I have been pushing for half a year. I want the boy Absolutely and do not believe that after his goal celebration in the game against Mainz, it would be good if he had to go back there. ” The two million euros that exist as a transfer request “are there,” also said Baumgart.

Der große Saisonrückblick 2021/22 | 1. FC Köln | Bundesliga | FC International

At the same time, Baumgart has already confirmed a new addition: Linton Maina will switch from Hannover 96 to the Rhine. How long the attacker’s working paper is dated is not known. The official confirmation of the clubs is still pending.

“Linton is a developing player and that’s what it is all about,” Baumgart ordered the transfer: “We must not build up pressure right away. Then went through a deep. ” Baumgart is certain that he can “integrate” Maina on the offensive.

1. FC Köln can assume Modeste-Lleben

At the same time, the Cologne success coach made it clear: “If someone expects we to buy stars – these are our stars: young, hungry players who do not earn as much as at the end of their career.”

Baumgart with the Cologne squad planner is also faced with another important decision. According to the trainer, top scorer Anthony Modeste may be preserved. “We assume that Tony will stay.”

In view of his contract that is valid until 2023 and his strong yield of 19 Bundesliga hits this season, interest in the French recently grew.


Özcan: The soft factors speak for the FC Cologne

The achievements of the past weeks – which, according to the coach Steffen Baumgart, to become a currently “not to be replaced” players, make sure that everyone wants to know when Salih Özcan with the 1st FC Cologne about a possible cooperation beyond the Contracting 2023 maintains. And that’s exactly what Özcan is currently not interested in the bean. He says. On the other hand: What else should he say?

A decision is definitely not like yet and this will not happen promptly. “There will be no decision before the end of the season. I have communicated it so that I still want to play the season and therefore have no head for other things,” Özcan said on Wednesday. And: “The negotiations run over the counselor. Personally, I want to be left in peace and complete the season as much as possible. Then we’ll look forward.”

Remains Özcan in his hometown?

If it was so far, he first wanted to search the conversation with Baumgart and then make his decision. What role of coaches (which in the summer insisted to keep Özcan) makes this statement of the Turkish national player clearly: “Through the coach, this season has come so about this season, he gave me self-confidence, that’s why I will be with him talk.”

It may prioritize the soft factors that speak for Cologne. Özcan is what you call a “real Kölschen Jung”, born in the district of Ehrenfeld, where he lives today, where he will be splelted by the guys who want to become like the son of Turkish immigrants: “For them I am felt one Identification figure. ” Whether he is also for the club, is in the stars.

The qualification for the European competition could give the matter additional Drive Pro Cologne. But here, too, there is no prognosis in terms of quality of Özcan: “With us in our team, this is not a topic of conversation at all. Of course, each player dreams of playing internationally. The guys who were not yet played by FC when the club has played internationally Do not know what to come to 1. ” But currently the focus on Mönchengladbach, then you want to turn the view from game to game, with this goal: “We want to bring the season to a good conclusion.”

Özcan in front of the derby against Gladbach: “We will meet on a bird troop”

The opponent of Saturday is an old acquaintance. Against Borussia he played as a teenager frequently, four times as a professional, not only Salih Özcan went from the square as a loser. “I hope my series belongs to Gladbach and I will also win the fifth game against you. I am very looking forward to the encounter, every player will enjoy.” He sees the Borussia “individually strongly occupied”, a team that should not be underestimated. He prophesiously: “We will meet a bird troop.” Unlike Mainz, you must immediately “bring the necessary intensity on the lawn.” If this is not obeyed, immensely threatens: “If we do not succeed, it will be hard to win a Bundesliga game.”

Here's Why Rangers FC Want To Sign Salih Özcan 2021 HD
Unlike last Saturday, when he could not play from the beginning because of a disease, Özcan will start against Gladbach and form the double sect together with Ellyes Skhiri. And try to bring the performance that made him an irreplaceable tire over the past few weeks.


Baumgart makes Belass Europacup on 1 FC Cologne

Steffen Baumgart went as a striker in the offensive. “We are calling Europe, let’s go!”, Said the coach of the Football Bundesliga club 1. FC Cologne in front of the Brisant Derby at Borussia Mönchengladbach on Saturday (18:30 / SKY).

So far, the ex-attacker had retained in relation to international ambitions and let the FC fans be dreamed alone: “So I am, sometimes there are new tones. But not that we cry afterwards because it did not work.”

Because the first Bundesliga champion with 43 points after 29 matchdays can no longer, now the Rhine countries in the last five games of the season align the view of the European Cup.

“If nobody opened the barrel: clearly we want to come up this season as possible as possible. Of course I would like to play internationally next season. We would like to fulfill the fans this dream,” said Baumgart and rejected Verbal out of the window.

The 3: 2 against Mainz after a 0: 2 residue had again shown that the Cologne could also tear the back to the wall from the fire with his back to the wall this season. The FC coach therefore does not be afraid of the restarted Borussians who have brought ten points from the last four games: “They want to win, but we want that too! The intensity will be high.”

And Baumgart also spoke about his personal future. “My future is definitely the 1st FC Cologne, because I have another year contract,” joked the native Rostock. There are no concrete talks about a contract extension, but “there is no reason to become restless”.

Matchday: Roter Stern Belgrad - 1. FC Köln

The fact that both fan bearings will be at the Derby in Borussia Park is an additional motivation for Baumgart: “I have a grin on the face when the stadium is full.” Rivalry is alright, but this will be held on the square of the teams, “on the ranks should simply prevail good atmosphere”.


Kessler: We can not close the eyes!

Thomas Kessler, the license player boss, announced: “This week we have to go more intensively into the analysis and look what it was in the end.” The ex-professional pointed out how important the tactical discipline is: “We learned on Saturday at its own body, what happens when we do not hold our plan.” The main focus is likely to be on the fact that the Cologne fabricated a lot of mistakes without enemy pressure and distress.

Maybe the mood played a role and the resulting expectation. Understandably the assessment of Steffen Baumgart, who did not want to share the euphoria in Mainz: “We like to win the victory, but he was happy. We are not allowed to close the eyes before the mistakes we did. We will not. We are clearly ran and watching we make it better next time. “

“There is no first eleven, there is a squad”

Kessler Syndrome in KSP?

On the win, the Cologne against Mainz was first, as after the 0: 2 and a sloping idea everything seemed lost. Not for the first time this season, the team lived as being switched. Salih Özcans Print, Dejan Ljubicics Zurability and Louis Schaubs TempoDribblings changed the game completely and finished what coach Steffen Baumgart repeatedly stressed this season: “There is no first eleven, there is a squad.” And that’s wide and works in times of increased diseases.

Kessler: “It abandoned us in the current season that every player burns on his use. The boys do not need a second start-up time, but are immediately there. They are never in a bad mood because they only switched us. The change have helped us. ” That should stay that way. However, it would be very much better in Cologne something more relaxed. Whether this just on Saturday at Derby in Mönchengladbach Hinhaut?


1. FC Cologne – Baumgart via Modeste

Trainer Steffen Baumgart and 1. FC Cologne do not want to race in the contract poker with Anthony modestests. “Tony is a very important player for us and a big factor. And he should stay too,” said Baumgart of the kölnische Rundschau: “I want Tony stays. Nevertheless, I think that the club has the club saying and that Provide tempo. “

In the past, the club “drift from consultants, players and certain situations. That’s the worst thing that can happen to you”. In addition, Baumgart referred to the development of the top starter in recent months, “that’s great. However, if we had the same conversation ahead of a three-year months ago, I do not know how the answer would have failed. Now all do so as if the FC are doing without Tony can not anymore. But he can. “

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Modests had a difficult phase in Cologne and was not an important part of the team anymore, only under coach Baumgart he blooms since the summer. Modest’s contract runs 2023, last he had explained not to go to the coming season with a run-out contract. However, it is “not so that Tony goes bad,” said Baumgart: “Tony in Cologne has a connection contract as a coach over a long period of time. I know many who would like this contract.”


1. FC Cologne: Baumgart takes Hector to Patzer in protection

Berlin Scores through Cologne's Mistake! | Berlin - 1. FC Köln 1-0 | All Goals | MD 28 – Bundesliga
Steffen Baumgart knew about the heavy Patzer of his captain – but as a scapegoat, the coach of the 1st FC Cologne Jonas Hector did not serve.

“We lost a mistake that can happen,” said Baumgart after the 0: 1 (0: 0) at his ex-club Union Berlin on Friday evening at “Dazn”.

A failed return pass of the ex-national player had taken care of for the decision in an intensive game with a few scoring chances. Hectors Pass, who had actually been intended for goalkeepers Marvin Schwäbe, instead landed in the feet of Union Torjäger Taiwo Awoniyi (49.).

“I want to go back to the goalkeeper and play him too far forward. Marvin can not come to the ball first,” said Hector.

The 31-year-old received the step by the responsible persons – and also his teammates. “Jonas is an absolute full professional. He is the most important player we’ve been in the club for a long time,” said Thomas Kessler as Head of the License Player Department: “Him to happen to anyone else. That’s what the guys in the cabin said directly “


1. FC Cologne: Modeste sets bosses due to contract extension under pressure

Anthony Modest from 1. FC Cologne has sent a clear message to the Cologne bosse regarding a possible contract extension.

“The club knows what he has to do,” explained modests at Bild Live . “In the end I need a bit of security. I am 33 years old and will be 34, but I feel in top form. Let’s see What happens. I have no stress. I enjoy every game, every training with my team. That’s the most important thing. “

In the current season, modests already come to 15 hits and lies with the Rhine countries in the eighth place in the Bundesliga. According to modest, however, there has been no conversations about an extension of his 2023 expiring working paper.

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“One thing I know: I’m looking forward to playing football and then we have to watch what the future brings,” Todeste continued. “I said if we find no solution and I feel like playing football, I have to think about something else. That’s clear. If nothing comes from FC, then I have to look anyway.”


Bundesliga Marius Laux becomes new team manager of the 1st FC Cologne

Marius Aux is new team manager of 1. FC Cologne. The 35-year-old occurs the succession of Denis Lapaczinski, which is currently exempted from its activity and worked on a mutualized solution.

That shared the Rhine countries on their homepage. Aux, who last ran in the Regionally for the Cologne, takes care of the organizational things around the team and acts as a link between players, coaching team and office.

With Aux ‘predecessor Lapaczinski ended the Cologne, as several media reported consistently, the cooperation at the end of December, because he allegedly did not want to vaccinate. As a result, he had been released several weeks ago, his duties were distributed within the coaching ribbon.

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FC Koln Squad 2021/2022 | Bundesliga League 2021/2022

My career end came as planned half a year earlier, but I wanted to use the chance of the new challenge in FC, Aux said.


Best scorer behind superstars of FC Bayern and BVB Anthony Modeste at 1 FC Cologne

Anthony Modest from 1. FC Cologne is perhaps the largest phenomenon of the previous Bundesliga season. The Frenchman ranks behind Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern Munich and Erlang Haaland from BVB in the Goal Scorer List, has all achieved the last six mandatory game scores of his club. The 33-year-old Routinize was already immediately before his career end, as modest betrayed now.

In mid-April, I was at the point that I could not walk before pain, the striker star of the EFT in the Anthony Modest Image is quoted. At this time he was still borrowed at the French first division s As Saint-Étienne, for whom he ultimately did not score a single goal.

In this spring, the strip problems had become serious in this spring, the Anthony s modest practically accompanied his entire professional career. As he reported himself, he plagued for twelve years with pain in the groin area. For six or seven years, I knew that I had to do this OP sometime, he added.

This step went today this year, when his career was on the crossroads. He searched in France the doctor of his trust, the Surgeon Gilles Reboil, which the striker still knew from his early years at Girondins Bordeaux almost ten years ago.

The strip surgery was a complete success, according to the modest statements in the Anthony Modest Image the attacker plays virtually complaints.

1. FC Cologne: Steffen Rampart with special lob for his striker

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The effects of the Cologne are only possible to note: The Routinize has already achieved in 13 lots since the end of October has already reached three double packs.

In his current Constitution, the scorer reminds greatly at the best modest from 2016/2017, when he fought the Hofstadter with 25 seasons in the Europa League.

His head coach Steffen Bogart praised his most successful scorer in the Anthony Modests magazine in the highest sounds: The performance that Tony shows now is a candy. Tony gets the balls, marching, comes to opportunities, meets. He has developed it.

Thanks to the accuracy of the scorer, the 1st FC Cologne is currently ranking with 14 points from eleven play in the secured table agent field of the Bundesliga.


1 FC Cologne Steffen Baumgart von Union

The Köpenick guys demanded loudly their Baum and Steffen Rampart came.

Union Berlin beim 1. FC Köln - Behind The Scenes | Bundesliga | 1. FC Union Berlin

After 2: 2 (1: 2) between his employer 1. FC Cologne and his years of favorite club 1. FC Union Berlin ran the FC coach on the grandstand to a narrow dozen Union fans and talked passionately with them.

Baum, we are proud of you. Sorry, but today our heart beats red / white — iron !!!, these had on a poster with a photo of tree garden professional time and a current image. And the trouble over the missed victory shortly before the end you will not be able to accept anywhere else as here. Against their Baum, who is at Union since his time as a professional club member, plays in the traditional team and lives in Stadium nearby in Köpenick.

Modest sat 1. FC Cologne in top form

The fact that the Cologne was not lost in the first game under Rampart against the Keepers for the first time in the fifth Bundesliga duel, was an Anthony Modest.

Once again. The Frenchman headed — in Uwe-Seeler-Manier, as Union Berlins chief Jörg Jakob s noticed — four minutes before the end the compensation after he had already achieved the 1-0 (7.).

When he stirred the cult shield cap and put them on, he acted a small ruffle of the coach. But only because he would rather want to cheer on victory instead of cheering.

Modest himself did not want to talk about the game. He left his two children in the square and enjoyed the next special moment with them. The last six FC mandatory game scores all achieved the Frenchman: three double packs in the youngest four games.

Union Berlin puts a break

Meanwhile, Union coach Urs Fischer went in spite of the most missed jump in four after the gates of Julian Ryerson (9th) and Geisha Propel (45. + 1) gracious with his players. He made them a great compliment. Because it was a great performance, a great mentality, said the Swiss: It was the seventh game in three weeks, we really are not used to.

Now the Iron harnesses can breathe in the international pause. The guys get free for a few days, Fischer promised: They should enjoy the time with the family, come to other thoughts. Before with eight games in four weeks, the next unfamiliar Mammal block is waiting for the Berliner.