A new series of The Batman will reach HBO Max

_ The Batman _ is a success with criticism, and as happens in this type of case, the next step for Warner Bros. and DC is to expand this cinematographic world. Although at the moment we do not have concrete details about a new movie, Recently it was revealed that a third series of this universe would reach HBO Max in the future.

Currently, we know that series starring James Gordon, by Jeffrey Wright, and the penguin, paper that runs by Colin Farrell, are already under development for HBO Max. Now, recent statements by Matt Reeves, director of The Batman, have revealed that a third production, one focused on Arkham Asylum, is in development. This was what was commented on:

“We are doing this Penguin series and one of the best things about that is Colin Farrell: it is as if you had never seen it. It is so incredible and the scenes are robbed. On the way, we thought that maybe we could do [Penguin] as a series.

So I talked to HBO Max and I showed Colin in the movie and I talked about what could be and said: ‘Let’s do it’. So we are doing that and we are doing another series that connects with Arkham [asylum]. We are talking and thinking about the next movie, but to be honest with you, at this moment, I really want the audience to connect with this. And I really think they will do it because I think Rob is an incredible Batman. “

At the moment there are no more details about this third series, but it is very likely that we take a look at the villains that live in Gothic city. Along with this, Reeves has pointed out that he is still working on the ideas for the sequel to The Batman for cinema.

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Editor’s note:

Although the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčexpanding this universe in an aggressive way, I am worried, after seeing The Batman, I can say that I fully trust the vision that Matt Reeves has from this universe. We only need to see advances of these productions.