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Domestic announcement in the fighting boxing game Creed Champions, released on September 29. Dynamic boxing set in the world of movies

On June 30, KOCH MEDIA announced the fighting boxing game Creed Champions in Japan. It was announced that it will be released on September 29. The compatible platform is PS4 /Nintendo Switch. The price is 4928 yen including tax. This work has already been sold overseas as Big Rumble Boxing: CREED CHAMPIONS, and has been developed on platforms such as Steam/Xbox.

Creed Champions is a fighting boxing game. It follows the world view of the movie Rocky and Creed series. Players choose their favorite characters from more than 20 movies characters. Fight on a ring reminiscent of a movie and aim for a world champion. In offline multiplayer, he can play two people.


In the story mode, you can relive the story of 20 characters, including Creed and Rocky. A mini game according to the theme is also available, and the training of Creed and Rocky is reproduced. It seems that 13 types of boxing arenas are prepared for the ring.

In game play, real and simple boxing technology is reproduced with intuitive and simple operations. It is also possible to launch a dynamic combo technique. There is also a player-specific super finisher, so you can enjoy a flashy knockout production.

It is SURVIOS that works on this work. In the past, the title CREED: Rise to Glory for VR, which is also the theme of the movie series, has been released. The real-oriented part and the well-balanced game play are highly evaluated. The Creed Champions, which will be released this time, is not a VR title, but its characteristics will be inherited.

As mentioned above, this work Creed Champions is a domestic title of Big Rumble Boxings: CREED CHAMPIONS, which is on sale overseas. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions has been released for Nintendo Switch/PS4/Xbox One/PC (Steam).

Creed Champions will be released on September 29 for PS4 /Nintendo Switch.

Final fantasy xiv

Marvel Champions card game could add x

A list of next events in GEN with may have leaked some next plans for marvel Champions: The card game. Fantasy Flight Games has listed several events for “Marvel Champions: Mutant Genesis” on the official Gen event page with. Events are for a _ champions of wonder_ game session, so it is supposed to be for an upcoming wonders of expansion product, probably a campaign box that will start a cycle of new card releases. No other details about the events were listed.

Marvel Champions: The card game is a “living card game” published by Fantasy Flight Games. Unlike collectible card games, players receive specific card collections with each purchase, so there are no lower letters to follow. In Marvel champions: the card game, _ players build a hero deck built around a specific hero and one of the four aspects (each of which emphasizes a different game style). Then, players use that deck to complete scenarios that involve one or more supervillains. _ Wonderful champions can be played as an individual or cooperative game, with individual scenarios and an available campaign mode.

While _ champions of wonder_ he is about to enter his fourth year (the card game was launched in autumn of 2019), the X-Men have not made a formal appearance in the game outside the occasional card art work. If “Mutant Genesis” is in fact a complete campaign box, it will probably include two X-Men heroes and the following months will add additional X-men through Hero Deck’s releases.

Marvel Champions: The Card Game (NL)
Currently, _ champions of wonder_ is in the middle of a cycle of heroes focused on spider-vessel. The next releases include Spider-Ham and SP // DR, which followed the launch of the “Sinister Motivos” expansion that the majority of iconic Spider-Man villains added to the game. Both Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and Green Goblin were already included in the game through the main game or through an expansion of Encounter Pack.

Wait for listening to more news about the next _ champions of wonder_ cycle soon.

League of Legends

LOL: Riot reveals the key date for news about the next champions

During next April, Riot Games will carry out the presentation of the next large novelties of League of Legends . The developer will publish a new one Champions Road Sheet in which the details with respect to the new characters will be published. This has been confirmed Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, head of production of Moba champions that ensures being already writing the entry for the blog that will arrive in the coming weeks.

What to expect from the next Champions Road Sheet?

Who Are The Next 3 Champions? (New Roadmap)

The Champions Road Sheet is the space that reserves Riot Games to the presentation of news in the medium term with respect to the next characters. In addition to being a definitive track about an upcoming release, it will be the opportunity to know more details about the characters we have heard from the beginning of the season 12. Both the jungle of vacuum and the new shooter as the relaunch of UDYR have Your guaranteed space.

In addition to this, Riot Games will carry out the presentation of the first concept arts of the Skarner Rework and decks the possibility of speaking more of a mysterious project to which they have referred only as “I have not done so far.” A circumstance to which, to conclude, is very likely that the advancement of a future additional champion is added. In this way, it would become one of the most valuable sources of information for League of Legends fans in the coming months.

So far the concrete day of the month of April has been specified in which the publication will take place . Riot Games will take a break with respect to the news of League of Legends during almost all of March to decide the future of the game and focus on the next years of the company. However, it seems that they will return from these meetings with the batteries loaded and novelties planned for the medium and long term.


Seven leaves the competitive team of 100 Thieves of Valorant

About to start the Valorant Champions Tour 2022 , 100 Thieves Announced that Johann Seven Hernández will no longer be part of the official roster of the professional team of Valorant . The news was confirmed via twitter , where the organization thanked Seven for everything, and it seems that the professional player also agreed with the departure of him.

As we prepare for VCT 2022, we want to announce Seven’s departure from 100 Thieves.


Johann, I’m excited to see your growth in what will surely be a long career as a professional of Valorant. We wish you the best from now on.

Hernández answered this message by thanking 100 Thieves For all the support, but we still do not know if the professional has already received any offer from another team or if he will be taking a break from the competitive scene.

Seven was part of the substitute team, but there were expectations that this year he finally could join the main alignment. Obviously this will not be the case, and very probably it will not be the only change that 100 Thieves Make in the remainder of the year.


Wow In Patch 9 2 you have to choose between Sukkubus and incubus without glyph

In Patch 9.2 byword of Warcraft you can choose between incubus and Succubus as a witch champion. But a glyph is not.

For witch champions and witch champions there is the fulfillment of a long-carved dream in patch 9.2 end of eternity. For over a decade, many dark magicians from World of Warcraft want a sexy demon to the side — an incubus. Now the final comes to the PTR and brings a little surprise. Because there is no glyph for the incubus.

The 13 NEW Unique MOUNT Models of Patch 9.2 - In-Game Preview | Shadowlands

What happens instead? From the playing data of Patch 9.2 has already been read out that there are two new objects for witch champions.

Barbed Collar of the Incubus ( pinched collar of incubus )
Barbed Collar of the Succubus ( Succubus spiked collar )

When used, the object ensures that the pact is strengthened with your incubus / your Succubus, so that you only summarize him / her.

The items act as quasi as a switch with which you can choose which daemon should be permanently accompanying you in the future. This suggests that the standard summon will be modified in the future so that you randomly summarize succubus or incubus and only encourages the items a more consistent choice.

Where are the two items? That’s not quite clear. However, the desire for more individualization and permanent choosing a succubus or an incubus is large in the community. Therefore, it is obvious that both objects are made comparatively early accessible. Presumably, you will be available in the capitals in the capitals in a twilight dealer.

As soon as there is accurate information about the procurement of the two items, we will complement the article here.

Why no glyphs? Why Blizzard has decided for two own objects and goes out of glyphs is not quite clear. But it would be obvious that Blizzard wants to make this change accessible as far as possible to all witches. Since glyphs are consumables, they would have to buy them several times in frequent change. However, such permanent objects could be used again and again. Since the items are unique, it seems obvious that they are not consumed if used.

Will you decide in patch 9.2 for an incubus as a companion? Or did you already swear the loyalty to your Succubus?


Valorant Champions Calendar equipment results and all the information of the tournament

Between the next few days 1 and 12 December will take place the celebration of the Valorant Champions. The first competitive season of the Tactical Shooter of Riot Games will end with the celebration of an early tournament that will make history when dealing with the first great world championship. The best teams in each of the regions that participated in VCT will compete for the glory would pose. Although this time without Spanish representation, the tournament is still the great appointment that all the fans of the competitive scene of the title were waiting.

Next, we will tell you all the details about the great competition: from the teams involved in it to the format, the results of all the parties or the prizes to which the participants aspire.

Classified equipment to Valorant Champions

This time there will be no absences, and we can see in operation the format prepared by Riot Games for its big tournaments. The 16 teams summoned to the tournament will be presented in Berlin after having achieved the visas and the right of participation.

Format and prizes of Valorant Champions

Riot Games remodeled the format of the VCT Masters stops after criticism of the first tournaments of its competitive circuit. Those responsible for Esports of the developer seem to have been satisfied with this iteration and repeat the format of GSL groups with matches at the best of 3 in this Valorant Champions.

The GSL format works as follows:

Round 1 : two initial clashes are determined by draw
Round 2 : The teams that win the first match face to qualify for quarters, the losers for not being eliminated
Round 3 : The two teams with a victory and a defeat face in the decisive party. The winner advances and the loser is eliminated.


In addition to fighting for the world championship, the teams will also be distributed an economic sum of one million dollars. This amount will increase based on the income derived from the sale of the Skins of the Valorant Champions.

Schedules and calendar

Riot Games has already revealed the schedules foreseen for all the evolution of the tournament and this is the distribution of dates…:

Group phase : From 1 to 7 December. Three games will be played, starting retransmission every day at 3:00 p.m.
Final quarts : December 8 and 9 days. Two games will be played starting the broadcast both days at 6:00 p.m.
Semifinals : Saturday, December 11. Two games will be played, starting the broadcast at 6:00 p.m.
Final : Sunday, December 12 at 6:00 p.m.

Next day:

These are the parties that will be played in the next day of the competition. It will take place next December 1 and will correspond to day one of the group stage of the Valorant Champions

How to see

The organizer of LAP tournaments that has retransmitted the official circuit of Valorant throughout the season has been the one who has managed to get the rights of Valorant Champions. We can enjoy all the open games in its second Twitch channel (where the shooter is normally retransmitted).

VALORANT Champions 2021: Format Explained

For those who prefer, we will also have the official channel of Riot Games and its relay in English.


BVB news and rumors undecided half hearted hesitant Hamann attacks BVB

League of Legends (brief: lol or straightforward League) is a video game established by Trouble Games, which was published on October 27, 2009, for Windows and also macOS. It looked like free-to-play Mob. The video game was played monthly from about 100 million players in 2016.

After leaving in the Champions League, SKY -expert Did Haman not only attacks the team of Borussia Dortmund, but also the BVB bosses. Meanwhile, the share price sacks the earnings depth. News and rumors to Borussia Dortmund can be found here.

All BVB news and breeds from the previous day can be found here.

BVB, News: Haman divides vigorously — and fear Haaland finish in summer

After the bramble from in the Champions League pattered — rightly — violent criticism on the BVB. Now Sky -expert Did Haman has been worded and goes to the court with the responsible persons. If you win the first two games and then go out for five games, that’s not worthy of a Dortmund team, Haman wrote in his column at the pay-TV transmitter.

And on: The inconsistency of BVB leadership is a reflection of which, as the team now occurs: undecided, half-hearted, hesitantly. Haman also attacked the bosses and that that by an angle train the authority of coach Marco Rose had undermined from the first day. The fact that Edwin Eric has stayed on me as if one had said, ‘Well, we retain that, if anything happens.’ And that’s exactly how they play football.

In the tug of a remaining of Erlang Haaland over the next summer, Haman sees no great opportunities. Haaland to keep in the coming summer, I almost consider it excluded. The best players want to play in the Co-found of the Champions League. It becomes scary difficult to keep him and I would take care of Bellingham and Adam rather than too much Time to waste with Haaland.

BVB notes: Defensive Trio Catastrophic — Zeus completely pale

BVB, News: Borussia Dortmund’s stock price Snacks after Cl-Off

The BVB share dropped on Thursday morning after the Champions League at Sporting in Petra trading at the interim annual depth of 4.27 euros. At the beginning of the season, the paper was still nearly nine euros per share. After all, the stock could relax in the course of the Thursday a little and closed with 4.36 euros.

Nevertheless, the fundamental trend of recent years continues. And with the gloomy prospects in the pandemic and with the expected shortcuts from ticketing and sponsorship, the shareholders should not be particularly pleased in the near future.

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BVB: The upcoming games

Date | Competition | Opponent | location

27 . November, 15.30 Bundesliga | VFL Wolfsburg | guest
4 . December, 6.30 pm | Bundesliga | FC Bayern | home
7 . December, 9pm | Champions League | Besides Istanbul | home
11 . December, 3:30 pm | Bundesliga | VFL Bochum | guest