LOL – UDYR Rework is already ready: Only one detail separates us from its imminent launch

The Rework of UDYR has been one of the most complicated in the story of League of Legends because of their skins. The developer has already informed the community that they were the multiple forms of the champion and how they create unique instances in their aspects, which was depriving us from their relaunch. However, now the work is about to be completed and only a few latest details separate us from the arrival of your new version to the summoner’s crack.

Riot Games prepares to launch the UDYR rework

As the developers have revealed on the last Champions Road Leaf, the bulk of the team that has been part of all the relaunching work is already dedicating itself to completing its definitive aspect. Udyr guardian of spirits is one of the most special skins in the history of the game as it is a cosmetic of the most expensive category (3250 rp). A situation that has forced them to do extra work to adapt a cosmetic of these characteristics to the expectations of the community.

Udyr Rework Reveal - League of Legends
The developer has revealed that, although UDYR rework will have changes in the ways that the character can adopt, The Skin will use the same animals that have so far characterized by the champion . An exercise that, far from being an attempt to introduce fewer changes (the animations and effects also change) will try to remember the initial version of the hero. In any case, Riot Games’ literal words were: “We wanted Udyr guardian of the spirits immortalize the animal forms of him, but carrying them at a very higher level.”

As usual, the developer has not wanted to commit to a release date of the new Rework. However, it seems that the long expects of champion fans at last is about to conclude. Your development period has been particularly long, but it seems that the odyssey will have a happy ending for all . The goal is that both the usual UDYR players who expect novelties for their favorite hero as the bulk of the League of Legends community are satisfied with the results.

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LOL: Riot reveals the key date for news about the next champions

During next April, Riot Games will carry out the presentation of the next large novelties of League of Legends . The developer will publish a new one Champions Road Sheet in which the details with respect to the new characters will be published. This has been confirmed Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, head of production of Moba champions that ensures being already writing the entry for the blog that will arrive in the coming weeks.

What to expect from the next Champions Road Sheet?

Who Are The Next 3 Champions? (New Roadmap)

The Champions Road Sheet is the space that reserves Riot Games to the presentation of news in the medium term with respect to the next characters. In addition to being a definitive track about an upcoming release, it will be the opportunity to know more details about the characters we have heard from the beginning of the season 12. Both the jungle of vacuum and the new shooter as the relaunch of UDYR have Your guaranteed space.

In addition to this, Riot Games will carry out the presentation of the first concept arts of the Skarner Rework and decks the possibility of speaking more of a mysterious project to which they have referred only as “I have not done so far.” A circumstance to which, to conclude, is very likely that the advancement of a future additional champion is added. In this way, it would become one of the most valuable sources of information for League of Legends fans in the coming months.

So far the concrete day of the month of April has been specified in which the publication will take place . Riot Games will take a break with respect to the news of League of Legends during almost all of March to decide the future of the game and focus on the next years of the company. However, it seems that they will return from these meetings with the batteries loaded and novelties planned for the medium and long term.