From tomorrow to 10:00 pm … Access List

The government has reorganized the social distance and increases the operating hours by 10:00 pm. Numbers who have private gathering are maintained.

Ad Hoc Commission on the Discipline System 1-25-22
Corona 19 Central Disaster Safety Measures Headquarters (Dancer) discussed the regulation of social streets in the 18th of the 18th.

The reorganization of this time shall only perform adjustments that extend the operating time limit that the most demands in the store is the largest demands at 9 o’clock at 9 o’clock at 9 o’clock at 9 o’clock.

Reorganization of the social distance to be enforced from tomorrow (19th) to March 13th, the operation time of the facility and workplace is unified until 22 o’clock. One group, restaurant, cafe, song practitioner, and bath, and indoor physical education facilities, including nightlife, and indoor athletic facilities, etc.

However, 3 groups and other groups (a lifelong vocational education institute, a PC room, an entertainment room, a multi-room, a casino, a party room, a massage, a massage cinema, a cinema, a massage, a massage cinema, a cinema) are maintained as shown in the previous.

Lee Lee’s Central Disaster Safety Measures Headquarters The First Control Pavilion shall, as the “Omiton Perception is predicted in the early March to the next two weeks, and it is necessary to secure a sufficient observation period for the next adjustment. In addition to the difficulties of civilian economic difficulties, it is immediately implemented this week. “

The private gathering is up to 6, as well as the existing exception, such as living in the family, children, the elderly, and the disabled, and the existing exception, such as the residents, and the restaurant, café, A single-player use of a inoculator). In addition, measures for events, roles, and religious facilities are also maintained as they are.

The government comprehensively, and considering the difficulties of the Ministry of Classification, as it is necessary to comprehensive, the reconciliation of the Ministry of Education, I said I was took the adjustment.

In addition, the future adjustment was pursued after the purposes of fashion and pursued the defendant and defeated defense, and evaluated the overall distance and adjust the adjustment rate carefully. First, adjusted step by step 2 to 3 weeks, but even during the adjustment period, the reinforcement measure is enforced if the occurrence of a crisis such as a medical system collapse is concerned.

On the other hand, when the trend of trends is converted into a decrease in the vertex, and when the medical system is stable, it is stepped down when the medical system has been stable, and the evaluation of the reinforcement is switched to the decrease in the enforcement of the reinforcement. It is a policy to review the action.

On the other hand, according to the reorganization system, the access list operation was decreased. For the purpose of using the information for the reception of the information for the reception of the information for the reception (QR, the relief, the repair list, etc.) and a defense pass confirmation (QR) purpose, it is to be adjusted according to the change of the dynamics survey method, such as self-filling investigation.

As a result, information on how to manage contacts for contact tracking (QR, reluctance, repair list) (QR, reluctance, repair list), shall be subjected to temporarily suspended. However, in the case of a defense pass facility, the QR service is continuously provided for the convenience of confirming / proof of the facility manager and user, and QR operations are possible, such as before.

On the other hand, the period of adolescent defense pass was applied to April 1 on April 1. (1.14), Gyeonggi Province (2.17) In accordance with the original schedule (3.1, enforcement), it is a description of the dismantle of local imbalances and field chaos when implemented in accordance with the original schedule (3.1.

Intercependencies have hoped for the implementation of the implementation of the system. However, it is a measure of considering that the adjustment of the time of the lawsuit is inevitable, and in the future, the scope of the field is comprehensively inspected, Adjustment said it will be reviewed.

Prime Minister Kim, Buk and the Prime Minister said, “The government is a strategy to minimize severe patients and deaths to meet the reconciation of Omiton, and the proliferation of the reconciliation of the Omiton until the end of the 3rd inoculation is held at a certain level “I have stopped it as soon as possible,” but we have been in the stage that we have been in the stage, “but we have eventually reached the way to go to the other country, and thanks to the participation and cooperation of the people, and cooperate, I have been expected to be. “