Neop, 2022 years ago,

Neop (Representative Nojection) announced on April 17th to 2022 new and career temple.

The recruitment is aimed at expanding new projects and live services, with talent to raise a wider experience and career as a gameplay that is growing as a stage as a theme.

The recruitment number is ▲ planning ▲ programming ▲ graphics ▲ multimedia ▲ business ▲ technical support ▲ management support ▲ management support ▲ web, etc. If you are interested in that field, everyone is possible.

After receiving the documents, the typical procedure will begin to review the documentation on April 18, and proceeds to the test field with the duty field. Interviews are conducted in consideration of corona 19 situations. The final successful person is divided into the headquarters of Neopharm Jeju headquarters and the Seoul branch in accordance with the job of the work,

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Neopharifers are providing the best environments that can be immersed in a wide range of welfare systems to support the first half of our employees as they share branch offices into Jeju and Seoul.

Welfare point payments, in-house oilwork, operate, medium, dinner, free meals, comprehensive health checkups and group injury insurance support, 3-year-old basis, and 3-year basis. Target air mileage payments are added.

“The Neop, Jang Min-seok,” said Neop, “Neople is a place where the best colleagues with excellent capabilities are gathering to create new fun,” “I am going to have a new fun,” “I am going to have a new fun.” I asked for a lot of interest and support. “

Meanwhile, the ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ of Neoppy has recorded 850 million in the world’s cumulative users around the world after launching in 2005, and has maintained a unique number in action genres. In addition, after the launch of the first day of the first day after launching on the 24th, the number of users of the first day of the first day (1st place, etc.) I am preparing for new activities that utilize and partial IP.

For more information about the Neop 2022 disclosure, see the Neop Public Workshop and the Official Blog.


FC Schalke 04: Kevin Kurányi looks at Derby

For no other club, Kevin Kurányi was in his active career as often on the football field as for the FC Schalke 04. In a total of 209 competitive games, the ex-goalkeeper carried the royal blue jersey. In retrospect on his career, the cult kicker falls many special moments.

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“It may sound a bit cheesy. But first and foremost, I remember the encounters with people on Schalke. Inclub, but also with the fans,” said Kurányi, who celebrates his 40th birthday this Wednesday, opposite The “WAZ”.

Especially like the former national player but the Derby victories against Borussia Dortmund thinks. “I still remember my second Bundesliga game for Schalke. We won 2: 1 in Dortmund and I made both goals,” Kurányi looked at past success against BVB.

Kuranyi sees Schalke on a good way

Meanwhile, the Kevin Kurányiing competition for FC Schalke 04 is called Darmstadt, Heidenheim or Paderborn. “The change after the descent was huge,” said Kurányi about the situation of his ex-club.

Nevertheless, the former attacker believes that the scarf in the 2nd Bundesliga are on a good way. “I find that the Schalke people responsible and Dimitrios Grammozis have mastered very well,” said Kurányi, who press “all thumbs” for the ascent race. Currently the Gelsenkirchener manages in the fifth place in the table.

Kurányi himself is now only extremely rarely on Schalke. “I am now a businesscasper,” Joked the EM participants of 2004 and 2008. With his family, Kurányi lives in Stuttgart, occupational as a consultant and is also involved in a real estate company. The ex-Schalke spends his birthday “very relaxed”.