RB Leipzig: Lukas Klostermann in front of BVB

Lukas Klostermann, punctually, returned to the duel against the BVB in the team training of Football Bundesliga club RB Leipzig.
The national player has overcome his adductor problems, said the club.
Thus, Klostermann is an option for the squad to the Bundesliga top game at Borussia Dortmund on Saturday (18.30 / SKY).

The use of goalkeepers Peter Gulacsi, who is also struggling with muscular problems in the adductors and has left prematurely from the Hungarian national team.
Yussuf Poulsen definitely falls against Dortmund after Club Information.
Klostermann had recently missed the Bundesliga games in Fürth and Frankfurt because of his complaints.
For the international matches against Israel and in the Netherlands, the defender of national coach Hansi Flick was not considered.

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Klostermann had already missed the DFB games injured last November.


BVB | Ansgar Knauf: Thats why I left Borussia Dortmund – Frankfurt

In winter, Ansgar Knauf left BVB and headed for the Dortmunder Bundesliga competitor Eintracht Frankfurt. At the Hesse, the 20-year-old is hoping for a high level. Why he was hindrous in the Treusie at Borussia, the left outside has betrayed in an interview.

Only five times Ansgar Knauf was allowed to winter break for the BVB in the Bundesliga Ran – always as a joker and never more than 45 minutes. Both sides were therefore consistent to promote a loan business. Eintracht Frankfurt became noisy and grabbed for one and a half years.

For Knauf, who had been one of the shooting stars in Dortmund last spring, it is clear that the coach change was not crucial to Marco Rose for his disappointing round to Marco Rose for his disappointing first round.

“That was certainly not at the coach,” Knauf asked in the interview with the “Frankfurter Rundschau” clear and supplemented: “The BVB has a top-cast squad with top players. It is always difficult to come in this large, wide squad on a lot of playing time But the most important thing is: you have to accept any situation, do not lame or think for a long time when you play instead of Bundesliga in the third league. “

Conversion at BVB for Knauf not always easy

Even in the preseason, Knauf was suspended between the U23 of Borussia and the professional team. The then Regional League team is now well successfully in the 3rd league.

The 20-year-old now said that the 20-year-old said: “The U23 was also my team, we had a very good troupe, wanted to rise, which in the last game after a very long season with many English weeks then has succeeded, Also this success was very special for me and the team something very special, more: a milest1. “

At the same time he would have to grant that it is “already a changeover, just to play Bundesliga and Champions League and then Regionalliga,” says Knauf, who stated soberly, “You have to adapt.”

In general, the first experiences in the race ensemble of the Westphalia have been something very special for him, the attacker revealed. “At first you are excited, it’s hard to classify, but it’s already a horny time and just beautiful, because that’s what you have always dreamed of as a child,” Knauf granted insight into his emotional world.

Knauf sees BVB and Eintracht Frankfurt at eye level

A little surprisingly, Knauf’s assessment came to the performance of the Frankfurt Eintracht, which actually sees the winter newcomer at eye level with the BVB.

“I would not say that Eintracht is the weaker team. In the game, both teams differ, it is great from the level, that does not take much. That’s what you have seen in the return round, the German U21 national player emphasized.


Studiant Storys to BVB vs. Rangers FC

Amazing parallels on paper, a goalkeeper in the foreign penalty area and two names, which shaped the encounter between Borussia Dortmund and the Rangers from Glasgow more than 20 years ago. In short: the upcoming Europa League lot of BVB keeps some incredible stories ready.

On Thursday (from 18:45 clock at RTL + and in the Borussia Dortmund live ticker), the BVB against the Rangers wants to lay the foundation for the move to the second round of the Europa League. Exactly this undertaking, the black and yellow sought more than 22 years ago – and of course, the opponents also said Rangers FC.

Review, December 1999: Two weeks after the 0: 2 In Ibrox, Borussia Dortmund has to deliver Dortmund in the second leg of the third European League Round. And it goes well, Victor Ikpeba nods to lead after half an hour.

The Nigerian striker is alienated until then (and also afterwards) in the BVB Dress. Against the Rangers he shoots one of his only four goals for the black yellow. Much of his most important.

Nevertheless, the BVB runs the time of it. It is only 1: 0, Dortmund would have left. Keeper Jens Lehmann moves forward and for the first time, but not last in the focus.

Gio Reyna on defeat to Gio van Bronckhorst's Rangers

BVB-Keeper Lehmann: first template, then Matchwinner

The goalkeeper wants to punch a header to the gate, but rather passes the ball. Nevertheless, the ball flippers from his pillar to Fredi Bobic, which dusts easily as a trained center tower. 2: 0, extension! Later penetration shooting.

Lehmann holds three Glasgow’s penalties in a row, the BVB bays for hits of Bobic, Alfred Nijhuis and Sergej Barbarz the eighth final ticket. The actually amazing constellation can be found on a Scottish side.

More about: Historical listening to the BVB thriller against Glasgow

Two of the three misses are Claudio Reyna and Giovanni van Bronckhorst. One father, the other namesake of today’s BVB star Giovanni Reyna. Not enough: Van Bronckhorst stands on Thursday evening as Glasgow coach on the side line.

“I am very, very well friend with the Reyna family, I know Gio since the day he was born,” said the Dutch in advance of the game: “This will be a special moment when we face each other.”

Achieving a crisis of BVB attacker (Reinier, for example) a goal, the circle is likely to close in full.


BVB sports director ZORC in the face of injury Resulturiously well done

Michael Zorn (birthed 25 August 1962) is a German football executive and also previous gamer who played as a main midfielder.

Nicknamed SCSI in his early days due to his lengthy hair, he spent his entire occupation with Borussia Dortmund, appearing in 572 competitive suits in 17 seasons as well as racking up 159 goals. Subsequently, Zorn went on to work as the club’s sporting supervisor.

Sports director Michael Zorn is not dissatisfied with the many failures with the course of the season of Borussia Dortmund. For many weeks, it was clear that because of our staff situation, we would not be able to celebrate the most beautiful hurray football. We have made it well in the face of which in the league in the league, said Zorn at Sport1 in front of the Bundesliga Sch lager against Bayern Munich on Saturday (18.30 clock).

Criticism of BVB, ZORN therefore wants to be only conditional. What is bad is truncating in the Champions League. There can be no two opinions. That still hurts today, and we are very self-critical, says the 59-year-old.

Generally, however, hardly any more possible after the great injury went shad been possible. Who remembered? Hazard, Guerrero, Aloud, Reyna, Haaland, Can, Paradox, Wolf, Mouton, Morey, in which Hummel’s in Lisbon. Alone Haaland was missing us 40 days a bit, Zorn said, What are you thinking What happens to Bavaria, if there is Lewandowski there for 40 days? How many players should our squad be able to compensate for this variety of injuries on the bank? 35?

On the often expressed criticism, the BVB needed an experienced second striker behind Erlang Haaland replied Zorn: If you have players like Haaland or Lewandowski in the team who want to stand in the square every second, it is not so easy to get the appropriate backup Find.

You have taken completely consciously Yousuf Mouton in the squad of the professionals, which we did not want to put a player right in front of the nose. We did not want to block his development — and what would they have written if we had done it? Now Yousuf has? Unfortunately, bad luck with his health.

BVB Personnel: New rumors for Haaland succession

BVB sports director ZORN about Karim Adam

In direct comparison, the permanent rivals from Munich continue financially the much larger possibilities. Bavaria, even in Corona times, generated sales of 644 million euros, including transfers at 359 million euros. The difference is 285 million euros in a single financial year, said Zorn.

For the future of Haaland Zorn said at the picture : You would need to know that I do not exercise water statements in principle. We are in a good, permanent exchange with Erlang, his father and his adviser. Erlang has a longer-term contract. It is known That he has the opportunity to change in the summer, but I also believe that it is important for assuring the framework conditions.

Allegedly, BVB is also excavating at Karim Adam of RB Salzburg. Zorn said, To say something, is far too early, and he stands, as far as I know, in the long term under contract.Adam is a great German talent. He has a very good profile; brings extreme speed with and a profile that is basically exciting.

BVB coach Marco Rose gets Orcs backing

Of course, what has not liked the sports director at all, the departure from the group stage of the Champions League. We do not want to talk about that, Zorn explained. Our claim is to come to the round of the knockouts regardless of the group draw. We did not do that. In this respect, that was anything but good.

However, if there are doubts about coach Marco Rose, Zorn vehemently refuses: Here at the BVB there is not a percent doubt about working with Marco Rose!

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Opposite Sport1 Zorn became even clearer at the topic of Rose: We at Borussia Dortmund are very satisfied with Marco, who had a difficult starting personally with us. In many games, the hands were bound to him due to the injuries. Accordingly, he could not act and stress Hardly dosing. Media criticism is not our topic. I do not have to deny anything, or comment on what is not addressed internally. We have just started with Marco.


BVB news and rumors undecided half hearted hesitant Hamann attacks BVB

League of Legends (brief: lol or straightforward League) is a video game established by Trouble Games, which was published on October 27, 2009, for Windows and also macOS. It looked like free-to-play Mob. The video game was played monthly from about 100 million players in 2016.

After leaving in the Champions League, SKY -expert Did Haman not only attacks the team of Borussia Dortmund, but also the BVB bosses. Meanwhile, the share price sacks the earnings depth. News and rumors to Borussia Dortmund can be found here.

All BVB news and breeds from the previous day can be found here.

BVB, News: Haman divides vigorously — and fear Haaland finish in summer

After the bramble from in the Champions League pattered — rightly — violent criticism on the BVB. Now Sky -expert Did Haman has been worded and goes to the court with the responsible persons. If you win the first two games and then go out for five games, that’s not worthy of a Dortmund team, Haman wrote in his column at the pay-TV transmitter.

And on: The inconsistency of BVB leadership is a reflection of which, as the team now occurs: undecided, half-hearted, hesitantly. Haman also attacked the bosses and that that by an angle train the authority of coach Marco Rose had undermined from the first day. The fact that Edwin Eric has stayed on me as if one had said, ‘Well, we retain that, if anything happens.’ And that’s exactly how they play football.

In the tug of a remaining of Erlang Haaland over the next summer, Haman sees no great opportunities. Haaland to keep in the coming summer, I almost consider it excluded. The best players want to play in the Co-found of the Champions League. It becomes scary difficult to keep him and I would take care of Bellingham and Adam rather than too much Time to waste with Haaland.

BVB notes: Defensive Trio Catastrophic — Zeus completely pale

BVB, News: Borussia Dortmund’s stock price Snacks after Cl-Off

The BVB share dropped on Thursday morning after the Champions League at Sporting in Petra trading at the interim annual depth of 4.27 euros. At the beginning of the season, the paper was still nearly nine euros per share. After all, the stock could relax in the course of the Thursday a little and closed with 4.36 euros.

Nevertheless, the fundamental trend of recent years continues. And with the gloomy prospects in the pandemic and with the expected shortcuts from ticketing and sponsorship, the shareholders should not be particularly pleased in the near future.

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BVB: The upcoming games

Date | Competition | Opponent | location

27 . November, 15.30 Bundesliga | VFL Wolfsburg | guest
4 . December, 6.30 pm | Bundesliga | FC Bayern | home
7 . December, 9pm | Champions League | Besides Istanbul | home
11 . December, 3:30 pm | Bundesliga | VFL Bochum | guest


BVB Youngster Knauf announces then we are not beating

The VfB Stuttgart will always remain a special counterparty for BVB-Youngster Ansgar Klaus. It was the Swabia, against which the wing player of Borussia Dortmund scored the first Bundesliga goal of his career in the previous season. On Saturday it comes to the next duel with the CFB, and Klaus hopes again on operating times in black-yellow dress.

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So far, the offensive player who is currently being used in the 3rd league in the second team of BVB and gathers game practice, three times as a substitute for the Dortmund in this season ran.

In the holiday magazine of BVB, the 19-year-old realized that he continues to work hard to be more than just a Joker for Chef Trainer Marco Rose: I want to play more and get more playing time. I will try to continue to work and be full of every day.

Klaus wants to win the BVB every game

Against the VfB Stuttgart it is about the BVB on Saturday afternoon to drive the next victory to continue to defend the second place in the table.

The fact that the opponent from the Lane last year was sensational with 5: 1 in Dortmund, according to Klaus no topic is to be more for his team: No matter how the opponent is currently called: we want to play on top and stay on top, and for it, we have to win every game and bring our best performance in the place.

The German U21 international who is still waiting for his first start-up use in the Bundesliga, the upcoming tasks in the domestic signal IDEA PARK against VfB Stuttgart (November 20), FC Bayern Munich (4 December) and SPV GG Reuther Fürth (December 15) with great self-confidence.

For Klaus, it is clear: If we bring our performance in the place, we give everything and play as a team, especially here at home with the fans in the back, then we are not to beat!


BVB Eintracht Frankfurt apparently planning new start at Dortmund

In the preseason Ansgar Klaus advanced at BVB to the great surprises. Even if it was not enough for the youngster to a punch, he indicated to be able to keep up at the highest level. Since Marco Rose at Borussia Dortmund has said that, however, the offensive players shares have fallen significantly. Even a few weeks, rumors made a possible winter shift to Eintracht Frankfurt the round. Apparently, the Hesse are still interested.

At the end of October, the Eintracht Frankfurt Picture reported for the first time via lock calls from Frankfurt, now the portal Football Transfers according to: Supposedly, Sge-Eintracht FrankfurtDirector Markus Roche continues to keep a lending from Ansgar Klaus.

A first start-up in summer should be failed at a Veto of the BVB bosses, this time the consent of Michael Zorn and Co. is the greatest hurdle for a deal.

Klaus itself should be dissatisfied with his situation in Dortmund and push for more game practice. This would be sure to wave him safely.

Although the German U21 international in the current season was allowed to use seven competitive games for the Russia professionals, but always only as a joker. A goal participation did not succeed the outer storm.

BVB hesitates to injury divers

Problem: Since the BVB last had to fight with massive injury issues, the decision makers currently hesitate to request their players. The already decimated squad should not be further weakened.

On the other hand, Klaus is slipped in the internal hierarchy at the black-yellow, a temporary air change could help.

In Frankfurt, the attacker with kiss hand would be received just 19-year-old, the offensive of the Europa League participant has been questionable for months.

Klauss working paper in Dortmund is still valid until 2023.