Mei Yo, focusing on metabus

Mihah throws an exemption table to the meta bus business. Just as Facebook changes to ‘meta’, Mihah also changed the external mission to the ‘Awaubo bus’.

Megabus sleeper service tour

Mi Huo announced on the 14th, and the official website has announced that it changes its brand name to Mahah Bus. As a brand that has been aimed at the metaverse, as a brand that has been aimed at the metabus as it is felt in the name, it is aimed at providing a variety of virtual worlds based on the game that has been launched in Mihah. Mei Yo Unified Account Also replaces the name for the name of the changed mission. However, China’s local services continue to be in Miho.

In addition to the existing works such as the original, collapse 3rd and unresolved events, it plans to expand business with various animations, cartoons, light Nobel and music. Building multiple content to build a virtual world of the ah-bus is the ultimate goal of the company. “I will constantly innovate in a variety of areas, such as” Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and Pipeline Construction, “I will meet the expectations of the world’s users in the virtual world by producing sufficient contents,”.

Learn more about the anals will be released later.