BVB vs. Bayer Leverkusen: New background to the vehicle alarm

Throughout the Bundesliga encounter between BVB and Bayer Leverkusen (1-0), an empty vehicle with a running engine as well as two empty tool holsters created a state of emergency situation. The occurrence at the Signal Iduna Park was more remarkable for the detectives than previously.

This was found out by the German Press Firm from protection circles. The Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger had actually previously reported. In the end, every little thing turned out to be an incorrect alarm system.

The cops had actually given the chain of coincidences in high alert: According to Stadt-Anzeiger, the owner of the cars and truck had mistakenly begun his cars and truck from the stadium.

In addition to 2 empty weapons, the automobile had additionally discovered a Koran on Saturday, which is why an Islamist background had actually not been eliminated.

owner of the car rapidly established

Security forces looked at the empty cars and truck that instantly ran. The alarmed authorities discovered the Koran next to the two empty tools covers. According to the Stadt-Anhzeiger, the authorities promptly discovered the automobile proprietor.

Security pressures checked out the empty auto that all of a sudden ran. The concerned cops discovered the Koran following to both empty tools covers. At that moment, an at least feasible Islamist risk was presumed.

The fans in the arena were asked not to leave the arena for the time wanting the final whistle. Greatly armed law enforcement officer protect the automobile.

According to the Stadt-Anhzeiger, the police rapidly found the car owner. He needed to show home with the cops, the weapons to the Holsters as well as his weapon license. Then the all-clear was provided.


Baumgart makes Belass Europacup on 1 FC Cologne

Steffen Baumgart went as a striker in the offensive. “We are calling Europe, let’s go!”, Said the coach of the Football Bundesliga club 1. FC Cologne in front of the Brisant Derby at Borussia Mönchengladbach on Saturday (18:30 / SKY).

So far, the ex-attacker had retained in relation to international ambitions and let the FC fans be dreamed alone: “So I am, sometimes there are new tones. But not that we cry afterwards because it did not work.”

Because the first Bundesliga champion with 43 points after 29 matchdays can no longer, now the Rhine countries in the last five games of the season align the view of the European Cup.

“If nobody opened the barrel: clearly we want to come up this season as possible as possible. Of course I would like to play internationally next season. We would like to fulfill the fans this dream,” said Baumgart and rejected Verbal out of the window.

The 3: 2 against Mainz after a 0: 2 residue had again shown that the Cologne could also tear the back to the wall from the fire with his back to the wall this season. The FC coach therefore does not be afraid of the restarted Borussians who have brought ten points from the last four games: “They want to win, but we want that too! The intensity will be high.”

And Baumgart also spoke about his personal future. “My future is definitely the 1st FC Cologne, because I have another year contract,” joked the native Rostock. There are no concrete talks about a contract extension, but “there is no reason to become restless”.

Matchday: Roter Stern Belgrad - 1. FC Köln

The fact that both fan bearings will be at the Derby in Borussia Park is an additional motivation for Baumgart: “I have a grin on the face when the stadium is full.” Rivalry is alright, but this will be held on the square of the teams, “on the ranks should simply prevail good atmosphere”.


RB Leipzig: Konrad Laimer and the Scheunentor

102 Bundesliga games for RB Leipzig, only seven goals. 17 Champions League inserts, just a hit. In all his skills with the ball at the foot, one had queried in the past why Konrad Laimer misses the cold snopy in front of the gate.

The Domenico Tedesco installed as Jesse-Marsch successor since November had quickly on the screen, as the RB coach arrested on Saturday night after the important 4: 1 success in Dortmund. “I sometimes take him to his arm, because when he shoots, everything hits out of the gate,” said the former Schalke trainer at “Sky”.

But last already at the 6: 1 in Fürth, the Austrians came from RB Salzburg to Saxony in Fürth, with a casual lifter, had shown that he also has the gate shooting in the blood. His double pack at the BVB, when he had initially stalked at 1: 0 via chip on goalkeeper Gregor Kobel, this further development now confirmed.

Konrad Laimer - The Pressing Machine

“I have rediscovered my graduation strength”

For Tedesco, the “just strong” was. The only 24-year-old permanent runners, workers and ball distributors also have independently of his double pack “a huge game”, yet his coach is of course explicitly about the two goals.

Laimer seemed satisfied: “I have rediscovered my graduation strength. I would like to start with what I have shown in the past games at RB. If I reach a goal again and again, the coach talks nice about me next time. “


Is Nico Schlotterbeck really already ripe for the FC Bayern or BVB?

According to the international matches is in front of the Bundesliga: The freshly baked German international Nico Schlotterbeck enters with his Sc Freiburg on Saturday afternoon (from 15:30 in the live ticker) against the big FC Bayern. Another opportunity for the most recently hyperman defender, for higher tasks recommended – whether in Munich or also interested BVB. But is the 22-year-old actually already so far?

After his blackout at his national team debut against Israel, Nico Schlotterbeck immediately had to rapport at the boss. “Nico and I talked about the situation,” said Hansi Flick over that penalty scene, with which the Freiburg had hurt his otherwise impeccable premiere in the exam time – and confirmed the national coach.

Flick had already emphasized, the youngster taking “sometimes a tick out” and be “comfortable”. DFB legend per Mertesacker was even further in “ZDF”. “That was a small arrogance attack,” the World Champion ruled from 2014 via Schlotterbeck’s Fauxpas.

The scheduled self contradicted. “Arrogance attack I would not say,” Schlotterbeck threw in, “that was just bad, an unconcentration, that must not happen to me.”

Above all, if you are so open with a transfer to a top club cocetted as the shooting star. “Of course, there is the possibility that I go in the summer. A change is very likely,” the native Schwabe recently revealed in the “Bundesliga1” interview. Here and there, however, there are still doubts about his maturity.

Schlotterbeck’s contract situation calls FC Bayern and BVB on the plan

Positive agrees that Schlotterbeck shows the Schlendrian criticism. “He’s right,” said the defensive man over Flicks Badel, “We work on it.” Also in the club at Christian Streich.

In principle, however, there were flick, Mertesacker and many others agreed, has recommended the left-wing for further international matches. Schlotterbeck liked as a designer, stressed good diagonal balls and proved at standards of goalkeeping. He has already met four times this season for Freiburg.

Qualities that unite like FC Bayern or Borussia Dortmund would face well. Both apply (or held) than interested – too, because Schlotterbeck’s current working paper 2023 expires and therefore the Bundesligas club can therefore charge no moon sums.

“He has a great development behind, has a lot of potential. It may be that we have to deal with a good offer in the summer,” explained Freiburg’s Bundesligas board Jochen Saier in mid-February at “Sky”. Already in winter he led one or the other phone call. “They were big clubs,” the official emphasized.

Compared to “Sky” SC-Bundesliga Director Klemens Hartenbach, that he bills with a change. “I’m already a realist, I quove the possibilities that Nico is here, as relatively low,” said the 57-year-old. It is not unlikely that he is not here next year “. So now the applicants are on the train.

Transfer between 20 and 30 million euros well realistic

For the Breisgau-Bossen, the Breisgau-Bossen ultimately only be right, after all, the club waving by a Schlotterbeck sale revenue between 20 and 30 million euros. Sums that are probably also to be stuck for Bayern and BVB in Corona times.

HOW did Nico Schlotterbeck Play against Bayern?
Demand on a highly prevalent central defender both would have: In Munich, by the departure of Niklas Süle, from the Schlotterbeck, by the way, a “big fan” is free after Dortmund a place in the defense free. The Borussia turns back with a second new defensive specialist, as Manuel Akanji is expected to go and Mats Hummels is often injured.

According to “Bundesliga Image” currently speaks more for the BVB. Although the name Schlotterbeck was discussed in the Bayern’s executive days, but now has been discarded. The alleged reason: The still-Freiburg is in the opinion of Hasan Salihamidzic and Co. (yet) not the hoped for immediate aid at top level.

On Saturday, the hypsy new international player can doubters in direct duel with the record champion of a better teaching and prove to be ripe for the next step. Wherever this will lead him.

Heiko Lükehus


RB Leipzig: Lukas Klostermann in front of BVB

Lukas Klostermann, punctually, returned to the duel against the BVB in the team training of Football Bundesliga club RB Leipzig.
The national player has overcome his adductor problems, said the club.
Thus, Klostermann is an option for the squad to the Bundesliga top game at Borussia Dortmund on Saturday (18.30 / SKY).

The use of goalkeepers Peter Gulacsi, who is also struggling with muscular problems in the adductors and has left prematurely from the Hungarian national team.
Yussuf Poulsen definitely falls against Dortmund after Club Information.
Klostermann had recently missed the Bundesliga games in Fürth and Frankfurt because of his complaints.
For the international matches against Israel and in the Netherlands, the defender of national coach Hansi Flick was not considered.

RB struggles against underdog | Osnabrück vs. RB Leipzig 2-3 | Highlights | DFB-Pokal | 1st Round
Klostermann had already missed the DFB games injured last November.


Golz and Reck in Double

Mr. Golz, in Germany the spring has broken out. For whom seems the sun on Saturday after the game?

Golz: Maybe yes for clubs, with a draw. But that helps us only conditionally. We want to win and I have made to look at the table again when we won. Everything else does not make sense.

RECK: You can also wait a bit, Richie!

Golz: I have already expected you to say that (laughs).

You can use the three points very well, Mr. Reck. From the last three games there was only one point.

RECK: Yes, we want to win every game of course. This also helps in the table. We had a few personnel bottlenecks. I hope that we can better occupy the squad again. That would help us very much and then we will continue differently.

Are you afraid that you could still turn off the descent zone?

RECK: We never have fear. For Altona and for us it’s about staying in this league. And on Saturday we would like to be a step further.

Jeddeloh II on the side, formerly in the Bundesliga on the goal line: Oliver Reck. Imago Images / Nordphoto

Double Good Getting Started Video
With Altona you always have the impression that a descent would not be so bad. Is that correct?

Golz: Of course, a descent would be a great disappointment because we have made to stay in the regional league. In most games are and we were at eye level. We also get that confirmed every week. Our score does not fit the way we play. We miss the punch. We started to establish ourselves in the Regionalliga – and that’s still our goal. If that does not work, then we take the next start.

Is that the difference to Jeddeloh II, which have been established in the league since 2017?

RECK: Yes. We started the goal before the season that we do not want to do anything with the descent. But because of the worse goal ratio, we are pushed into the relegation round. We will be more successful again when the staff situation has relaxed. The failures of experienced players meets smaller clubs like Altona 93 or tougher than others. In the long term, we want to stay in the league anyway. The infrastructure is also improved. But that just takes.

Did the development of the last two years decisively restrict the economic opportunities with Corona?

Golz: Definitely. From last year we got out with a minus because we are also heavily dependent on the audience numbers in our revenue. That already hurt us. By supporting the city we were able to compensate reasonably. This year we can not say how it will be. We try to get wider and become more professional – even in the sponsorship area. It is difficult for everyone and we do not complain.

RECK: Fortunately, our sponsors have totally well supported us in the last two years. It is important that a good exchange takes place because we can not keep ourselves in the league through the viewers. Regionalliga football will only work through sponsors in Jeddeloh II.

How do you appreciate the quality in the Regionalliga Nord as a former Bundesliga professional?

RECK: I have a very good comparison because I have already worked in the Regionalliga Südwest at Regionalliga Nords Offenbach. There many clubs also work properly, but the quality in the north is still really good. Also, if it does not work so 100% for TSV Havelse in the 3rd league. For the north it would have been good if Havelse would have profiled there.

If one changes from the Regionalliga Nord to the Oberliga in the South, then he does not do that because there is a better university.

Richard Golz

Golz: In the West, you have top clubs like red-white food, Prussia Münster or red-white Oberhausen. There they are a little stronger. In all leagues you have 2 teams. These are charming duels for the players, makes the competition for small clubs but again more difficult. Economically, the circumstances are very different. In Baden-Württemberg there are oberligists who have a budget of one million euros.

RECK: Richie, with one million you are still located down there. There’s it clubs that have more likely available.

Golz: Yes, laughing laughing about us. We are at the interface from the amateur to professional football. Many boys live almost only from football. If one changes from the Regionalliga Nord into the Oberliga in the deepest south, then he does not do that because there is a better university there.

Are there players in their teams who could create the leap into the 2nd league or even in the Bundesliga?

Golz: This can not be ruled out. Every year, it is confirmed that you have to play as a young player every week. Top talents, which will vary in Bundesliga passeners on the bench, have it really hard. Then players who had no one on the screen before. They then made their 30 games for one or two years and roll over. As a young player you have to think about where you go. Clubs like Altona or Jeddeloh II can be just right to make a really career again later. If you are still in the regional league with 26, you will not become a Bundesliga player anymore. With 19 or 20 this can be exactly the right step.

How does it look in Jeddeloh II?

RECK: With Konstantin Engel or Chris David we have players with us, who already played in the 2nd league. Also we are looking for talented players in which we see a development. Not so long ago, Anton Stach still played here. This shows how fast it can go up. But the step down can also be just as fast.

How do you appreciate the level of goalkeepers in the Regionalliga?

Golz: That’s good to very good. I had my first goalkeeper, when I was 30. There is not much to get in training (laughs). The goalkeeping education is now a different than still at our time. Many well-trained goalkeepers come from the junior power centers. Sometimes they do not land upwards because they may miss five centimeters at range and they are not 1.95 meters tall.

Which memories do you have your duels on the course?

Reck is stretching – in the duel with Gerhard Poschner from VFB Stuttgart. Links Werder colleague Raphael Wicky. imago sports photo service

RECK: OOH, some. Or, Richie?

Golz: Definitely. Of course, the somewhat more emotional goods were the games between the HSV and Werder. Did we still play against each other in Freiburg?

RECK: I believe, yes.

Golz: I remember many northern sheets. They were not quite as emotional as those in the last ten or 15 years. My perception is that there has been a bit up. But it was always fun to play against Werder, because Werder was a team that played attractive football. All the rivalry has always been a very good personal basis. Goalkeepers are always good anyway. At least that’s my feeling. But even among the teams it was never aggressive. If you had Ulli Borowka in the team, of course, there was already on the socks, but it has always fun.

RECK: I think of some interesting duels. I played with Regionalliga Nords Offenbach, Werder Bremen and Schalke 04 only for three clubs in the league and was fortunate to play mostly in very successful teams. Of course, this helps as a goalkeeper. As a young goalkeeper, Richie and I had the chance to grasp in the Bundesliga foot. This is harder today. I never played with the Bayern, but still won nine titles. At the end, you can finally say to his grandchildren: “I have also won there and took one or the other title.” That’s a story that you can tell from time to time. But today’s time is a completely different.

What has changed?

RECK: You do not get anything in life, but has to work hard. Not only on the training place, but also drum. Additional layers must be installed. Every day something has to be done for the body. That’s just like that. Without it is not anymore. That was wherever maybe a bit different. But without these additional stories, you will not do a football professional nowadays. Everyone has to know that.

Golz: Today, every lot of players come from the junior power centers every year. You have to defend your place every day and every year. We also had to do that too, but the competition was not there in width. If you are out of a violation today, it can be good that you are two years later in the Regionalliga Landest. That’s not a shame. Olli has also said that the players have in the ranks that have already played in the 2nd league. That’s no coincidence.

RECK: That’s right.

Werder, Schalke and HSV fight in the 2nd league around the climb. Who packs it in the end?

Goalkeeper Richard Golz (SC Freiburg) enters the Volksparkstadion for the first time as ex-hamburger.

Golz: The HSV is now in the pursuit roll and must win almost all of the seven games to get directly to. Maybe it’s enough for the relegation. But it is also possible to increase it. Werder has the better cards. This also applies to St. Pauli, which would be the worst case scenario for HSV. When St. Pauli rises, that would change a lot in the city. I still believe in the HSV. It would also be nice to win the DFB Cup. Olli also had one or the other somewhere in his hand.

RECK: The momentum speaks for Werder. Despite injury and corona problems, they have now won a very important game at home against Darmstadt. That was unlikely for morality. I believe that the group harmonizes well with the coaching team right now. Werder has a really good chance, but that is not a guarantee yet. Richie says it right: the last games are now crucial. I press Schalke’s thumb up to slip up there.

Was the victory of the Bremen not-eleven against Darmstadt again a big exclamation character?

RECK: That was already enormous and has shown that much is intact. A young player like Eren Dinkci has barely played the weeks before, but then delivered immediately. I like to look at what is when two or three important players fail. How does the team react? How does the environment react? How do the guys work, which come in? You can see a lot of that.

Who will be in the Regionalliga North Master?

RECK: That looks for me after the VfB Oldenburg. The games a superior round. The drawback is that the master does not rude directly. It would be just, if the master of the Regionalliga Nord goes directly.

Golz: In the promotion games, we all express their fingers crossed the representative from the north, because then a team descends less. Oldenburg has set a statement and Teutonia, which formulated high ambitions, beat 3: 0. Meeting is difficult to stay more difficult again. That’s what you can see at Havelse. It’s the same in every league: you have to have a good team. A good spirit. A good coach. Otherwise, teams like Darmstadt, Paderborn or Brunswick had never come to the Bundesliga.

Mr. RECK, her player Chris David assumes that they change at least the 3rd league in the summer. So leave the club after the season?

RECK: Currently I have an important topic. And that is to keep this club in the league. I am in this business for so long and what happens in the summer does not know a human. The club needs at some point planning security, that is normal. Currently, however, it’s all about winning games. The next step is to collapse again sometime. We will do that too.

In summer it could come in Jeddeloh II to change in the sporting direction. Does that affect your decision?

RECK: If there is something to announce, the SSV will do it. The club plans and looks, which is possible to get more professional. Here are no professionals. The only professional who is on site 24 hours, I am.

At Altona 93 will not ask questions about the coach in the summer, right?

Golz: I have at least not heard (laughs).


BVB reacts to Corona

At the Football Bundesliga club FSV Mainz 05, 19 people have infected with the coronavirus, the club announced.

The affected – players, trainers and team employees – are completely immunized, was in a message. The training planned for the afternoon has been canceled, all the infected persons have emanated into domestic isolation.

The Mainz had already caught a violent corona wave at the beginning of the season. The tablespoke should play on Sunday (15:30 clock) against Borussia Dortmund. It is because of the further procedure in close exchange with the Mainz Health Office and the German Football League. The negatively tested players completed individual training on Thursday.

Corona-Ausbruch in Mainz: 19 positive Fälle vor BVB-Spiel | SID

Meanwhile, the Dortmunds assume that the game takes place. “We have been informed by the DFL and the club from the Corona situation at FSV Mainz 05. We will continue to prepare professionally on the encounter. Now we assume that the game can take place next Sunday,” said the Head of the License Player Department, Sebastian Kehl.


1. FC Cologne: Modeste sets bosses due to contract extension under pressure

Anthony Modest from 1. FC Cologne has sent a clear message to the Cologne bosse regarding a possible contract extension.

“The club knows what he has to do,” explained modests at Bild Live . “In the end I need a bit of security. I am 33 years old and will be 34, but I feel in top form. Let’s see What happens. I have no stress. I enjoy every game, every training with my team. That’s the most important thing. “

In the current season, modests already come to 15 hits and lies with the Rhine countries in the eighth place in the Bundesliga. According to modest, however, there has been no conversations about an extension of his 2023 expiring working paper.

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“One thing I know: I’m looking forward to playing football and then we have to watch what the future brings,” Todeste continued. “I said if we find no solution and I feel like playing football, I have to think about something else. That’s clear. If nothing comes from FC, then I have to look anyway.”


FC Bayern, News and Rumors: US

Taylor Booth appears to be a farewell. Midfield Talent Tom Bishop, where FC Bayern Munich was also interested, extends its contract at the TSG Hoffenheim. There are news about the FCB here.

Hier gets your Bayern News from the previous day.

FC Bayern, rumor: US talent before jumping

Taylor Booth appears to be a farewell to FC Bayern Munich. The reporting SKY and SPORT1 matching. The 20-year-old right-back returned in the summer of a half-year-old lending from SNK St. Pölten.

According to Sport1, it should even be an agreement with the Dutch first division FC Utrecht about a change in summer. Since the US-American Treaty expires at the end of June 2022, the change would be free transfer over the stage.

This season, Booth was used 15 times in the Regionalliga and prepared five goals. At the 12-0 against the Bremer SV in the first DFB Cup round, he came to his only use in the professionals: 22 minutes before the end of the game he came to the game for Leroy Sane. Since then he was no longer in the squad of the professionals.

Bayern Munich transfer news, rumours - 2022
At the Deadline Day 2019, Bayern had brought the then 17-year-old Booth from the Academy of MLS-Club Real Salt Lake.

Voting resolution: This is your SELE successor to Bayern

FC Bayern, News: Bayern Flirt extended in Hoffenheim

Midfield Talent Tom Bishop, where FC Bayern Munich was also interested, extends its contract at the TSG Hoffenheim until 2025. “Tom is a tremendous talent that already has a considerable maturity despite his young age in addition to his extraordinary footballing skills” said Alexander Rosen, Hoffenheim’s director professional football on Friday.

At the beginning of January, Bischof’s Advisor Michael Reschke confirmed an interest of the Munich, “His contract in Hoffenheim runs out, some German clubs are interested. Julian Nagelsmann has a positive picture of Tom.”

The 16-year-old was recently in the game at Union Berlin (1: 2) as the latest professional of TSG history for the first time in the Bundesliga squad. Professional football director Roses: “Should not happen unpredictable, he is not the question of whether he will run in the Bundesliga, but when.”

FC Bayern, News: Bayern legend criticizes Nubel

Ex-Bayern Keeper Jean-Marie Pfaff has criticized the decision of Alexander Nübel to join FC Bayern in the summer of 2020. The news to do so here.

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FC Bayern Munich, Schedule: The upcoming games

Appointment Competition opponent
Saturday, 05.02., 6:30 pm Bundesliga RB Leipzig (home)
Saturday, 12.02., 15.30 clock Bundesliga VFL Bochum (Away)
Wednesday, 16.02., 9pm Champions League RB Salzburg (Away)
Sunday, 20.02., 3:30 pm Bundesliga SPVGG Greuther Fürth (Home)
Saturday, 26.02., 6:30 pm Bundesliga Eintracht Frankfurt (abroad)

Hertha BSC commits international

80000 Hertha Berlin fans Jumping Vs Bayern Munich Amazing Support

Football Bundesliga club Hertha BSC has committed South Korean national Dongjun Lee. This was announced by the capital club on Saturday. The 24-year-old offensive player moves from his homeland of Ulsan Hyundai to the Berliners and signed a three-year contract. So far, Lee comes to seven missions for his country. “Dongjun is a very interesting game type, on which we look forward to Hertha BSC: very fast, agile, dribble strong, with train to the gate and despite its low height of height enforceable and equipped with a good headball game,” said Managing Director Fredi Bobic.