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The good end 2022 arrives with all this data: from November 18 to 21!

The good end 2022 arrives, the cheapest weekend of the year and the best opportunity to buy much more for less. The best? The wide variety of articles available from all brands, and that is that more stores are added to this great commercial event that, for several years, is celebrated throughout Mexico.

What is the good end?

The good end is a commercial event that is celebrated, since 2011, throughout the national territory. It is an initiative promoted by the Government of Mexico itself with the objective of stimulating the national economy, as well as improving the relationship with private companies. This initiative is inspired by the Black Friday or American Black Friday; However, it is celebrated a few days before, almost always looking to coincide with the celebrations of November 20.

When is the good end 2022 in Mexico?

This year, the good end begins early in the morning of Friday, November 18 and ends at the last minute of Monday, November 21. In total, there will be four days of offers that, on many occasions, can range between 50% and 70%. Hence, it is an ideal opportunity to buy all those products that we want so much or need.

What offers can I find during the good end?

During the good purpose you can find a wide variety of offers in all areas or sectors, from technology to footwear, toys, clothing, pets, home and office items, spare parts for vehicles and much more.

Offers, on the other hand, depending on the brand and the article, can range between 50% and 70%. That is why many buyers take advantage of these days to acquire all those products that need and even plan the purchases of the coming months. In addition, it is also an ideal event to buy, for example, Christmas gifts.

These are the categories with the greatest discounts during the good end

During the good purpose you can find offers in all areas; However, it is a fact that some have a greater demand and also more interesting discounts. Next, we share with you what are the categories with the greatest discounts during the good purpose:

Offers in cell phones for the good end

If you need to change your cell phone, you must definitely take advantage of offers during the good end because you can acquire high-end equipment for much less than its original value. Brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Motorola will be present at this great event. A good option? The Samsung Galaxy A53 that will have a 21% discount or the Xiaomi little phone M5S Dual Sim that will have a 13% discount.

Offers in Technology

The free market discounts in the technology area are, without a doubt, the most interesting because they allow us to take home teams of the best brands and with magnificent performance without requiring such a high investment. A good example of this is the 50A65HV 50 ′ Spanish screen that has an impressive 44% discount, as well as the Apple MacBook Air with 15% reduction. Like these, many more articles in the area of technology, printers, video game consoles, laptops and much more.

Fashion and clothes at the good end

The best and most recognized clothing brands, both national and international, will be present at the good end. That is why, if you need some running tennis, this is the best time to buy them because Adidas, Reebok or Nike, for just appointing Some will have magnificent discounts on footwear, but also in t-shirts, jackets, clothing to exercise and much more. Clothing, both children and adults, will have discounts that, according to the garment, can reach up to 70%.

Our recommendations

The good end is, without a doubt, one of the best opportunities of the year to buy and save money in the process. But for this it is essential that we organize ourselves because it is a few days and, additionally, in the case of the products that have a high demand, they can be exhausted before the end of the event.

The best recommendation? Make a list of the products we want, establish priorities and detail the characteristics of each 1. For example, in the case of electronic items, determine what are the essential functions you must have and in the case of clothing or footwear, clearly determine the size, colors and others. Hence, the recommendation to investigate this type of products in advance because it will be much easier to buy them in what the offers are available.

On the other hand, it is advisable to only make purchases in reliable stores as a free market, especially when they are online. Remember that there are people or organizations that seek to take advantage of others to cheat and more in events in this category. Opting the known and sure is the best protection we can have.

The good end are four days of incredible offers that, on many occasions, can range between 50% and 70%.

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Not in vain it is the cheapest weekend and with the proper planning it is possible to make the most of it.