League of Legends

LOL: KSantes spectacular move that demonstrates the full potential of the new champion

K’Santa is a League of Legends champion who promises to become the favorite of many MOB players. However, those who do not fall in love immediately with the new character will eventually hang it. In skillful hands, he troubles become one of the most interesting champions of the ranked matches. Not in vain, it combines the benefits of a tank with the possibility of becoming a fighter and isolating his opponents to end them in just three or four blows. A mechanics that caused shock even in the testing phases.

The perfect play of K’Santa in Riot Games tests

With his ultimate, he pushes the enemy champions at a distance (increased if used against walls) and is behind them to start attacking even more damage. A situation that, along with the rest of your skill kit, gives room for the creation of infinite plays.

For example, one of the champion’s first highlights during Riot’s testing phases, he can do an insect in style, kidnapping his opponent to annihilate him almost without offering response options.


The truth is that the play is quite spectacular and shows what it can do when controlled by a good player. The truth is that the play is final and yet shows only a small percentage of what the champion can do in the games.

The goal of developers, rather than making it a good character in the route phase, is to make it one of the best in team fights. There you can turn your fights to help your teammates and then jump into the enemy’s throat and turn a fight.

K’Santa, which will be dedicated to the top of the top, is expected to reach MOB at Patch 12.21, on November 3, a few days before the LOL 2022 World Cup final.