How much is Sans in Undertale? Answered

Undertake, the role metajuego that breaks the fourth Toby Fox wall, was one of the unexpected successes of 2015 and since then it has become a cult classic thanks to its deeply emotional history, the variety of multiple endings, moving characters and the ingenious sense of humor. A mystery of long data surrounds our bony weapons, Sans. More specifically: how much is Sans in Undertake? With that in mind, then, let’s go to the heart of the matter.


What is the height of sans in Undertake? Answered

There has been a lot of speculation around the height of sans in Undertake. However, from what we can deduce, Sans seems to have about 5 feet high, which translates into 60 inches or 152.4 cm. His brother the papyrus, on the other hand, measures about 6 feet and six of height, which translates into 79 inches or 198.1 cm.

For those who do not know, an avid fan made some detailed mathematical sums to reach the back of the mystery in Tumblr, and these figures are considered to a large extent, since it is approximately the same height in which many other fans agree. Even so, the creator of the title, Toby Fox, still has to confirm or deny this theory, but it is fair to say that these height proportions seem feasible in the context of the winning game of prizes, Undertake.

So, that ends things for now. Hopefully, this responded to the consultation: how much is Sans in Undertake? To get more information about the game, see our detailed review, as well as a guide that explains how to do a full screen.

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