Microsoft Made An Offer To PlayStation Plus For Call of Duty

For years, Microsoft has been largely absent from the console gaming world. It was only recently that they had announced the Xbox One S and more games for their platform. Recently, according to a report by Euro gamer, it has been revealed that Microsoft submitted Sony an offer with which Call of Duty’s games would also have ended up at PlayStation Plus.

Microsoft accountable continues to strive to convince the FTC in the United States and other cartel offices worldwide to authorize the takeover of Activision Blizzard.
It is presently not rather as optimal for the Xbox company-it is even speculated whether the billion-dollar offer might even break completely.
Sony and Call of Duty in specific are constantly a stumbling block for Microsoft.


Call of Duty for PlayStation Plus?

According to an existing report by Bloomberg, Microsoft is said to have prepared an intriguing deal for Sony, which Call of Duty would also be readily available directly for all Subscribers from PlayStation Plus in the future.

Far, it has actually only been clear that the upcoming parts for PlayStation will appear-but traditionally as a full-price game in retail and in the PlayStation store.
With this offer, Microsoft would have the advantage of attracting the titles in the Xbox Video game Pass and therefore other consumers.
Up until now, Sony has not yet accepted the deal.
Microsoft must continue to tremble around the mega deal with Activision Blizzard.
The talks with rival Nintendo were completely different.
Here you have agreed on a 10-year contract that would arrive at a Nintendo platform with a long period of time reversal from Call of Responsibility.
Until the takeover is not waved through, all of these contracts are still useless.

Xbox manager on the Sony blockade

In a podcast, Xbox manager Phil Spencer recently spoke about Sony.
According to the statements, the PlayStation manufacturer wishes to defend the dominant position on the console market.
That is why the business must hang on Call of Duty-one of the most valuable brands in the market.
Phil Spencer again made it clear here that the shooter series on PlayStation will not disappear.
Rather, the offer would use the players even more option.
Source: Bloomberg
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