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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, spectacular lBall Supert trailer before its premiere in cinemBall Super

We have a new Dragon Ball Super trailer: super hero, or more than trailer, a teBall Superer_ final before the premiere of the film . Thirty unpublished Gohan and Piccolo fighting the new androids of the Ribbon network: gamma number 1 and gamma number 2. Although it looks like a heart attack, everything indicates that Toei Animation is keeping an ace under the sleeve for his arrival in his arrival in his arrival in his arrival in his arrival in CinemBall Super, scheduled for June 11, 2022 in Japan .

In Spain and the rest of the world it might take a little longer, but the film will also end up. Crunchyroll confirmed a few months ago that it will be the one who carries Dragon Ball Super: super hero to cinemBall Super around the world and this summer . The streaming platform specialized in anime ensures that we will soon know the concrete dates and even that we can expect to see it in both original and folded to Spanish .

Dragon Ball Super argument: super hero

For those who discover it now, to say that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is the second Dragon Ball Super movie and the twenty-first of the anime. It is set ten years after the defeat of Majin Boo and after the events of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. This is your first official synopsis:

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Movie - Official Trailer 4 | AniTV
“Goku destroyed at the time the Ribbon network, but now some of its members have returned and have begun to prepare their revenge with two new androids : gamma number 1 and Gamma number 2. upon learning, piccolo It infiltrates the bBall Supere of the army and once there he discovers the existence of the final weapon. He also discovers that they have kidnapped bread, the granddaughter of Goku , which will force Gohan to go to his rescue. When he is one to action will begin an unprecedented superbatalla ** in which Goku will end up playing a fundamental role. “

Dragon ball legends

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is delayed indefinitely

As you will know, at the beginning of the week, it became known that Toei Animation, an animation studio in Japan, suffered a hacker attack that affected the company’s servers. While research on damage continues, it was revealed that some animes were affected by this event. Now, it has been confirmed that the production of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has been compromised, and this film has been delayed indefinitely .

Through a statement, Toei Animation revealed that, due to the attack of hackers, they have been seen in the need to delay the premiere of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in Japan, and At the moment there is no information related to a New release window . This was what was commented about:

“As previously announced, Toei Animation, the producer behind Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, experienced unauthorized access to its network by a third party. This has made it difficult for the production of the film. As a result, we have no choice but to postpone the release of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. We apologize to those who look forward to the launch of the movie. However, we will announce a new date of launch in the near future. Thanks for your understanding”.

Originally, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was going to get to Japan on April 22, 2022, with a premiere in the United States and several countries worldwide planned for this year’s summer. However, This will no longer be the case. Hopefully more information is shared about it.

On related topics, here you can learn more about this delay. In the same way, this is the cover of volume 18 of Dragon Ball Super.

Editor’s note:

BIG NEWS Dragon Ball Super Super Hero DELAYED
Without a doubt, a sad news. This is one of the most anticipated Dragon Ball productions of recent years, and it is a shame that this type of events affect the production of something so loved by fans. We only have to wait for a new date to be revealed soon.