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How to get the achievement of salt for my enemies and water for me in Genshin Impact

Salt for my enemies and water for me is the achievement of Genshin Impact Challenger: Series V, which can be obtained by receiving at least three healing balls released from drops of water during the battle with Hydro Hypostasis. To get it, you must first access the Hydro Hypostasis cave near the Suggests basin on Watatsumi Island.


How to get three healing balls in the battle with Hydro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Start with the battle with Hydro Hypostasis. He will give rise to two drops of water, which are creatures similar to slugs. You must pay attention to the blue drop of water, produces healing spheres every few seconds.

Do not kill the blue drop of water. Instead, stand next to him and wait until he releases healing balls. These healing spheres will move to the hydraulic water and treat the boss. Your goal is to intercept this by absorbing the healing spheres yourself.

The approach is a healing ball to absorb it. Wait a few seconds until another healing area appears, then absorb it again. Do the same three times to get the achievement of Challenger: Series V called Salt for my enemies and water for me. Do not forget to kill a drop of water after an achievement so that it does not treat the boss.

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