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The online company matching event Anime Game Summit 2022 SUMMER has been decided to implement live pitches and exhibitors seminars. There is also a metavers exchange lounge

The DMM Online Exhibition developed by will be on August 23 at the Anime Game Summit 2022 Summer, which will help you to find out the recruitment information, and the introduction of the latest technologies and services will improve business efficiency. It has been announced that the Exhibition Seminar has been decided to listen to specific stories. It has also been revealed that an exchange lounge can be opened for a limited time for exhibitors and visitors to interact.

Anime Game Summit 2022 SUMMER is a complete online exhibition that responds to a wide range of purposes, from new customer development in anime and game industries to licensing outs outside the industry. Scheduled to be held from August 31 (Wed) to September 2 (Fri).

On the recruitment live pitch announced this time, representatives and recruiters of companies in the anime and game industry gathered together. The latest recruitment information is delivered in live distribution for each company. It is a must-see for those who are thinking about changing jobs to the anime and game industry or who are interested in both industries.

(in no particular order)
Cross Riva Co., Ltd. / Double Co., Ltd. / Square Enix Co., Ltd. / Creek and River Co., Ltd. / Clan Entertainment Co., Ltd.


Friday, September 2 13: 00 ~ Live delivery

・ Those who are thinking of changing jobs to the anime / game industry, freelance, creator
・ Those who want to know the recent recruitment trends in the anime and game industry

At the exhibition seminar, companies that handle various services will be on stage, and it will be conveyed how to use them to specific content, from introduction of the latest technology and services to work, which are useful for production.

(Included in order)
What is the method of building a new era of story that Storyai led?
・ Cross Riva Co., Ltd. Masahiro Kawai Masahiro Kawai

SaaS-type game server solution that can focus on game development
・ GAME SERVER SERVICES Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kazuchi Niwa

How to collect excellent game creators
The industry No.1 IT Human Resources Agent released market trends!
・ Levatek Co., Ltd. Sales Manager Junsuke Shimazaki

Anime that evolves orange
・ Orange Producer Co., Ltd./Production Department Yoshihiro Watanabe

About the media distribution platform RoadStead in the Web3.0 era that combines blockchain and DRM
・ Nekojarashi CEO Misaki Kawamura

Visualization of TA skills and intentions-for using skill rader charts and TA training-
・ Creek and River Co., Ltd. Digital Content Group Division Division Division Manager Kikuchi Kikuchi

Think about anime x TV station for the next 5 years
・ TV Tokyo Anime / Business Headquarters Anime Division Anime Division Masata Iida

The current location and possibility of the VTuber business that is used by a venture company from Nippon Television

The exhibition seminar can be viewed for free from the seminar page of the exhibition venue during the exhibition from August 31. If you want to watch, you need to register a free visit from the anime / Game Summit 2022 SUMMER official website.

In the exchange lounge, it is possible to interact directly with the exhibitors or visitors in metaverse space. It is said that you can manipulate icons in metaarthus space and communicate directly with your own voice. He wants to be used widely from casual chats to meetings.

Wednesday, August 31 12: 30-15: 30
* Only one day will be opened in the above time.

Anime Game Summit 2022 Summer will be held from Wednesday, August 31 to September 2 (Fri). The exhibition is as underdested.

□ Exhibition Overview
Name: Anime Game Summit 2022 Summer
Venue: Online
URL: https: //
Service: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 10: 00-September 2 (Fri) 18:00
Exhibition cost: Free ( * Some paid plans available)
Registration: Free
Support: Specified Non-Profit Corporation Video Industry Promotion Organization (VIPO), Anime Tourism Association, Japan Video Association
Media Partner: Denka Faminicer, Anime! Anime!, GameSpark, Inside, Gamer, Automaton, 4Gamer
Official Twitter account:

Our active gaming media also exhibited at the event. The company states that it will support overseas/domestic expansion of entertainment, such as PR and CS/CM, centered on multilingual translations in more than 50 countries around the world. If you are interested, please visit. Exhibited page (free visitors registration required):