How to change the name of your scaramusha in Genshin Impact

At the end of the head of Interlude: Act III-Inversion of Genesis, Scaramouch, now a pure sheet named Wanderer, will return all his memories and decide to live his life again.
Along with his new beginning, he considered the most suitable to get a new name.
As a traveler, you have the honor to rename the Scaramouch into anything, with some exceptions.
Please be careful, since you can only rename it for a maximum of twice and the change will be used constantly in various aspects of the game.

How to rename the Wanderer in Genshin Impact

Interlude Chapter: Act III-Inversion of Genesis consists of several quests, one of which is called the final of Kabuki mono.
In this segment, you must take the Reminiscent Drift Domain to help the wanderer restore his memories.
When it ends, you will be invited to give him a new name.

This step cannot be missed, but you can change your name for the last time after the quest.
We recommend choosing a name that you really like, as the changes are irreversible.
There are several rules that you must follow if you want to change the name of the wanderer.


  • You cannot use any derogatory or harmful terms.
  • You cannot use the name of any existing game character, the name of the Payson and the names of Fate participants.
  • You cannot use any old wanderer’s names, such as Scaramouch, Ballad, Konicuzusi and Kabuki mono.
  • The name should consist of one word, without spaces.
    But you can choose the preferred capitalization.

How many times can you change the name of a wanderer or Scaramouch in Genshin Impact?

You can change the name of the Scaramouch/wanderer by maximum twice.
The first is during the quest, as described above.
The second change is optional after you have completed the entire chapter of Interlude: Act III-Inversion of Genesis.
You will receive an item in your inventory of precious objects called an appeal blow.
With it, you can change the name of the wanderer.
Last time.
Changes in the name are constant, please use the name that you really like.

Where is the new name of the Scaramouch appears in Genshin Impact?

The new name of the Scaramouch/wanderer appears in the entire interface.
If you pulled for him, his name by default will be a new name that you chose.
The same applies to the Serenity pot and dialogue.
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