Easter offers at Amazon: At midnight is over

Amazon Easter Week: At midnight is over

Amazon lowers the prices before Easter!

Since April 1st, you will find changing daily offers and lightning daily on the online giant daily.
The Amazon Easter Offers start daily from midnight and apply 24 hours or as long as stocks last.

Last Minute Amazon Easter/Spring Outfits
From 6 o’clock in the morning there are also daily new flash offers available for a maximum of 12 hours, which can be sold out after a short time.
The discount campaign ends on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 at 23:59.
In the following, we always show you a lot of day-to-day and multi-day deals of the mega sender – we have assessed the savings potential for you.
Also, you can search directly in the Deal Finder for your favorite products and thus determine if you are reduced.


Amazon Easter Offers: Last chance on cheap 4K

Since April 1st, Amazon is running the Easter offers in which their thousands of products get cheaper from a variety of areas, including, of course, some of the gaming interesting articles. Today the action is coming to an end. Finally, we summarize some of the highlights of the action for you in this article. If you prefer to go directly to the long list of the offers, you will find this here:

Amazon Easter Offers: Last chance on thousands of deals

Games for PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Among the offers are a lot of games for all current consoles and also for PC. Unfortunately, some of the best deals that existed at the start of the Easter offers are already sold out. But there are still many interesting offer left and even a few new deals came to the action. Here some examples:

  • Kena: Bridge of Spirits Deluxe Edition (PS5) instead 43,99 € for € 33.99
  • Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4) instead of 39,99 € for € 24.99
  • The Last of US Part II (PS4) for 17,99 €
  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales instead of 59,99 € for € 34.99
  • FIFA 22 Legacy Edition instead of 39,99 € for 19,99 €

While most offers from the gaming area end on time at midnight, there are also a few deals here, which exceptionally expire next week. The overview of all games deals in the Easter offers can be found here:

Games for PS4, PS5, Xbox & Nintendo Switch in the Amazon Easter offers

4k TV

Although some offers are already sold out here, there is still a wide selection of 4K TVs. Among them are some models of Sony, LG and TCL, which is interesting thanks to 120 Hz and HDMI 2.1 for gaming with PS5 and Xbox Series X and still very cheap. If you are not important to gamble with up to 120 fps at 4K resolution, you can also decide for an even cheaper Hisense TV. Here some examples:

Amazon Nintendo Switch Unboxing
* Sony XH90 (4K, 55 inches, HDMI 2.1) for 699 € (RRP: 1,099 €)
* LG NANO869 (4K, 50 inches, HDMI 2.1) for 599 €
* TCL QLED C721 (4K, 55 inches, HDMI 2.1) instead of 768.90 € for 649 €
* Hisense A6GG (4K, 50 inches) instead of 379 € for 339 €

Of some models like the Sony XH90 are currently only a few copies available, so they could be sold out before the end of the Easter offers at midnight. Other reduced 4K TVs can be found here:

TV reduced in the Amazon Easter offers

Own brands reduced: fire tv sticks, echo speakers & more

In the Easter offers there are many of Amazon’s in-house appliances such as Fire TV Sticks, Fire Tablets, Echo Speakers and Kindle Reader on offer. For example, you can get the Fire TV Stick 4K for half price. The ECHO DOT of the 3rd generation is even 56 percent cheaper, it costs only 21.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros. Here’s the overview of the Deals:

Amazon Easter Offers: Property Marks Reduced

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Marvel future revolution

Amazon Easter Offers: Now 3 for 2 with Marvel and Disney

In the Amazon Easter Offers , which are still running until April 13, there are various actions where their films can get cheaper on DVD and Blu-ray. The most interesting include the two 3-for-2 actions in which a large selection of Marvel or Disney films are available. Here some examples:

3 for 2 with Marvel movies:

Disney Lilo & Stitch Collectible Mini Figure Blind Bag Eggs Unboxing | PSToyReviews

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage for 12,99 € (Blu-ray) or 9,99 € (DVD)
  • Black Widow for 14,49 € (Blu-ray) or 8,49 € (DVD)
  • Spider-Man: Far from Home for 9.99 € (Blu-ray) or 6,99 € (DVD)
  • Shang-chi and the legend of the ten ring for 14.99 € (Blu-ray) or € 10.49 (DVD)
  • Avengers: Infinity was for 9.99 € (Blu-ray) or 7.29 € (DVD)
  • Avengers: Endgame for € 11.49 (Blu-ray) or 7.29 € (DVD)
  • Doctor Strange for 9,99 € (Blu-ray) or 6,99 € (DVD)
  • Thor: Day of Decision for 9.99 € (Blu-ray) or € 7.29 (DVD)
  • Guardians of the galaxy for € 9.94 (Blu-ray) or € 7.29 (DVD)

Amazon Easter Offers: 3 for 2 with Marvel movies

3 for 2 with Disney movies:

  • Vaiana for 9.99 € (Blu-ray) or 7,99 € (DVD)
  • Rapunzel – reconcilants for 9.99 € (Blu-ray) or 6,99 € (DVD)
  • The many adventures of the Winnie Pooh for 7.99 € (DVD)
  • The lion king for 9.99 € (Blu-ray) or 7.99 € (DVD)
  • Hercules for 10.99 € (Blu-ray) or 7.99 € (DVD)
  • the jungle book for 9.99 € (Blu-ray) or 7,75 € (DVD)
  • The ice king – completely unfavorable for 6.99 € (DVD)
  • Pinocchio for 8,99 € (Blu-ray) or 7,79 € (DVD)
  • Dinosaur for 8.29 € (Blu-ray) or € 7.29 (DVD)
  • Ralph is enough for € 7.99 (Blu-ray) or € 7.79 (DVD)

Amazon Easter Offers: 3 for 2 with Disney films

As always with such actions, you only have to add three of the items contained in the shopping cart. The price of the cheapest article will be deducted automatically. Both actions are still running until the end of the Easter offers on April 13, but individual articles can of course be sold out before.

More actions with movies on Blu-ray and DVD:

  • 6 Blu-rays for 30 €
  • Series on DVD & Blu-ray on offer
  • Anime on DVD & Blu-ray on offer
  • Boxsets and Special Editions

Amazon Easter Offers: DVDs & Blu-rays cheaper

More Easter offers at Amazon

Of course, in the Amazon Easter offers, there are still numerous other deals, such as televisions, laptops and natural games for PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The overview can be found here:

To the Easter offers at Amazon

more on the subject

Amazon Easter Offers: The Best Deals for Nintendo Switch [Display]


Some links built on this page are affiliate links. When buying over these links Offers receives a small commission without impact on the price depending on the provider. More info.