1 million US dollars prize money: Pokemon Unite starts tournament series

So far: After Nintendo in cooperation with Game-Behemoth Tencent developed the “Moba Light” Pokémon Unite, the first escort season starts.

From the end of February, all players from 16 years who can bring a team from five people to start the opportunity to participate in monthly qualifications Cups. Can be played with both the smartphone, as well as on the switch. Stick is the 19th and 20th February, on the 26th, the first month of the month takes place.

So Pokémon Unit tournament structure is built

There are points for placement in the qualifying cup. The teams with most championship points (CP) qualify for the monthly final event.

From here it becomes more complicated. In order to achieve the next higher level – the regional championships for all Europe – there are different options: a team wins one of the monthly cups – there are 12 places in the regionals.

At unite everything revolves around the point of scoring and handing. AEOS Cup Esport

Also qualified are the eight teams, which have been the most CP until June. The regional championships complete the top four of the May tournament. So there are some options to get there.

Nintendo arranges the CP deserved in the team individually to each player – this should make change possible.

To the World Championships in London then take the two best European teams of the Regionals and meet teams from America, Japan, Korea, Oceania and Asia. The tournaments are usually played in Double Elimination Format.

Each team can afford a defeat before she flies out of the tournament. The AEOS Cup in April initially has a group stage, as well as the regionals.

Nintendo Battlefy uses for the tournament processing. According to the playman, “the registration period will soon begin. Details will soon be on the official site.” You can find the registration here.

A lot of prize money for new series

Unusual for Nintendo: The Japanese game skills and Chinese players Tencent throw a total of over a million US dollar prize money in the pool. These are distributed over all tournaments from the regional and the AEOS Cup. In the remaining qualification, there are only tickets to win the regional championships.

The World Championship team waving $ 100,000, the regional champion receives 20,000 and in the AEOS Cup there are 10,000 for the winner. The sum is always divided into the five team members. Overall, 500,000 US dollars are in the pool, the regional championships 50,000 and the AEOS Cup 25,000.

Nintendo’s tournament series scores with easy accessibility. Everything you need to play is a telephone, respectively switch, and four team members. There are no further ranking or qualification hurdles.

But care, unite has been established for over half a year, and as with all MOBAS, the start is still relatively easy, but the mechanics want to be internalized on tournament levels.

But the same thing for the ESPORT tournament series is the same as for the game itself: It’s free and fun: Why not even try?

Pokémon Unite tournament plan


Event Art Format DATE
February Cup Open qualification Double Elimination 19.-20. Feb.
Final event in February Monthly final Double Elimination 26. Feb.
March Cup Open qualification Double Elimination 12.-13. MRZ.
Final event in March Monthly final Double Elimination 26. MRZ.
Qualification Hopping Round of the AEOS Cup Open qualification Double Elimination 9.-10. Apr.
AEOS Cup AEOS Cup (NA, SA, EU, OZ, APAC) Round Robin & Double Elimination 30. April – May 1
Mai-Cup Open qualification Double Elimination 14.-15. May
Final event in May Monthly final Double Elimination 28. May.
Qualification Hats Round of the Regional Championships Open qualification Double Elimination 4.-5. June
Regional Championships Regional Championships Round Robin & Double Elimination 18.-19. June