Activision Blizzard will protect Microsoft and fight for the takeover

In their view, merger of both companies indicates a more powerful competition for the video game market and players in the USA.

This merger will benefit the players and the United States game industry-especially due to the fact that we anticipate a more powerful competition from abroad.


Lulu Cheng Reserve is Executive Vice President for Corporate Affairs and CCO at Activision. She has actually now commented on Twitter about the ongoing evaluation of the deal to take control of her employer by Microsoft.

Reserve states there is a great deal of speculation about the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. It finds it absurd when indicated that the deal could have competitive results.


Xbox Game Studios: More Players for Cod and Wow wishes Spencer in 5 years

XBox Chef Phil Spencer gave more insights into the future of gaming temples in an interview with Stephen Totilio, which will be transferred to the Portfolio of Microsoft’s portfolio of Activision Blizzard.

The conversation clearly indicates that Phil Spencer are very important to the game numbers and its goal is to increase these figures in the future. He wishes to achieve more players and called Franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Candy Crush. From these brands he hopes for more players in five years than before.

“I love Forza [Horizon] 5 and Halo Statistics… I love how many people played psychonauts 2 compared to psychonauts 1. So if I look at the teams when Todd and I talk about Starfield, then it’s about it: how can we make sure that this is the most played Todd Howard game of all time? “

“Can we really make these games so that they reach more players than they have ever seen before? And I say that because I believe in the social impact of interactive entertainment. […] I want more people to play WOW in five years than today. I want that in five years more people Call of Duty play that in five years more people Candy Crush play because we made it accessible to more people. “

But can one achieve this goal when games remain exclusively in the Xbox ecosystem, say, the Xbox Game Pass? An exact answer then Spencer could not give. He seems to hope that this is possible with the Game Pass.

In any case, Spencer has to struggle with some skeptics who believe that the price after all the acquisitions will eventually be raised and you need to make exclusive deals as a number one exclusive deals.

AMAZING! Activision & Blizzard Exclusive to Xbox! 14 NEW Xbox Game Studios | CEO Bobby Kotick Leaves

“I feel that I can not prove this negative. [People ask] when will the price for the Game Pass be raised?, They buy all these studios. That’s inevitable. ‘And that, although we have not increased the price for four years. But it’s like:, you know it will come. ‘”

“‘If you are number one, you will start making all these exclusive deals, how, you know, Xbox has [this] past.'” And everything I can do is making decisions who are in front of us and try to clear our goals clearly. “

Finally, this time the question remains open, as it is ordered about the exclusivity of some of the biggest gaming markets. In order to increase the number of players and bring to new best values, either more subscribers need for the Game Pass or less exclusive games.

Final fantasy xiv

Surprise! Blizzard announces a survival

A second artwork then shows a classic fantasy figure in distinctive armor, which kneels on the forest floor and studied footprints. As you can easily recognize the picture, the project is still in a very early stage of development: according to the job advertisement, Blizzard is currently looking for senior artists such as concept graphics and characters. In addition, Level Designer and experienced software developers are searched.


On Blizzard’s job page, other places are advertised. There is not yet a publication date, but the game should appear for PC and consoles. You may be the survival game around the secret multiplayer project, which we have reported last year.

Since last year Blizzard is no longer out of the headlines. After adhesive reports on discrimination and sexual harassment came to the light, a further message for a view: Activision Blizzard, the mother-comma of Blizzard Entertainment, made the owner and is already a major part of Microsoft. Will. As part of this, Microsoft also acquires all rights to top brands such as Diablo, World of Warcraft or Overwatch. The new Survival Game is expected to appear under Microsoft’s flag.

Once more information about the project will emerge, we will inform you here! Until then: What do you think about the surprising announcement? Do you think Blizzard has the stuff to develop a survival game that can compete with the competition? Write us your thoughts!


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Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard

For headlines this week the takeover by Activision Blizzard by Microsoft. This gives the Xbox team for the future more exclusive titles. Also, the Xbox Game Pass benefits from this acquisition.