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World of Warcraft: Dark Land, the last season update 4 season starts

-The new fate’s raid system, new myths+ dungeon attributes, and various achievements and rewards

-‘World of Warcraft> Goods Applications until 24th in the’ Integration Snowvory Active Port ‘event

The last season update of World of Warcraft: Dark Land comes to Azeroth.

In the fourth season, it will showcase a new myth+ dungeon attribute, and various new contents such as the completely new ‘Destiny of Team’ system that encompasses the previous expansion pack dungeons of World of Warcraft.


4 season new content

▲ Attack of destiny

The new ‘destiny’ system, which is newly changed every week on all dark raids, is applied. Each week of other raids (Narria Citades, Sanctuary of Domination, Store of the Initial Being) switch to the attack of destiny, and all difficulty provides rewards with a number of combat properties and item levels.

When the four seasons are held this week, the weekly change will be made every week, starting with the Nasria Citadel.

▲ New myth+ dungeon rotation

This season’s myth+ dungeon rotation focuses on presenting various dungeons in the present and past, including two dungeons selected by the community.

New myths+ season rewards include new feats and two new titles, Hidden in the tabernacle, Heroes hidden in the tabernacle, dungeon teleportation, new colors of mythology+ death wanderer.

▲ All Mega Dungeons in Separated form

Tatabash: The Street of Wonder (Dark Land)

Tasabash: Sorea’s game (dark land)

Name of Operation: Mechagon-scrap meteor (Azeroth of battle)

Name of Operation: Mechagon-Workplace (Azeroth of Workers)

Karazan found again: lower class (corps)

Karazan found again: upper layers (corps)

Draennor’s War Lord Dungeon, which was directly voted by the community: Steel dock and ruin

▲ New myth+ Dungeon Properties-Tent

The player encounters a monarch of fear disguised as a dungeon’s own enemy NPC during the myth+ dungeon. If you reveal and kill their identity, you can choose the desired auxiliary enhancement effect, and this effect can be overlapped.

▲ Battle season between new players

For more information on the schedule of fate and the details related to the attributes, and the item level reward stage, please visit the World of Warcraft blog.

Meanwhile, Korean players can apply to the prizes using the point of snowflake while purchasing or playing World of Warcraft through the Integration Snow-in-law event to commemorate the integrated camp instance.

Azeroth T-shirts, Thrall/Sylvanas Figures, Rich King’s Rage Pad, and 15th Anniversary Collection are available. have.

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What is mini in Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

In Warcraft Arclight Rumble, you have two different sets of troops. You may have one leader and six mini in your list for each game. Leaders are the chapters of the family and will lead your troops. Mini is what you think when you think about the troops.

How does a mini-shot work in Warcraft Arclight Rumble?

Mini is a hero, a villain or another famous or unnamed character from a Warcraft series, which act as troops on your list. As soon as you chose six miniatures and started the game, you pay gold for each. You can send duplicates of the same detachment, but the game gives you a choice of four mini, and they are cyclically repeated when you send one.

You will find mini over the word “next” from the side of your choice, which means that it will be available after sending any mini. You can place a mini next to any tower or a capture point, and the mini will fight with any enemy that will be nearby. When Mini is too far from the enemy, he ignores him and continues to move forward.

Minis die and should be replaced, but they are quite consumable. Mini is mercenaries and minions in Hearthstone, but you can see how they fight in Warcraft Arclight Rumble. You can also configure Minis using buff and unique spells, but little was explained. We will update this article when the developers will tell more.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble: YAY or NAY?
To find out more about Warcraft Arclight Rumble, read the article how many cards will appear in Warcraft Arclight Rumble? Or what are the capture points in Warcraft Arclight Rumble? Here in Pro Game Guides.

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Wow: You have actually won – you never need to go back to Torghast

What occurred? The intrigue of the enlightened in Zereth Mortis has a brand-new product available, specifically the “Bag of Explored Souls” for 3,000 cosmic change. The bag was included by hotfix and also can now be bought from all players that have at least a good-hearted track record. Any individual who has played the deal campaign up until the existing date need to have accomplished this call stage fairly loose.

A small hotfix Inworld of Warcraft has wonderful effects. Nobody requires more to Torghast. You can now buy sources in a different way.

Because your planetary Flux additionally obtains from numerous various other tasks – such as Raids, Dungeons, Treasures and Missions in Zereth Mortis – you never have to check out Torghast once more if you do not really feel like it.

Some players report that the bag on your Realm is not yet readily available – just tolerate a few hours if you ought to not discover them yet. At the current with the next reactivate of the Realms you ought to have the ability to acquire the bag and also see.

But it’s really annoying yet only if you need to go to Torghast, as an example, to gather enough spirit radiance and heart ash to craft a brand-new fabulous. That was constantly the case – currently that mores than.

Torghast in World of Warcraft is among the web content that divides the gameship. A few of one enjoys to permeate repeatedly in the tower of the Cheer of Champ and also capture himself with awesome Anima forces with the challenger hordes. Others feel that as a tedious and also look at every browse through as “one frequently”.

The bag contains 1650 spirit radiance and 5150 spirit ash. That’s enough to totally update an epic to place 7 or to produce a brand-new one rank 7.

Unlock Torghast Questchain WoW (all quests)

Why is this essential now? For a few days, the last phase of the pact campaign has actually been available in World of Warcraft, which also releases the attribute of the dual legendarys.

Do you find this option well? Or is the price of 3,000 cosmic flux too high? Will you go to Torghast?

A small hotfix Inworld of Warcraft has great consequences. The faction of the enlightened in Zereth Mortis has a new thing on deal, namely the “Bag of Explored Spirits” for 3,000 cosmic flux. Why is this crucial now? For a couple of days, the last chapter of the pact project has actually been readily available in World of Warcraft, which additionally launches the function of the dual legendarys.