How to get a black crossroads in Valorant

Unlike other crossings, black crossroads allows players to identify enemies much better on Valorant light cards, allowing players to switch and kill goals much faster. By default, Valorant does not provide players with the opportunity to configure, which allows you to change the color of the sight to black. Nevertheless, you can configure opaque parameters of some crosses, such as the main crosshair Tenz to get a black look.

settings of black sight Valorant

Here is a complete setting of Tenza’s sights so that he seemed black in the game.

General Settings of the sight

Inner lines

External lines


code Valorant Black Crosshair

You can always alternatively copy this sight code to get the desired black sight.

* code : 0; p; c; 1; o; 1; 0t; 1; 0l; 1; 0a; 0; 0f; 0; 1t; 1; 1l; 1; 1o; 4; 1a; 0 ; 1m; 0; 1f; 0

Remember that you cannot make every crosshair black. It works only with some crossings, which include both internal and outer lines, and the central point is turned off. In addition, you can also use third-party software, for example SS Valrants to get black.

To learn more about Valorant, read the section How to get the sight heart or love in valorant or how to make a sight in the form of a square/rectangle in Valorant in the game guides for professionals.


Valorant: The Closer Qualifier of the North begins with Victoria de Xolos and Infinity

After several weeks after the Valorant Masters and the Open now is time to give way to the tournament that will define the representatives of the northern region to find the quota in the next international phase, the Teams looking for glory to make clear who are the best in the north.

The Xolos were more cruel

The first series began with the premiere of a team inside the tournament that comes from winning in the Open Tournament, Team Cruelty that faces the current E-Xolos Lazer champion, starting on a map of Haven that turned very home Where Darker did an interesting job with OMEN to leave the most favorable situation for the cruelty team, however, the first half of the map would end 6-6, to the change of sides Santiago ”Daveeys” Galvis with a chamber Very precise would do a cleaning job on the attacker getting casualties that would give the advantage of rounds to the xolos to take the map 13-6.

In the second map of bind we repeated a very similar story but the brim used by Michael “Bandicoot” Mancipe who would make the Xolos take the advantage with a 7-5 that would help them a lot but the team of Cruelty would not keep the arms crossed since it would be able to support his team to send the game where they would end up winning the map with a 14-12 managing to tie the series.

For the tiebreaker we will move to Ascent where we would see that cruelty’s style would work with Baez as the protagonist using Jett but the tie would not arrive in the first part due to That the Xolos would put the 7-5, in the second half of the map the aggressive defense proposed by the Tijuana team would be led by the K/I of Santiago “Feniz” Galvis who would do a very clean job leaving badly stopped the players of the players of the Cruel team and that would help close the series with a 13-8 to take the victory.

The infinity takes the reins

100 Thieves vs The Guard - HIGHLIGHTS | Champions Tour North America Stage 2: Challengers

Starting the second series we saw the Infinity team against Border Monsters to see which team accompanies Xolos at the tip of the table, the first map would be Ascent where the monsters would work the first half led by Nolan “Nolan” Martinez with a jett that tormented the infinity to leave 7-5 Javier “Rainmaker” Cruz arrows to get information and the advantage of the rounds that would let them go around to finish the map 13-9 in their favor.

In the second scenario of have we began to see a clear advantage of the infinity team that dominated the early rounds but the reactions of the border monster team would make things match leaving the 6-6 in the first instance, to the change of roles Daniel “Theory” Albadan together with Rainmaker would make the infinity team take the advantage within the map and with the execution of precise rounds would get the victory with a 13-9 ** that would give them the series.

Thus ends the first day of competition in the north showing a great level of all teams hoping to advance to the international.


Valorant wishes to be the largest shooter in the E 2023

Valorant shows large plans in the new roadmap for 2023.

What regarding Valorant?

  • In June 2020, Valorant was launched as a brand-new strategy shooter, which is supposed to resolve fans of Counter-Strike particularly. Followers were currently certain in 2020: this would be 10 times better than Overwatch.
  • Valorant has actually established over the years, Riot provided it with brand-new web content as well as heroes. In 2022, Valorant is still one of the very best multiplayer shooters.
  • Now, on April 28, Valorant exposes exactly how it should take place in 2023 – quickly after the discussion of the brand-new heroine Fade.

E-Sport as an objective and also everybody need to have the ability to take part

This is the roadmap: In the update for the coming year, Valorant maker Riot speaks mainly of strategies to reinforce e-sports. That is the large goal of the coming year. There are various quits on the roadmap:

Riot is already trying to find sponsors and also partners to fund as well as sustain the brand-new leagues. The goal should be that there is no recording or engagement cost for selected companies in order to make e-sports a lot more obtainable.

RANKING The TOP 10 Teams IN THE WORLD! - Valorant Pro Analysis
What is in it for gamers? Valorant obtains a new, competitive video game setting. This complements the existing leaderboard as well as is meant to assist teams acknowledge young talents as well as to be able to tape as well as educate early.

  • 3 new global organizations in which teams from America, Europe and Asia contend against each various other.
  • The best teams get approved for the Masters as well as the “Valorant Champions” in which the globe champs are selected.
  • New nationwide leagues are intended to allow young abilities to climb up the fantastic specialist organizations.

Riot additionally wishes to supply yearly scholarships for. Just how big the economic advantages can be as well as who can qualify is not yet known. Whalen Rozelle, the Head of Esports Workflow at Riot, claims:

With Valorant, along with an interesting e-sport, we would certainly additionally such as to construct enthusiastic, successfully managed teams that can function as a model for the market. Many thanks to our design with lasting partnerships, teams can likewise advance their business in parallel with the general growth of Valorant’s e-sports.

There must be the possibility for followers to reveal their loyalty to their teams. Additionally, web content needs to come. More information is likewise missing out on below, however it is imaginable that unique skins will certainly come for the heroes, similar to the Overwatch Organization.

LOL ought to help to become a “prominent Egoshooter-E-Sport”

This is the objective: According to the press launch, Valorant desires to become the largest egoshooter in e-sports. This indicates that at the very least four heavyweights have actually to be surpassed, which according to the data web page Esports Profits present them correctly:

Although these are made up prize money for several years, even individual tournaments are sometimes endowed with over $ 15 million. Typically, it is typically between $ 2 and also $ 4 million. So the competition is correctly offered.

  • Counter-Strike: Global offensive with over $ 132 million in prize money until now
  • Fortnite with over $ 112 million in prize money until now
  • Overwatch with over $ 33 million in prize money up until now
  • Rainbow Six victory with over $ 23 million in prize money so far

Just how is that expected to function? According to Riot, the experience of the previous ten years with Organization of Legends assists to develop valorant as an e-sport. LOL had better combined with teams in order to develop collaborations as well as a genuine “ecosystem”.

Riot desires to score for the players through fair repayment for the players, in addition to with a “much more robust assistance system”. It shows whether every one of this will work for Valorant 2023.

Fortnite is not a “vanity” shooter, yet must still drop into Valorant’s competitors, similar to COD: Warzone as well as PUBG. “Fight Royale” games are a various classification than classic shooters. However, Riot says that they can score here with experience.

The competitors is currently at the beginning with a brand-new title. At Blizzard, Overwatch 2 remains in development, possibly likewise in 2023. We could already play it:

Overwatch 2 seems like an entire new video game, although almost whatever has actually continued to be the very same

Valorant shows large plans in the brand-new roadmap for 2023. This is the roadmap: In the update for the coming year, Valorant manufacturer Riot talks mainly of strategies to strengthen e-sports. Valorant obtains a brand-new, competitive video game mode. Fortnite is not a “vanity” shooter, but must still fall into Valorant’s competitors, similar to COD: Warzone and also PUBG. ** According to Riot, the experience of the past 10 years with League of Legends aids to establish valorant as an e-sport.


Valorant Patch 4.08 Neon

Valorant-Patch 4.08 is finally here, and although we already knew a lot about the Nerfs from SOVA and the big change from Jetts (e) Tailwind, developer Riot Games in the Valorant Patchnotizen also granted the favorite speed of all space. Neon.

According to Riot, the goal of the Valorant Patch 4.08 neon change is “to make some changes to the quality of life to eliminate friction” if they play both as they play as well as they work with it. In the first place is a change to (e) high gear, which means that the speed restriction of the ability is removed and neon grants the ability to now slide sideways and forward, the only prerequisite is that it is already moving. However, the slide “, however, cannot be done during the equipment delay”, and the ability will consume more energy – ten per second instead of 6.7 per second.

Sliping neon now costs more energy, but the opportunity to win back, and more, has been increased. Keeping is now rewarded with a 100 percent refill of the Neon battery, compared to the 25 %previously offered. Time to go back to the Aim Lab, Nonnetz.


The other ability that is generally popular in this patch is (c) Fast Lane. Riot has removed the damage from her wall, which can be a nerf when it comes to preventing enemies from moving through them, but it is a high extent to be a buff for the team play because teammates no longer have to fear, harm to take away if you press a position. Rest in peace, double murder by Nikita ‘D3ffo’ Sudakov.

With some urgently needed adjustments that were made in the latest patch on a broad front, Riot continues his mission to improve the health of the game and to open up new opportunities for agents. Now we are just waiting for these Phoenix changes…


Will Valorant come to PS4?

Among the new agents, the constant support with additional content and battle passes, and an excellent multiplayer experience for a free shooting game, there is a lot to love Riot Games Valorant. Since its official launch in June 2020, the game has gone wind in stern, growing in popularity and building a strong presence in electronic sports. However, it has always been a PC issue, and if you are wondering if Valorant comes to PS4 this is what we know so far.


Is Valorant come to PS4?

Two years have passed since Valorant made his debut, and although Riot has expressed interest in taking the game to the consoles, solid plans have not been launched. The Executive Producer Anna Donlon explained to Gamespot in 2020 that the team had created a prototype of the idea, but still maintained its reservations.

“We are definitely making a prototype of that right now,” Donlon said. “But there is a way to play this game and there is a way to experience this game that we are not completely sure that it is completely translated into the console game.”

However, a list of recent work for a senior game designer post for Valorant is giving the community the hope that it is working on a console port.

“As a senior game designer, it will design, modify and optimize the player’s experience. Your analytical skills, your vision of the player and your creativity help create experiences inside and out of the game that attract and surprise the players, “said the description. “It will collaborate with interdisciplinary teams and work with all the tools available to innovate and iterate designs focused on the player who will delight millions around the world. Design and perfect features, modes and systems to help carry console gaming products to the market “.

The role suggests that things are accelerating behind the scene, and although it can take some time, it is likely that Riot is looking to move things along with the new contract. Until an official word is given, a PS4 version of Valorant is still not a thing.

That’s all you need to know if you’re wondering * If Valorant will come to PS4 *. Be sure to search Games Valorant to get more news and information about the game.

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How to make a sight x in ValoRant

The Valorant community will never cease to amaze us with its unique and creative sight. One of these sights that cause noise in the city is crosslained X. As follows from the title, it has a letter x form similar to the closing button in the software application. To get the crossing x in ValoRant, you need to enable all functions, such as external lines , internal lines and even central point .

How to create a new crosshair in ValoRant

If you do not know how to make a sight in ValoRant, follow the instructions below:

  • Open the ValoRant and find the settings icon in the upper right corner in the main menu.
  • Click on the “Settings” button and in the new window, select Translate Options.
  • Use Crossresting profiles The ability to create a new crosshair and start setting it with Initial section.

ValoRant X target settings

General settings sight

Internal lines

Outer lines

Sight good?

Yes, the sight x is good because minimalistic design as well as Little occupied area . You must first test and use the sight in ordinary matches before proceeding to competitive scenarios.

To learn more about ValoRant, read the section “How to get a blue crossbone in ValoRant” or “How to make a square / rectangular crossbar in ValoRant” in the program guides.


How to get a sight with a flower in ValoRant?

Like an emoticon sight, the crosshair in the form of a flower is also a creative by-product of the Valorant community. Flower crossing has become popular after it was used by several well-known streamers, such as Subroza, on Twitch. To get a flower cross in ValoRant, you will need to include both internal as well as external lines in ValoRant, while maintaining central point .

How to create a new crosshair in ValoRant

Most of you are probably known how to make a sight in ValoRant. If not, follow the instructions below.

  • Open the ValoRant and find the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner in the main menu.

FLOWER Crosshairs In Valorant!
* Press the “Settings” button and in the new window, select the Crosshair options.
* Use the profile option of the sight to create a new sight and start setting it with initial section.

Creating a flower sight

General settings sight

Internal lines

Outer lines

How good is a floral sight?

Despite all the hype, the sight of the flower is not so good from a competitive point of view, since it has too many details, and it can distract your concentration. However, you can use the sight in everyday or friendly customs.

Remember that you can always change the color of the crosshair in accordance with your preferences.

Read more about Vallander , Check how to hide in ValoRant? Or how to make a square crosspiece in the players on the game ValoRant Pro.


Yoru became hours after a comprehensive revision of valorant

Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 has just started and Riot Games has finally released the long-awaited Yoru revision by Patch 4.04. However, if you are a Yoru captain that goes into the ranking game and show your new and improved agents, we have bad news for you. Yoru has been blocked until further notice from the competitive queue of Valorant – this only happens a few hours after the publication of its revision.

About two and a half hours after the beginning of episode 4, act 2, valorant announced that Yoru was temporarily disabled in the competitive queue, and called his dimension drift capability as the main problem. Players who are looking forward to climbing the valorant ranks with Yoru will be bitterly disappointed.

What is the problem with Yoru and Dimensional Drift? Well, it’s hard to say. Riot Games did not specify what exactly causes a problem. However, Valorant players already use social media to share their experiences and exploits they found in the game.

Bryan, Merc ‘Wrzek, a professional siege player for TSM, who deals with valorant, has shared a clip in which he places the bomb as he uses Yorus dimension crack. With this ability Yoru is invincible and it is clear why this exploit would make the defense to a nightmare. There is no way to interrupt Yorus planting.

This is definitely real…. You can plant while you are in your Ult

  • TSM FTX Merc (@TSM_MERC) 1. March 2022

Players assume that this is the exploit that led to Riot deactivated him in the competition, and it is expected to be resolved quickly. However, this is just one of several other errors and exploits shared.

With a player who finds themselves cutting through the map while they use Yoru’s dimensions drift and another one exploit finds you skip yorus animation when you leave it, it is clear that there are some mistakes that need to be crushed.

Since Yoru is set out of battle for a while, fans of the agent will need an alternative. If you are looking for someone else you can get in the competition, see our valorant stage lists here.


Riot Games reduces Valorant Deathmatch to Spawn

At the beginning of this week, Riot Games has made several important changes in the Deathmatch mode of Valorant by Patch 4.03 to tackle “some of the main points of frustration around the spawning system”. On the paper, these changes looked as if they were working – the reality looked something different. Since players claim that the changes have aggravated the situation, Riot Games has taken greater steps to fix things. The changes to the Spawns of Valorant Deathmatch remain, but now the overall player number of 14 to 12 was reduced.

In the latest valorant patch notes, Riot Games explained that it improved the spawn placement and changed the logic of Valorant Deathmatch Spawns to eliminate the frustration of the players about poor spawn placement in mode. Some “dangerous” spawn places were even completely removed.

In conjunction with a shortening of the resrawn time – from 3.0 s to 1.5 s – these changes, however, proved to be ineffective. A number of players complains that the Valorant Deathmatch spawns are even worse than before. Riot Games thus takes more drastic measures to “mitigate” the problems by reducing the number of players to 12.

This change is now in Valorant Live, so you can expect two agents less in your next Deathmatch game.

Riot Games has not confirmed whether these changes are temporarily or a permanent change in game mode.

We have heard you about the harsh Deathmatch experience in Patch 4.03 (like the spawn in the direct line of sight).

So we reduce the number of players in the Deathmatch immediately from 14 to 12. This should defuse these problems – and we will keep an eye on the situation.

  • Valorant (@playValorant) 18. February 2022

Broken Deathmatch Spawns in Patch 4.03 | VALORANT
Although many players are glad that Riot Games actively tried to repair things, there are still two pages of the argument when it comes to the Deathmatch mode of Valorant. Players who want to use this mode to warm up do not want the pace of the game to be changed by a smaller number of players. On the other hand, there are players who want to see the spawning issues fixed.

Anyway, it looks like these changes could be a permanent change for the Deathmatch mode of Valorant. We will keep you updated with the latest information about further changes as soon as they are available.


Seven leaves the competitive team of 100 Thieves of Valorant

About to start the Valorant Champions Tour 2022 , 100 Thieves Announced that Johann Seven Hernández will no longer be part of the official roster of the professional team of Valorant . The news was confirmed via twitter , where the organization thanked Seven for everything, and it seems that the professional player also agreed with the departure of him.

As we prepare for VCT 2022, we want to announce Seven’s departure from 100 Thieves.


Johann, I’m excited to see your growth in what will surely be a long career as a professional of Valorant. We wish you the best from now on.

Hernández answered this message by thanking 100 Thieves For all the support, but we still do not know if the professional has already received any offer from another team or if he will be taking a break from the competitive scene.

Seven was part of the substitute team, but there were expectations that this year he finally could join the main alignment. Obviously this will not be the case, and very probably it will not be the only change that 100 Thieves Make in the remainder of the year.