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UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection on a PC may go out in October

When we can already play Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection on personal computers? Sony has not yet announced the release date, but it is likely that it leaked through the Steam database. Earlier, the same SteamDB found the release of UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection in July, but now the date named there moved on October 19 of this year.


The UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection PC is developed by Iron Galaxy, not the Naughty Dog itself or the ports of Sony from Nixxes Software itself. Iron Galaxy, of course, is doing their job well, but their obedient list is far from perfect.

At the moment, the date of the release of the game on the PC is officially not confirmed, and therefore it remains only to wait. Right now it is available on PlayStation consoles.

Sea of thieves

Stripping underwear with a spider web … Adult game is “full use”

In the largest app market in Korea, the Bad Spider Thief (Bad Spider Thief) game was ranked first in the first game.

The problem is that Spiderman is being served as an adult game that deodes a female underwear using a cobweb.

Users say, “How can I get a stripping game as an entire use game,” which is a clearer. It points out that the hole was pierced in the Korean game deliberation process.

According to Google Play Popular charts on the 20th, Mobile Games ‘Bad Spider Thieves’ were on the first place for the simulations. The overall game is ranked 5th in popularity rankings.

This game, which has been registered by Vietnam Game Developer ‘Abi Global LTD’, is a game of spiderman is a game of taking a woman’s underwear using a spider-line.

When the game is connected, the type of underwear to be collected is displayed on the screen, and the spider web is used to collect the underwear of the person’s clothes one by one.

The developer said, “Take the desired item and treasure to use the brain”, “says,” I do not have a good superhero, but there is also a bad superhero. “

The problem is that the game is being serviced as a ‘entire use’. The number of downloads allowed the game to use the game without any restrictions.

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It was confirmed not only Google Play as well as the Apple App Store to be served as “4 years old or older”.

Users of the game are “how to make a variant game as a whole”, “” I do not have a lot of popular charts. “

The Game Water Care Committee, a game-rating deliberation, said, “The working team is in confirmation of the violation of the grade.”