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In MMORPG Dungeons & Dragons Online, the hardcore league will soon start

For the Dungeons & Dragons Online MMORPG-veteran, they are preparing to launch another server with the final death regime, since very soon the sixth season of the hardcore league will begin. On the server, players will be able to create a character with only one life.

During the Hardcore League, certain goals are set before the heroes, and progress is based on two factors, each of which has its own gradation. One rating is represented by the number of tasks performed by the players, and the second takes into account the complexity of the conditions in which the heroes fall.

The 100 best heroes of both ratings will be immortalized in the Hero Hall. When achieving the goal, talk with the NPC Hardcore League to get a reward. It will be unlocked for the entire account.

The start of the league is scheduled for July 27. Read all the details on the game website.

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LJL 2022 SUMMER SPLIT all schedule announcement of 100 games -opening will start at 18:00 on June 24

Riat Games has announced the schedule of the 2022 summer league LJL 2022 SUMMER SPLIT in the e-sports domestic professional league League of Legends JAPAN LEAGUE (LJL) in League of Legends. 。

In the summer season, which will open at 18:00 on June 24 (Fri), a regular season by all eight teams will be held from June 24 (Fri) to August 17 (Wed). The battle format will be BO1 (the team wins in one game) and triple roundrobin (three rounds of all teams).

After that, a playoffs were performed by the top six teams in the regular season from Wednesday, August 24, and the finals were held on September 4 (Sun). The winning team will be the LJL representative will be given the right to participate in the Worlds Championship and 10 million yen in prize money.

Following last season, the talk program LJL AFTERSHOW will be broadcast on all schedules. It seems that it will be distributed to LOL and more players, such as commentary commentary by casters and questions for guest players.

The game and talk program will be distributed on the RiotgamesJptwitch channel.

The participating teams are as follows (from the press release)

HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

[Burning Core]
HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

[Detonation focusme]
HP: http: //
Twitter: https: //

[FUKUOKA SoftBank Hawks Gaming]
HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

[Rascal Jester]
HP: http: //
Twitter: https: //

[Sengoku Gaming]
HP: https: //
Twitter: https: //

[V3 Esports]
HP: http: //
Twitter: https: //

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The most anticipated MMORPG 2022! Preduction is open!

On May 12, the light will see MMORPG with 4K graphics – Fox Legends.
Espritgames is published by the game, and the creator of TinH Kiem 3D developed, whose games are one after another become hits in the West.

The game uses the Unreal Engine 4 engine and the graphics here look incredible! The developers paid special attention to the study of characters and creatures – details at the highest level, and the customization of the characters allows you to configure the appearance of their hero to the smallest details.

Every NEW MMORPG Coming in 2022 | What MMO Should You Play?
The player will become a master of spirits and go into exciting adventures to learn at the Academy of Medium and stop the impending darkness.

It is officially confirmed that Fox Legends enters Google Play, App Gallery, App Store and PC. Preduction is opened now and all registered ones will receive a gift by mail during the release. Hurry up to the new world!

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The year of the beef arrived in Rocket League

Psyonix has officially updated Rocket League with a new event celebrating the Chinese New Year while we enter the year of the buffalo. The Lucky Lanterns event includes new challenges, new thematic objects and return game modes. The new event takes place from now until March 1, giving fans enough time to unlock the new equipment. Rocket League is available now for Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC.

The new limited -term modes brought to Rocket League with the Lucky Lantern event includes the 2V2 Heatseker game mode which is currently live and will last until February 22. Once Heatseeker is no longer in rotation, the Super Cube in 3V3 mode will reign over the perch until the end of the Lucky Lanterns event on March 1. There is also a new variant of arena for fans, known as the prohibited temple (day).

“Celebrate the year of beef in our event in play Lucky Lanterns live now! said the official Twitter account of the Rocket League. “Finish the challenges of the event, unlock thematic objects and immerse yourself in a game of Heatseker LTM. Although Heatseeker was in the rotation of the game mode in the past, it is nice to see him come back with the event The Lucky Lantern. Some of the new cosmetics RL fans in the game are already progressing towards, including the Lucky Cat and Ozzy Ox Toppers, the Lantern Lift and Cherry Blosson Boosts, the banner of the temple Guardian player.

Do you celebrate Chinese New Year with Rocket League: Lucky Lantern? Let us know in the comments below!

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League of Legends, version 12.8, update notes: few nerves and lots of buffs!

Improvements ? Nerves? Here is the time of the League of Legends patch 12.8, which, even if it does not seem to upset the meta, brings some interesting changes. We explain all this to you in our League of Legends guide!


A new patch arrives on League of Legends! He changes several champions, notably Swain who will be more convincing on a solo lane! It should be noted that this patch is not the one that contains the rework of Olaf on the PBE, so it’s not yet time for the Viking to recover its letters of nobility… but in the meantime, you can always follow this very simple advice from a certain faker to stay alive…

buff, nerve and adjustments

It is a rather complete patch that Riot Games shared yesterday on its official website. It should be noted that it is the latter who will be used during the Mid-Season Invitational 2022 which begins on May 10. The purpose of this patch is to prepare the world scene. And it also contains an update which was eagerly awaited for players for Swain . Let’s see some changes together, and for the rest, you can read update notes 12.8 directly on the official website

Swain receives an adjustment of all his skills

According to Riot Games, even if Swain was rather effective on the bottom track, it is however also supposed to inspire terror on a solo lane. The objective, therefore, of this average update for him is to improve it so that it is not only placed in an botlane.

Swain therefore recovers Mana buffs from all his skills, but also some notable changes on crowd control capacities. For example, his e can no longer attract enemies subject to the crowd controls of his allies, but he now allows him to attract all those he immobilizes . Which, still according to Riot, makes him just as terrifying in the bottlenecks and narrow corridors.

Kai’sa is adjusted

Still according to Riot, these times, Kai’sa played in the AP mainly pounded his enemies from afar using his Z repeatedly. They therefore seek to keep it away from this type of gameplay, and to make it rather depend on the sporadic triggers of its passive competence, which distinguishes it from the Kai’sa Ad, which generally rest on the attack speed and the trigger * repeated * of its passive competence.

This is therefore why its passive skill goes from 15% + 2.5% every 100 power points to 15% + 5% every 100 power points . And for the Z, the damage is the same, but the power ratio taken into account for the calculation of the damage goes from 70% to 45%.

Finally, its R keeps the same attack damage ratios, however, it will take more than 100% and not 75% as before your power, which will improve its survivability a little.

FULL Patch 12.8 CHANGES: BIG BUFFS + More - League of Legends Season 12
For the entire notes patch, simply follow this link to display it on the official website

Buy Riot Games prepaid cards from € 10 on Amazon

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MX vs. ATV Legends: Publication postponed, Collectors Edition revealed

Publisher ThQ Nordic and developer Rainbow Studios today confirm that MX VS ATV Legends will be released on June 28, 2022. There are further details in the Development Diary by Rainbow Studios CEO Leonore Gilbert “The Legends Path”.

The following was announced in the article: “We are back for another issue of The Legends Path. This time we have CEO Lenore Gilbert, who can tell us where we are with the development of the game and why we decided to publish the date of publication on June 28th. to move. “

“The development of Legends was an exciting and challenging experience for our team at Rainbow Studios and Thqnordic. The attempt to expand the boundaries of an off-road racing game and at the same time keep what our player community brought to the MX VS ATV series is not an easy task. The previous result is exactly that: something new that offers more gameplay than all previous MX VS ATV games, but at the same time feels like a classic game in the series. ”

“Game delays are neither pleasant for the developers nor for the players. In our case, we had to choose between speed and quality, and the decision was easy. We want to ensure that MX VS ATV Legends, when it comes out, has the highest level of quality that Rainbow Studios can offer. Our art team ensures that the image rate is high and stable by taking tons of runs in all environments. We publish trailers and then listen to the feedback so that we can make sure that physics is exactly correctly set. The designers work across departments to ensure that we offer a gaming experience that will inspire you every time you turn on your console. The engineers test our new dedicated servers for stability so that the online experience is seamless for every1. And of course the quality assurance is working on the elimination of all bugs. “

“All of these moving parts have to fit together correctly so that a game is created that is stress -free, is fun, a challenge and rewarded the players. We now have the last little time we need to make sure that you all get the game that you deserve, and we are very excited about what legends have for you. See you on June 28th! Lenore Gilbert, managing director, Rainbow Studios. “

At the same time, the MX VS ATV Legends Collector’s Edition was unveiled. So far no price has been mentioned.

There is a trailer to see here:

The MX VS ATV Legends Collector’s Edition contains the following:

  • Detailed MX VS ATV figure of a 2021 Yamaha YZ450F on a ramp and two removable flags (total height 20 cm)
  • Metal chain wheel as a key rang with MX VS ATV branding
  • 5 postcards
  • Bonus DLC
  • The game MX VS ATV Legends

MX vs ATV Legends Delayed to June 28 - Collector's Edition Revealed

MX VS ATV Legends appears for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC and can be pre -ordered in Microsoft and PlayStation Store and set on the wish list on Steam.

  • MX VS ATV Legends – 39.99 euros
  • MX VS ATV Legends Leader Pack – 59.99 euros
  • MX VS ATV Legends Icon Pack – 79.99 euros
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LOL: to conquer the DDH to dominate the lla, Team Aze is crown in Argentina

The expected final within League of Legends’ highest competition was held yesterday, two teams that have a story of Mexican classic, began to the division of honor and now bring their quarrel to the lla, on the one hand we have To the squad of the strall pharaohs and on the other we saw the team of the TEAM AZE, both teams looking for the glory and be the league champions for a better five that would be marked in history.

Moved at a face-to-face event, Gamergy Argentina would be the headquarters where we would see the death duel of both teams, starting the first map with the selection of a trundle in the hands of the young promise of Dominican Republic Juan “Dimitry” Hernandéz who would do a job of Jungle Pulcro Being the pillar that protected his team and denied the ambushes planned by the pharaohs by creating a composition focused on the hunted, a game that was tilted thanks to the plays he got Park “5Kid” Jeong-Hyeon with one Xayah of lethality I used very harmful diamond feathers, with a game that becomes in favor of AZE and who got the first victory of the series.

GRAN FINAL | Liga Latinoamérica Apertura 2022 | #LLA | League of Legends
The second map was very interesting to see because the selections proposed by the estrique team by giving it a hecarim to Jesus “Grell” Loya, a champion characteristic of Mexican, with which he managed to become The terror of the lanes by making very good ambush and accompanied by Francisco “Leza” Jara with Orianna managed to make fights for pretty good team that little by little gave him the advantage in the game, a map that ended being dominated by Pharaohs and allowed them to put the tie 1-1.

Going to the third map where Sion’s priority for Han “Lonely” Gyu-Joon was notorious in the selection of champions and Dimitry playing his characteristic Lee without that would have all the high chakras to get murders Early I would do a very beneficial climbing that I would put against the soil to estrique, the Aces team took out all the letters I could to take the lead on the map and with the skill of Tomás “Aoned” Díaz when using A Leblanc would be enough to be able to finish the match with 2-1 in the series.

Now with the serial point in favor of the AZE team, the pharaohs had to create some opportunity but the Sion repeated in the hands of Lonely, However, surprisingly gwen inside the crack for Emmanuel “Acce” Juarez who controlled the upper lane and with the sacred mantle became unstoppable, in late minutes of the game where the seamstress caused true damage and could fight the 2vs1 were causing what That would happen in the final part of the meeting, not being able to finish the game after an almost extermination the AZE team ended up being annihilated to give way to a tie in a 2-2.

With the last map of the series and a championship by means, we managed to see the rare letter of the competitive in a long time, a Mordakaiser in the hands of lonely that did not know how it would work inside the crack, a duel at the top that looked even would make things come out of control when the Korean moved in the fights getting a triple murder on the first of them that would make a tremendous escalation, accompanied by the power of Renata Glass Used in a spectacular way of Roberto “Straight” Gualliche who would use his final in the fights to be able to make the pharaohs punished too much, already with a very notorious difference the AZE team would close the encounter in a quick way to crowd Like the champion of lla.

A series that had spectacular moments and champions outside the everyday to define the champion that would be Team Aze , after his 40-0 streak at the Honor Division to get his climb combined with the championship In the first season of lla, we see that Latam has a representative who will speak to speak at MSI. **

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LOL: Thus I lived the final of Superliga de Seville from within

When in 2020 the final of the Champions League was played, many people did not feel that ending like that of the past years. Without audience or people cheering, the party did not seem very entertaining and few people remember what happened. The sport without a public is still fine, but if there is no one there, encouraging you every time you make a good play, it is not as exciting as normal.

Something similar happens with League of Legends. The final of superliga this year was finally carried out with the public and the truth that was a true pressure cooker. While in the Iberian Cup you could see that public so delivered, it is true that it was a tournament with less importance as the superliga this year, remembered by many as the most expected of all history despite Of the result as unbalanced for the winner.

Final unbalanced but with a lot of passion in the stand

The end facing two fully opposite poles: on the one hand we had Fnatic Team Cheese , with a very methodical philosophy and being extremely dominant throughout the entire championship with huge players and with travel as Baca , Bean or Rhuckz .

On the other hand we were bisons , the team that appeared from nowhere and fell in love with everyone as the league advanced thanks in its extravagant way to play and the enormous individual level of each of the players with myrwn As a great star of the team, even being its first year in an important ERL.

And it is that The people of Seville wanted to want League of Legends , since we remember that the last time the final was played there was in 2019 and with a result that would be marked by the rest of the story: 3- 2 for VIPERS at a fifth infarction map.

The Besoneta was present

2022 LCK Spring Finals Interview & Award | 2022 LCK Spring Split FINALS

From the beginning it was seen that most fell in love with the bilbai team through a term that is already history as it is “lol champagne” . Although it is not the only thing Bisons had, since came to the enclosure mounted on the “Besoneta” , another much more widespread definition in many sports to refer to the support of the team throughout the season.

Because yes, Bisons knew that he had the love of the spectators and further increased this relationship with handkerchiefs to the purest style San Fermín at the doors of the Cartuja Center so that the red color and the shield predominates above anything else.

And so it was, only with the presentation looked who was the favorite of the public. While there were people supporting Fnatic, it is true that the fervor of all those who supported Bisons overshadowed everything else. However, it is possible to emphasize the great love of viewers in general by players who have sought into superliga such as Oscarinin or Rhuckz.

Victoria for both teams

If we put ourselves talk about the game, we must say that it has not been said; FNATIC Team Cheese broke the dreams of bisons into three clear and forceful maps for the organization commanded by Dart. However, although the public did not look at all motivated, every murder of bison was a golgory among attendees, so it was not a bad time for everyone.

As soon as the series ended, the public rightly applauded Fnatic, but the real ovation took Bisons and his wave of fans who set the difference from the first minute of the final. The victory in the loyalty crack was for Fnatic, but in the heart of all the fans won the bison.

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LOL: The 9 champions with the longest stuns and ccs in League of Legends

Mass or CC control (crowd control in English) A feature of some skills present in League of Legends. Through them it is possible to stun, silence, root the opponents, among several other things that will disturb the lives of your enemies to the fullest. In this list we show you what the champions are with the longest group controls in LOL.


Counting only with the standard measures of each Leona skill that can be applied to other champions, we have 3 seconds of mass control: 1 S of Q – Sunrise shield, 0.5 S E – Cenit Sheet and 1.5 S of the R – Solar Flare.

Taking into account that the Qam de la Champion has only 5 seconds of cooling, and that by decreasing this time through objects can reach up to 3 or 4 seconds, we can consider that you could reuse your q, totaling up to 4 seconds of time of reuse


Morgana is also a great champion for those who like to play based on mass control. The q-dark spell of it can immobilize for up to 3 seconds, while the r-shackles of it stun for 1.5 s for a total of 4.5 seconds of cc.


9 MOST OP Champions of ALL ROLES in PATCH 12.5B - LoL Tier List Guide
The passive nautilus is applied up to 1.5 s rooting, while Q – dredging line grants up to 1 seconds and r – depth loading is applied up to 4 s to the main objective for a total of 6.5 seconds.

If we take into account the effect of slowdown e – sprue waters, 1.5 s, the total time goes up to 8 s.


The E – Skyline of Events of Veigago lasts 3 seconds and makes the enemies punished. In addition, anyone who tries to cross it is stunned for 2.5 seconds.


The E – Roots by Zyra applies rooting for a maximum of 2 seconds, while R – nutrcespines lifts enemies for 1 S for a total of 3 seconds of mass control.


If Alistar , the minotaur, pushes your opponent first and then lifts it, you can apply up to 3.25 seconds of cc. The q-spray of it applies 1 second stunning and aerial lift simultaneously, while W-header applies 0.5 lifting and 0.75 stunning, ending with e-trample at 1 additional second.


Lissandra has its w – frost ring, which gives you 1.5 seconds to rip, and r – icy tomb, which stuns for another 1.5 seconds, for a total of 3. If we take into account the slowdown applied by the champion, this figure amounts to 5.5 seconds.


If you can hit more than one enemy with your e – tangle tangle, Neeko can apply rooting for 3 seconds, which along with its 1,25S stunning of your r – Surprise sprout, a total of 4.25 seconds ago of CC.


Skarner , which will be reworked along 2022, also applies up to 3 seconds of multitudes control. With the e-fracture of it, he applies stunning for 1.25 s, and with his R-Empalan, applies suppression for 1.75 s, for a total of 3 seconds. If we take into account their slowdown in 2.5s, this time reaches 5.5 seconds.

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LOL: Riot reveals the key date for news about the next champions

During next April, Riot Games will carry out the presentation of the next large novelties of League of Legends . The developer will publish a new one Champions Road Sheet in which the details with respect to the new characters will be published. This has been confirmed Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles, head of production of Moba champions that ensures being already writing the entry for the blog that will arrive in the coming weeks.

What to expect from the next Champions Road Sheet?

Who Are The Next 3 Champions? (New Roadmap)

The Champions Road Sheet is the space that reserves Riot Games to the presentation of news in the medium term with respect to the next characters. In addition to being a definitive track about an upcoming release, it will be the opportunity to know more details about the characters we have heard from the beginning of the season 12. Both the jungle of vacuum and the new shooter as the relaunch of UDYR have Your guaranteed space.

In addition to this, Riot Games will carry out the presentation of the first concept arts of the Skarner Rework and decks the possibility of speaking more of a mysterious project to which they have referred only as “I have not done so far.” A circumstance to which, to conclude, is very likely that the advancement of a future additional champion is added. In this way, it would become one of the most valuable sources of information for League of Legends fans in the coming months.

So far the concrete day of the month of April has been specified in which the publication will take place . Riot Games will take a break with respect to the news of League of Legends during almost all of March to decide the future of the game and focus on the next years of the company. However, it seems that they will return from these meetings with the batteries loaded and novelties planned for the medium and long term.