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Screenshots of a complete card and gameplay Need for Speed 2022 leaked to the network

Previously, several authoritative gaming insiders stated that the release of the new Need for Speed will take place at the end of this year, presumably in November. In turn, EA still keeps silence about the next racing game, while more and more different details about it appear on the network.

NEED FOR SPEED 2022 LEAKS - Map, Screenshot & Gameplay

This week, the “famous NFS insider” shared several screenshots from the upcoming game, among which turned out to be an image of a full card. It includes a large center called “Lake Shore City“, the cities are smaller and many different roads that are suitable for a variety of races.

According to Jeff Grabba, Need for Speed 2022 will bypass the previous generation console side and will be released only on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. But it must be remembered that all this information is officially unconfirmed, and therefore we recommend treating it accordingly.

Knockout city

If you choose Japanese or English Audio in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo is an adventure fighter from the first person whose action takes place in the Japanese city of Tokyo. Due to the settings of the game, the Japanese language is the default language on which the characters say, regardless of which language is your display and subtitles. Nevertheless, Tango Gameworks actually gives you the opportunity to change the audio language to another.

What language audio to choose?

The audio language that you must choose is really reduced to personal preference . The audio language parameters were added by the developers in the game so that the players feel as comfortable during the game during the game, without being distracted by the language with which they are not familiar. Taking into account the above, we decided to play the game in Japanese To make it more authentic with the setting of the game.

From the languages ​​we checked, Lip Synchronization is really changing with the audio language , so you do not need to worry about what it turns off if you choose something else except Japanese. It is clear that the developers wanted to make their game as easy as possible so that many people could experience their history and gameplay, regardless of what language they want to play.

How to change the audio language in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Ghostwire: Tokyo will automatically install the Japanese audio language, however there is five options for audio language total, from which players can choose. These are the following options: Japanese, English, French, Spanish (Latin America) and Portuguese (Brazil). Players who are interested in changing the sound of sound support can do it. From the title screen .

On the title screen, players can go to the parameter menu. That Setting up the audio language can be found under the game tab in the “Parameters” menu . This tab must already be opened when you first open the parameter menu. Then everything you need to do is change the sound to the desired language and save the settings. You can return to the game, and all the dialogs will be in your chosen language.

Ghostwire: Tokyo - English vs Japanese

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