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Spider-Man 2099 and thousands Morales face the first official Spider-Man poster: Across The Spider

The followers of the unmistakable superhero have on June 2, 2023 marked in the calendar. It is the premiere date of Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse facing Spider-Man 2099 (Miguel O’Hara) . Without further ado, here you have it.


All video games, series and spider-man movies on the way

The highlight of the unmistakable superhero for the future is, without a doubt, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, the sequel to the title of Insomniac Games for PlayStation . The first installment is already the best-selling Spider-Man game of all time, and also one of the most successful in the history of the Japanese company. Its launch date is scheduled for some time of 2023 , and from the study ensure that it will be much darker, to the point of comparing it with Star Wars: the empire counterattacks.

About Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Hamper, we remind you that it will be set in up to 6 universes in which we will see more than 240 characters , and that is divided into two parts; The second is scheduled for 2023 . Apart, it seems that the character’s followers have nothing to worry about, since the relationship between Marvel and Sony is great and there are many plans for the future.

Nor can we forget, although we see it further on the horizon, from Spider-Man: Freshman Year , a canonical animation series by Disney+ planned by 2024. History will focus on a Peter Parker who will be the same Star Wars Tom Holland **-although it is not that of flesh and blood-, with his same personality, same character, same life, but focused on the pStar Warst and the origins of the character. In this link you have all the information known to date.

Guild wars 2

Netmarble, A3: Steel Live Guild Content Siege Update

Netmarble (Representative Advanced Corp., Pojeon) said it was updated on the 8th that Mobile’s first Battle Royal MMORPG (Multi-LiGrow Role Game) ‘A3: Steel A3: Steel A3:

The siege is the guild that the guilds occupied the fortress are the guild, which competes with the ownership of the castle. Up to three guildes, such as one aqueous guild and two siege guilds, which defend the castle, and the guild, which occupies the throne until the end of the siege, will win. On the 17th, the first siege will be held at 10:00 pm and will be a depreciation.

This update has been added to the 11th grade cloak pattern, and the new Soul Predner Scor appeared. Solely layout slots have increased up to 11, and the maximum level of Shu Artifact has been expanded to 140, and the total of the 10th apostle was added. In addition, the nodes of the awakening skill have also been extended to enable more powerful growth.

A3: Still Alive Guilds

Netmarble prepared a variety of events and compensation to commemorate this update. <Achievement Events, Denu, which can earn a variety of missions given every day by May 1, to achieve a variety of missions daily, to obtain a variety of compensation, such as the flame of the hero instinct. During the same period, the sanctuary and apostolic events are also opened, such as the sanctuary and apostolic missions after completion of the sanctuary and the apostolic mission,

In addition, even if it is dedicated to the 21st, it will be held for 7 days for 7 days, the 7th day of the Single Spring and the 7th of the Single Solver, which can be drawn by the Blue Diamond, Rolling the dice acquired through the game content to achieve a variety of compensation.