Xbox Series X S Passes 100 000 Systems Offered In Japan

Microsoft s Xbox has actually not historically performed all that well in Japan, yet the Series X|S is showing a large enhancement in the country. The console has now marketed even more than 100,000 units in Japan, according to the most up to date information from Famitsu.

For contrast, the Xbox One required 4.5 years to pass 100,000 systems offered, according to VGC s analysis. The Series X|S needed much less than a year to reach that milestone.

In terms of sales by system, the Series X has offered 64,284 units in Japan contrasted to 38,307 for the Series S, which is interested provided Xbox management has claimed the Series S, actually, was the more sought-after system in the nation.

Sony s PlayStation 5, at the same time, has actually moved around 1.2 million units in Japan until now. It got to 1 million devices offered in Japan faster than the PS4.

On the whole, Xbox is seeing amazing growth in Japan, according to an Xbox exec. A actually high percent of Xbox consoles marketed in Japan are to people that never possessed an Xbox prior to.

Microsoft presently possesses one Japanese video game studio, Tango Gameworks (The Wickedness Within, Ghostwire: Tokyo), which it acquired as component of its procurement of Bethesda/ZeniMax. Microsoft might be wanting to get another Japanese studio.


Nintendo Switch Lite All non compatible games with the console

With the Nintendo SwitchLite there is a variant that can not be connected to a television. Per se, the new device so only supports games that are playable in handheld mode.

Do not panic: Most switch games are supported by the switch-Lite. But there is a small list of titles that you can not gamble on the handheld it.

Last updated October 14, 2021: New games added that you do not with your SwitchLite in Handheld mode play can.

These games can be played not in Handheld mode

1-2 Switch
Family Trainer
Fitness Boxing 1

Gaming On The One Netbook One Mix 4 - Handheld Mode

Fitness Boxing 2
Jump Rope Challenge
Just Dance (all replicas)
Knockout Home Fitness
Labo (all sets)
Ring Fit Adventure
Super Mario Party
Zumba: Burn it Up

Practical: Should want to buy the Nintendo eShop games her that no device Lite is compatible with, you will receive the warning.

But you can these games in tabletop mode play

This is however subject to a surcharge: The above listed games can you optional gamble still in tabletop mode. Because the SwitchLite but lacks a kickstand, you must purchase separately a special SwitchLite stand.

Furthermore, additional via wireless connection Joy-Con to be connected. And you have to purchase separately including charger also. So if you have yet no additional controller, then you have deep into their pockets to be able to gamble only by one of the above games.

To play in tabletop mode, you need a summary following hardware:

Nintendo SwitchLite stand
Separate Joy con couple
Charging possibilities for Joy-con: About a charging station

You have interest in the other models? In the large Nintendo comparison you find the right bracket for your needs:

60 2

more on the subject

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If you are looking for new Nintendo switch games, then you want to determine the best buy of the best. We will help you in choosing our large Top 40 list .

Have you ever had a game to play on the Lite, but it does not could you, since you were missing wireless Joy-Con?


New World Here you will find thorns and for that you need you

The thorns branches are innew World useful for a quest, but also for the production of soaks. We betrayed by Meinmmo, where you best come to thorns.

What do you need thorns for thorns? Most of you are first attentive by the quest a prickly affair on the thorns. For this quest, you should collect the thorns together with other materials and bring to Matthis Cormack in Windkreis.

However, you can also be used to make potions that you can take to you or use for city quests. So you can produce a weak manature. While only brings little mana, it is offered in the trading post by the city quests for good money.

Where do you get thorns? They are available at thorn bushes in New World. The in turn grow on waters such as rivers or lakes.

One of the best places to get thorns are the area Windkreis. There you will find several plants around the Fast Travel Puntk for the main quest, as our map shows:

More about New World on Meinmom:

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How does Loot actually work in New World? A developer explains it exactly

With which level can you break off thorns? Thorns include neither the trees nor to the plants. So you do not need a special level to reduce them, unlike the river cress, which can also be done well in the area.

New World Best Houses To Buy For Efficiency! Easy Travel For End Game!

However, the thorns so do not make progress on one of the life skills and are also not led to typical cards such as the New World Resource Map. That makes you harder to find.

Further useful tips and guides from us at Meinmmo can be found in this overview:

NEW WORLD GUIDES: All tips, tricks and builds in the overview


Freiburg II coach trunk demands Maximum Energy

We look forward to the game with an opponent with such a great tradition and in a stadium, which brings extremely a lot of history, says Freiburg-II coach Thomas tribe on the club website before playing the 1st FC Kaiserslautern. Although the respect for the red devils is quite large in view of the small winning series in front of the country break (3/0/0) ( Kaiserslautern is very stable and physically very strong in the defensive ), but want to hide the climber in the Palatinate no way.

Why too? The Bundesliga reserve of the SCF ranks behind the FCC in the 3rd league and only one counter from the descent ranks. But courage makes the Südbadenern but above all the defensive strength. Five times in eleven games remained the trunk team and the festival trained quill Kiliann Sildillia, Sandrino Braun-Schumacher and Max Rosenfelder without conceding. So it does not surprise that the coach wants to tackle the game on the Bevenberg with a broad breast , but he also demands: We have to throw everything back into the scales and provide maximum energy.

Some actors on country tour

In the past country break, in which the team has denied a test match against FC Wil from Switzerland (0: 1), several actors of Freiburg U 23 were in use for various national teams. While Daniels Ontuzans had been nominated for Lithuania s A-Eleven, and Julius Tauriainen (eight) traveled to Finnish U 21, were with Kenneth Schmidt and Emilio Kehrer (U 20) as well as Robert Wagner and Max Rosenfelder (U 19) Four actors in DFB maids. Schmidt, Wagner and Sweeper even posted goals in the selection teams. There were many positive experiences for the boys. That s why it would be nice if you take this energy into the next game, hopes trunk.


How to change the audio language in Back 4 Blood Personal computer

Back 4 Blood Change Language – This guide will show you how to change the audio language of the game to the desired language in the Steam version of Back 4 Blood.

Back 4 Blood – Change language

Expected Zombie Shooter from Turtle Rock Studios, Back 4 Blood, is finally available on all main platforms. And people have enjoyed a lot of the game so far. The game has some performance problems and some errors. But at this moment, it is expected of each launch of AAA.

That said, it seems that many people ask themselves if there is any way to change the language of the voice or audio on Back 4 Blood or not. This is something that many who do not speak English do not speak, since the predetermined audio language in the game is English. And there are no other language options available.

Take a look at this Steam user s publication:

Change the language of dialogs

Hi guys
I bought the game in Steam in the final version, but I do not have access to voices in French, only in English. However, I have the game in French and also the subtitles.
Does anyone have any idea how to solve it?

The previous user wants the language audio language to be French. The game user interface and subtitles are all in French. But the language of the audio is English. In fact, I saw many users who wanted to change only the Back 4 Blood audio language to something that is not English.

How to change the language

The method is quite simple and that is how it is done:

Throw Steam
Go to your Steam Library
Locate Back 4 Blood and right click on the game
Select the option Properties
Now, click on the Language tab
Click with the left button on the drop-down menu that appears

Choose your desired language from there

A small update of the game will occur. The user interface of the game and the languages ​​of the subtitles will change the next time you start the game. The audio will also change, if that language is available.

Nota: If you have purchased Back 4 Blood in EGS or Xbox Store, then you should not have this problem. As I did not see any user of EGS or GAME PASS publishing about this.

That s all folks!


The Witcher 3 Other cosplayer shares her great Ciri

The cosplay community is as active as ever. Especially to popular titles such as The Last of Us or The Witcher 3, a lot of new cosplays are divided daily from some very talented persons. Today we have a cosplay to Ciri from The Witcher 3 for you, an extremely popular figure in the cosplay scene.

This new cosplay comes from the Reddit user as Stelvert and how most Ciri Cosplays looks really pretty. The shared image does not use any interesting backgrounds, as many other cosplays the popular figure, but the outfit stands out the more. Ciris armor and other equipment look at high quality quality and overlap 1: 1 with the appearance of Ciris from the game. An eye for detail is pretty important for every cosplay and Aselvert has done ordinary work here.

Among other things, the user s Astelverte s repertoire also includes the figure of the Ashe from Oververt and the popular Batgirl. To judge their posts on the Social Media Platform Reddit, the user only started sharing their cosplays a few months ago and all of their cosplays have a pretty good quality. Some people just have a talent for such things.

If you feel like more Cosplays to Ciri, then look at the work of Christina Volkova, which has so far diverse in the outfit of the figure. But the cosplay community to less well-known titles delivers pretty good work, such as this cosplay to Giovanna from Guilty Gear: Strive proves.

Advertising: The Witcher 3 order now at Amazon

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The Witcher 3: Cosplayer used genuine leather for Ciri cosplay

The reddit user Mina-Bloody used for the production of their cosplay to Ciri from the Witcher 3 genuine leather.

From Daniel Link
12.10.2021 at 17:36


Destiny 2 Haunted Sectors Overview Exactly How To Accessibility And Full Festival Of The Lost s New Activity

There s something odd taking place in Fate 2 s lost sectors, so who are you going to call? Your nearby Guardian naturally. Unlike in 2014 s Celebration of the Lost that occurred in a haunted woodland on earth of Mercury, this year s manifestation of the festival is spread throughout lost sectors that have been spruced up right into Haunted Industries.

These locations are where you ll be investing the mass of your time gathering candy to acquire gear from Eva Levante, shed pages to fill up guide of the Forgotten, as well as expecting an excellent roll of the brand-new pulse rifle Jurassic Eco-friendly.

Right here s exactly how you can begin in this year s Event of the Lost and bank some ludicrous amounts of sweet while doing so.

Tabulation [hide]
Visit Eva Levante In The Tower
Total Activities And Collect Candy While Putting On A Mask
Select The Haunted Tower Playlist From The Tower
Slaughter Headless Ones
Exactly how To Defeat The Haunted Sector Overseer
Include Your Manifested Pages Into The Publication Of The Forgotten

Visit Eva Levante In The Tower

The friendliest face in Destiny is back to help start the Celebration of the Lost events, as well as she ll offer you a mask on the house, your first mission, as well as bounties that will assist you make some candy.

Full Activities And Collect Sweet While Using A Mask

With your mask furnished, it s time to hit the solar system and get hold of some candy. As long as you re putting on the mask you ll gain the pleasant treats from beat enemies, and any kind of that you miss out on will immediately be sent to the Postmaster. You ll require 100 sweet for this initial component of the action, so make sure to strike areas of the video game that are heavily booming, like lost sectors.

For the second part of this quest, you ll require to complete three activities. These variety from Gambit matches to Strikes, yet the quickest way to make Spooky Pages from activities will be to hop in between public occasions.

Finishing a public occasion in its routine stage will net you a Spectral Web page, while turning on a brave version will make you 2 web pages. This shouldn t take also long, as well as you can likely conclude this part of the quest in mins just by spending time the European Dead Zone area where you ll find a wide range of public occasions to join.

Select The Haunted Tower Playlist From The Tower

Just like in 2015, go to The Tower on the video game supervisor menu and you ll detect the Haunted Sectors Playlist at the top. Select it, and also plan for a fight along with the rest of your fireteam. There ll be modifiers active too, such as Iron that gives adversaries much more health and wellness as well as Heavyweight which stops them from being surprised by your attacks, so strategy as necessary.

Kill Brainless Ones

Destiny 2 | FESTIVAL OF THE LOST 2021! NEW Masks, NEW Dino Armor & Haunted Sectors!

You ll have 5 mins to kill 10 Brainless Ones, grisly monsters with jack-o-lantern heads that can soak up lots of damages. You ll additionally need to do this while contending with opponent pressures, but the major objective below will be to keep an eye open for summoning circles:

Stand in one, which looks like an eco-friendly circle loaded with candle lights, and also you ll call forth a Brainless One. Beat it, discover the next summoning circle, as well as when ten of the beasts have actually been vanquished, as well as all the Spectral Pages have been collected– which appear to go down from beat Brainless Ones– the Haunted Market employer will show up.

Exactly how To Beat The Haunted Sector Overseer

After you have actually dealt some damage to it, the sector manager will certainly be enveloped in a pressure field that renders it invulnerable to harm. To damage the shield, finding a summoning circle and also get the pumpkin bomb that will certainly spawn there. You ll additionally summon one more Headless One while doing so, raising the risk of this manager fight with the hard minions.

Take the pumpkin as well as throw it at the Movie director to damage its guard, as well as pour on the penalty. Repeat this process whenever its guard is restored, and you ll arise triumphant.

Gather your loot, as well as after that head back to The Tower to talk with Eva.

Add Your Manifested Pages Into The Book Of The Forgotten

With your accumulated Manifested Pages, you can begin opening web pages in the Publication of the Forgotten. You ll require 2 Manifested Pages per secured page, of which guide has 27 web pages to complete. Speak again with Eva, as well as she ll reward you with the Jurassic Environment-friendly pulse rifle for all your effort.

Keeping that intro to this year s Celebration of the Lost full, you can currently concentrate on grinding through the Haunted Sectors for sweet that can be used to purchase masks, an Unique Sparrow, a shader, as well as weapons from previous festival events such as Scary Story and Braytech Wolf Car.

For even more on Fate 2 as well as the Festival of the Lost, you can look into the most up to date trailer for the occasion, along with a Dia de los Muertos-inspired Ghost shell that can be obtained throughout the scary carnival.


Productor of Bloodborne is a Team Ninja

Prior to the restructuring that Sie Japan Studios suffered at the beginning of the year, it was announced that Masaaki Yamagiwa, Game Producer as Bloodborne , had abandoned this study. While at the time I did not share information related to the next step of it, Today has revealed what is the new adventure of it in this medium.

Recently, Shuhei Yoshida, director of the initiative focused on Indie Games in Sie, shared a tweet where it was revealed that Yamagiwa is now part of Team Ninja , study that is currently working in stranger of paradise: Final Fantasy Origin . This was what he commented on:

A funny afternoon with Yasuda by Team Ninja and Yamagiwa, who has joined Team Ninja.

A Fun Evening With Team Ninja s Yasuda-San and @GiWamasa, Who Joined Team Ninja @teamninjudio

  • Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp) October 8, 2021

Without a doubt, this is good news for fans. At the moment it is unknown since when Yamagiwa has been working on Team Ninja, but considering Yoshida s message, it seems that it was not long ago. We hope to have more information about the following works of it in the future.

On related topics, PlayStation wants your games to reach hundreds of millions of people around the world.

Sony's Japan Studio Was All About Taking Risks

Via: Shuhei Yoshida


U21 National coach di Salvo nominates BVB

After the failures of Yousoufa Moukoko and Roberto Massimo, the new U21 national coach Antonio di Salvo has nominated the Dortmund Ansgar Knauf for the EM qualifying game on Tuesday (5:30 pm) in Hungary. This was announced by the DFB on Friday.

The 19-year-old had played on Thursday at the 0: 0 of the U20 national team against Poland for 80 minutes before he approached the trip to the U21 on Friday.

That we can resort to replacement after the two failures, speaks for the good networking between the U teams – in this case U21 and U20, said Di Salvo.


He is very grateful U20 national coach Christian Wörn s and look forward to getting to know the offensive player Knauf, who was already committed to BVB in the Bundesliga and the Champions League.

Articles and videos about the topic

U21 wins dramatically at Di-Salvo debut
Top sport live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

Di Salvo had celebrated a 3: 2 (1: 1) against Israel at his debut on Thursday. The injured Moukoko and the positively tested on the Coronavirus Stuttgart Roberto Massimo was missing.


Universal Studios Japan and The Pok mon Company Collaborating To Produce Revolutionary Amusement Park Experience

Universal Studios Japan and The Pokémon Company are collaborating to produce a brand-new amusement park experience.

Revealed in a news release today, both business have gotten in a long-term partnership to explore new ways to immerse theme park goers in cutting-edge amusement. While the statement does not exactly lead to out a completely brand-new amusement park, or at the very least a new area within Universal Studios Japan a la Super Nintendo World, it seems Pokémon will quickly make their means right into the park in some ability.

Universal Studios Japan and also The Pokémon Business will enter a lasting partnership to collectively discover revolutionary entertainment that will certainly immerse visitors into the globe of Pokémon with innovative technology and also imagination beginning in 2022, journalism launch reads.

This information comes just over a week after Universal Studios Japan introduced that Super Nintendo World will certainly be obtaining an expansion in the form of a new Donkey Kong-themed area set to open in 2024. Nonetheless, the Donkey Kong news is very clear about it being a brand-new themed location within the park. This new partnership in between Universal Studios Japan as well as The Pokémon Company could be less concerning opening up a brand-new website as well as more about merely bringing Pokémon into Super Nintendo World.

The press launch appears to lean extra right into the concept of new experiences within the park instead of a brand new themed area.

The genuine and also online globes will certainly integrate producing a brand-new advanced motif park experience, the release checks out.

A new Pokémon style park location would be incredible, yet conference Ash Ketchum as well as cuddling an almost-real-except-it-is-still-technically-a-robot Pikachu would be incredible also.

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Fortunately, we will not have to wait long to locate out as this partnership s ingenious modern technology and creativity will certainly start in 2022. While waiting to see what this new style park experience ends up being, look into this trip of Super Nintendo World with Shigeru Miyamoto as well as after that inspect out these photos from the Nintendo-themed park.

[Resource: Universal Studios Japan]