Devolver Digital releases its clothes brand, from the merch that has a lot of style!


In a few years, Revolver Digital has ended up being an essential player in the video game landscape, especially independent. Iconoclast’s ledger provides the Revolver Athletic Club, explains as his clothing brand that everyone requires and that nobody ever asked. Inevitably, this announcement falls just before the holiday season and Revolver intends to discover itself at the foot of the tree, especially since the rates offered are far from mistreated.


E3 2020 advances at full speed in the middle of the coronavirus


While the coronavirus continues to spread, the list of big business announcing their withdrawal of video game events worldwide is remarkable. It is therefore not unexpected that the status of the next E3 2020 set up for June 9 has aroused terrific issues. Thankfully, we have actually recently been upgraded on the state of the event-and it seems excellent.

The Video Game Developers Conference having actually just been canceled (possibly delayed), Patrick Keeper of Vice Games was able to participate in contact with the Home entertainment Software Association (ESA), which is responsible for the company of the E3. The agents stated this when they were questioned about the state of the upcoming event:

Keeper likewise discussed current news from the cancellation of GDC, composing on Twitter:.

Offered what we understand at present, we are going ahead at complete speed with the planning of the E3 2020. Sales of exhibitions and registration are on track for an exciting show in June..

It is therefore not unexpected that the status of the next E3 2020 set up for June 9 has actually excited excellent concerns. Provided what we understand at present, we are going ahead at full speed with the planning of the E3 2020. To provide a concept of how it was oddly starting to play in various video game business, here is how a top-level studio was planning to technique GDC until the other day: a high-level developer, who asked to stay confidential since that he was not allowed to speak on the topic, informed Vice Games that his employer proposed to cover the costs of any individual taking part in GDC with his pocket.

With the fast spread of a disease like coronavirus, things can literally change every second. If you plan to take part in the E3 in June, make sure to get ready for the possibility of a cancellation.

To provide an idea of how it was oddly starting to play in different game companies, here is how a high-level studio was planning to method GDC up until yesterday: a high-level developer, who asked to remain anonymous since that he was not allowed to speak on the subject, informed Vice Games that his employer proposed to cover the costs of any person taking part in GDC with his pocket. This same developer already presumed the costs of sending out specific employees To offer conferences and decided to let individuals pick to participate or not. If they went to GDC, however, there was an opportunity that they are required to work at home for a certain duration, instead of to return right away to the office..

Likewise, look, source 2.

Do you plan to take part in the E3 in June? Let us understand in the Remarks listed below section.


Riot Games, Joint Study with Ubisoft Language Improvement in Game

Source-Riot Games

Riot Games announced on the 17th that it will carry out the joint research project ‘Zero Harm in Comms’ with Ubisoft to improve the language in the game.


‘Zero Harm in Comms’ is a project to improve harmful content in the game, such as malicious chat. Based on the technology and data owned by both companies, the artificial intelligence system that detects malicious chat will be advanced, and the unhealthy language classification system and a database will be established.

In this study, Riot Games and Ubisoft, in this study, are the League of Legends and Valorant, such as Riot Games’ competitive IPs such as Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry. The company plans to build a wider database by adding various portfolios. All data is anonymous to protect personal information.

The unhealthy behavior in the online space is the challenge of all companies with online social platforms in addition to game companies, said Riot Games. We decided to collaborate with Ubisoft to provide.

Ubisoft is responsible for blocking harmful content, said YVES JACQUES, director of Ubisoft La Forge, Ubisoft’s AI organization. Through collaboration, we will be able to prevent unhealthy behaviors in the game more effectively.

Riot Games and Ubisoft are members of the Fair Play Alliance, which was established to play fair gameplay and create a healthy game community. The two companies will continue to make efforts to provide safe and significant experiences from this study.


Riot and Ubisoft come together in project against toxicity in games

Developers Ubisoft and Riot Games announced, on Wednesday (16), a new project that seeks to reduce negative interactions in matches that need voice communication.

The Zero Harm In Comms project makes use of artificial intelligence technology to share data from both companies games with each other.

As a result, research to find players with prejudiced or negative behaviors is improved, and the titles of both developers can benefit from the ‘spreadsheet’.


Companies are part of the Fair Play Alliance initiative, which aims at a more conducive environment for safe competitive experiences for all users.

Yves Acquire, executive director of Ubisoft, commented that the union of game developers can expedite the negative behaviors’ banishment process: Through this technological partnership with Riot Games, we will explore better measures to avoid toxicity in the games, as we are The developers of these environments with a direct connection with our communities, he said.

Developers believe that, with the union, the database created with players from their titles will reach all kinds of the most competitive player to the most casual.

This project is just an example of our commitment and greater work we are doing to develop Riot systems that create healthier, safe and inclusive interactions in our games, said Wesley Kerr, Riot Games technology research leader.

The initiative is still in the early stages, and the first results of the experiment are expected to be released in 2023.


RPG Romancing Saga -Minstrel Song released on December 1st

Square Enix will deliver the latest information on Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-Remaster released on December 1, 2022, #Minsagarimaster Mary Karina Live Broadcast, saga series official YouTube. Published on the channel.

The program features MC’s penguins Noble, producer Hirobumi Mira, and director Marathi Reno. Mr. Akira Away, a series general director, also has comments on the video. In addition to introducing gameplay, the staff will answer 50 questions to developers, convey the charm and characteristics of the game.

In Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-Remaster, five new playable characters, new bosses, new events, and other elements such as double-speed function that make it easier to play games have been released. In this distribution, some new information has changed additional classes and systems.

In this work, you can select whether to introduce additional elements for remastered at the start of the game, like works such as Saga Frontier Remaster. In addition, NEGATE+, which can be played by clearing once, allows you to select a progress setting that can change the time progress in 5 levels.

In addition, we introduce UI changes in battle and new items smoke ball bag. By equipping a smoke ball bag, you can use a smoke ball that allows you to retreat without risk before the battle starts. Smoke balls can be used up to 10 times, and you can recover the number in town facilities such as inns.

In the latter half of the program, new information about new playable characters and new events drawn from the pre-reported Flora perspective. For some characters such as Sheryl, Marine, and Drama, the contents are quite depressed.

In addition, it is clear that new classes and items that could not be acquired in the original work, new classes, apprenticeship knights, Suzuki, prophets, treasure hunters, and sea gods will be added. It is. It seems that the new class Borowski has the characteristics that cannot be chased by children in South Still.


In addition, the battle scene with the new boss is released within the distribution. Please be careful when watching because there are many spoilers that are partially stepped on the contents of the original, such as some events and characters.

Romancing Saga-Minstrel Song-Remaster is scheduled to be released on December 1 for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS4/Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android (Steam version is December 2).


Warzone 2 Gulag described

We understand that War zone 2 and DMZ are interrogated in the design of Rainbow Six Siege as well as that the publication date of War zone 2 DMZ is practically there, however what do we understand about the brand-new Gulag system? Well, you will be pleased to know that you will still be included there when you die-so it provides you a 2nd chance of this imaginary Fight Royale success. There are a few other points you need to know…

The brand-new Phone call of Obligation Battle Royale experience is virtually there as well as we can’t wait to see whatever that War zone 2 has to use. If there is one point that could be a little complex, it is the brand-new War zone 2 Gulag system. We will explain whatever you require to know below.

War zone 2 Gulag explained

You can either win your 2V2 Deathwatch as well as return to the Battle Royale-or you can work with your adversaries to kill an AI corrections officer if you desire to get away. The elimination of the dungeon master, which needs participation as well as teamwork, brings all four gamers back to the Battle Royale. It will appear in the middle of the time-controlled Gulag, so you have to utilize the freshly included approximation conversation function-or squat something tactful-to tell your opponents.

In the new Gulag system from War zone 2, players are paired by random to eliminate in a 2V2 Deathwatch, similar to the Gulag system that we saw in the initial War zone title. Everybody will have a pre-programmed device with standard tools, however there will additionally be much better tools than flooring prey in the middle of the card.

If there is one thing that could be a little complicated, it is the new War zone 2 Gulag system. We recognize that War zone 2 and DMZ are questioned in the style of Rainbow 6 Siege as well as that the publication day of War zone 2 DMZ is practically there, however what do we understand about the new Gulag system? The War zone 2 Gulag is a 2V2 experience in which the players either complete against each other in a Deathwatch with a predefined Computer gamer or take off with each other as well as against a Jailer and return to the Battle Royale.

If you don’t get rid of the correctional officer or your challengers in time, every person will certainly shed. Infinity Ward has given up the flag genetics conquest mechanics for overtime in support of an extra ruthless gulag, which rewarded determined action and-in some cases-betrayal.

If you wonder what the War zone 2 Gulag system looks like, allow us to discuss it. The War zone 2 Gulag is a 2V2 experience in which the gamers either complete against each various other in a Deathwatch with a predefined PC player or flee together and also against a Jailer as well as return to the Fight Royale.

If you would like to discover out about all tools and tools of War zone 2 that could be included in the given Gulag loads that you stumble about, you can. It is likewise worthwhile to find out even more about the new Fight Pass system from War zone 2 while you have a moment.


Flints new work, Be Star 2: Bethas Knights G -Star 2022 The 2nd Exhibition Hall

-Flint, BTC 2nd Exhibition Hall is the largest (100 booths)

I will show you the first new work .

-The new work PC, mobile experience space and various enjoyment

Flint said today that the belt scroll action MORPH will participate in the international game exhibition ‘G-Star 2022’, which will be held from 17th to 20th.

Flint, which is the first to play in G-Star, will set up a 100 booth BTC exhibition space for the general visitors, and will be the first to introduce the new work for the first time.

Flint plans to operate a PC and mobile demonstration space, respectively, so that visitors can focus on in a comfortable environment. Inside the booth, there will be a photo zone with the worldview of , and the instant photo Life Cut will be prepared to make visitors leaving pleasant memories.

In addition, influencers such as ‘Kim Sung-hoe’, ‘On’, ‘Namdo-hyung’, and ‘Sony Show’ will be together on the stage, and in addition to the demonstration and confrontation of Various stage programs and events, including interviews, will be held.

All visitors who visited the flint booth will receive a mask and shopping bag printed with the characters of , and a limited edition goods containing beautiful character illustrations through various booth events and on-site events will also be received through various booth events and field events. Can.

Meanwhile, is the start of the official numbering that inherits the previous story , And the graphics and immersion drawn on the dark medieval European fantasy background with a belt scroll action MORPH on the dark medieval European fantasy background It is a new work that is working with each game element, including the story, the sound of the sound, and the full voice of the best voice actors.

Kim Young-mo, who is in charge of development, said, I am pleased to introduce through G-Star. I hope you will experience the , which is preparing for your heart, and feel as if you are watching a movie.


Sonic Frontier, Korea original CM unveiled with KEP1ER

Sega Publishing Korea (CEO Saith Go) unveiled the Korean original CM starring ‘Sonic Frontier’ and KEP1ER, which are scheduled to be released on November 8, 2022.

In this CM, the KEP1ER members and Sonic will show their vaginal instincts through the portal of the ‘Frontiers’ logo pattern. With the concept of [Different Running Instinct], KEP1ER and Sonic are beyond time and space, and they run across open zones and cyberspace.


‘Sonic Frontier’ is an action adventure with a new state of state that freely travels through the vast island with Sonic’s unique ultrasonic action. The stage of the main story is an unknown island star pol system where ancient civilization is asleep. Sonic’s new adventure begins on this island, where ruins and reluctant enemies are full of ridges.

This work is a next-generation stage clear action game that extends the world map itself to one element of play and evolves into a playable world map. You can enjoy all defense high speed gameplay that is not bound by the concept of course by gimmick installed on each map.

The elements prepared as a playable world map include battles, mystery, side quests, and all brain spaces. These elements can be enjoyed freely in their own order, depending on the play style.

‘Sonic Frontier’ will be released on November 8th through PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, CSX | S, and Steam.


Andor Seon 2 will take us to the planet Yavin, former home of the Rebel Alliance

Ardor w one of the most anticipated Star Wars series of this year, The first seon is already in the Disney+ catalog and h been very well received by both the spectators and fans of the franchise, and for critics. Of course, seon 2 is already well-marked on the agenda, although it does not have a specific date, because there is a long wait ahead (the filming began just a few days ago and its relee date is scheduled for some time of 2024).

Now, thanks to an exclusive of the Collider media, we have one more reon to excite ourselves, since the Tony Gilroy showrunner-is also the director of Rogue One: a story of Star Wars-h confirmed that we will visit a very important place in the universe of The saga such Gavin, the planet that one day w the home of the Rebel Alliance and in which the intergalactic civil war w fought . He h also revealed that Janus Metz (True Detective) , Ariel Learn (Young Love) and Alonso Ruizpalacios (Marcos) The address to direct several episodes each.

next video games, movies and Star Wars series

Thanks to the diversity of products, Star Wars is going through a great moment and looks towards the future with illusion . far video games are concerned, fans have pointed out projects such Star Wars Motor Remake, Star Wars Eclipse (Quantico Dream) and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (Fallen Order sequel). In this link you can know them all. for series and movies, the list is even bigger, with almost half a dozen on the table, among which highlights the expected seon 3 of The Mandalorian, among others.

We remind you that you can see Ardor seon 1 in Disney+ and that, we said, the second seon will have to wait until 2024.


Xiaomi Sale at MediaMarkt: Get the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 currently at a top price

At MediaMarkt and also Saturn, big Xiaomi sales are currently underway, in which you get virtually everything the Chinese producer needs to offer, from mobile phone to 4K Smartwatches, televisions and headphones to e-scooters and also vacuum. In this article we picked a few highlights. If you favor to continue over the total introduction, you will find the activities here:

| Xiaomi Black Weeks 2022 at MediaMarkt: To the deals | Xiaomi Week 2022 near Saturn: To the offers

The sales run until November 8, but specific deals can of course likewise be marketed out beforehand.

Highlight: Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 at a leading price

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 has a high-quality 6.43-inch AMOLED display screen with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. It runs with the OCTA Core CPU Snapdragon 680 with clock frequencies of as much as 2.4 GHz and provides 128 GB memory as well as 4 GB RAM in the offered variation. The front camera reaches 13 and the back electronic camera 50 megapixels. On the whole, the Xiaomi Redmi Keep in mind 11 is absolutely not a premium smart device, yet solid center course, which is a lot more than you can expect at this rate.

Among the highlights of the sales is the mobile phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, which you can get for EUR 160.47 (RAP: EUR 229.90). According to comparison systems, this is currently fairly affordable, even at regular cost.

Xiaomi Redmi Keep in mind 11 smartphone 128 GB (RAP: EUR 229.90) for EUR 160.47 at MediaMarkt __

Various other offers in the Xiaomi Sale

As I said, the Xiaomi Sales have a lot more to supply. If you want to take a bit even more cash when purchasing a cell phone, for instance, the brand-new front-runner Xiaomi 12 is interesting. Among the televisions, the Xiaomi 4K TELEVISION Q1E with 55 inches is a bargain, which still sets you back EUR 499 and, according to comparison platforms, is presently nowhere offered. There are also excellent offers among the earphones and also smartwatches. Here are a few sample offers:
| Xiaomi 11t Pro 5G 256 GB smart device (RRP: EUR 699.90) for EUR 406.64 | Xiaomi 12 x 256 GB smartphone (RRP: EUR 699.90) for EUR 510.93 | Xiaomi 12 256 GB smart device (RRP: EUR 899.90) for EUR 558.84 | Xiaomi 4K-TV Q1E 4K-TV 55 inches (RRP: EUR 799) for EUR 499 | Xiaomi Watch S1 stainless-steel black (RRP: EUR 229) for EUR 153.43 | Xiaomi Redmi Buds 4 Pro Real Wireless in-ear headphones (RRP: EUR 99.99) for EUR 76.49 | Xiaomi Mi Lite 3 Scooter (RRP: EUR 499) for EUR 444 | Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum-Mop 2S Suction robot (RRP: EUR 299) for 199 EUR

Xiaomi Black Weeks 2022 Sale at MediaMarkt: To the offers __

At MediaMarkt and Saturn, large Xiaomi sales are presently underway, in which you get rather much whatever the Chinese manufacturer has to offer, from cell phones to 4K TVs, smartwatches and earphones to e-scooters and vacuum cleaner cleansers. The Xiaomi Redmi Keep In Mind 11 has a top quality 6.43-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. In general, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 is definitely not a high-end mobile phone, however strong center course, which is a lot more than you can anticipate at this cost.

Even more information.

As I claimed, the Xiaomi Sales have a lot more to offer. Among the TVs, the Xiaomi 4K TV Q1E with 55 inches is a good offer, which still costs EUR 499 and also, according to contrast platforms, is presently nowhere available.