Live Alive release commemoration, director Takashi Tokitas interview! I heard the scenario, casting and music digging and digging.

Ko, this is an interview with Takaji Tokita!

After 28 years, the remake version Live Alive has reached its long-awaited release date on July 22. In this magazine, in addition to the previous pre-preview article, we sent an email interview with the director Takashi Togita. Mr. Tokita, who has a strong service spirit, answered Morimori, so we will deliver it as it is!

About the scenario

で す か Did you think Let’s make an omnibus format? Please tell us about the background.

Mr. Koji Tokita (hereinafter referred to as Mr. Tokita): The release timing of the original version of Live Alive is in the latter half of SFC, etc. It was a harvest season when many RPG series appeared. In addition, the memory size of the ROM cassette has increased, the volume of the game has increased, and the play time on the player has become longer in proportion.
The RPG worldview that appeared at that time was not only fantasy, but also science fiction, historical drama, and dramatic essences.
Meanwhile, in order to launch a new RPG as the first director, the omnibus format makes it possible to have a deeper view of each world, and a high degree of freedom that can be played at once, such as one part a day. The idea is that I can create a unique all-star RPG by having multiple writers design character design.

─ Let’s go in Chapter 7 (Plus Alpha) from the beginning! Was it decided?

Tokita: The number 8 is a basic number on the computer, so I think the idea of chapter 8 was from the beginning. The royal road’s medieval edition was first decided to make a surprise that can be played and connect the whole story by clearing Chapter 7.
* Editorial department annotation: Computer memory, etc. consists of multiple of 8.

How did you adopt a variety of scenarios such as Western edition and SF edition?

Mr. Tokita: Based on the fantasy era of each region. If the Middle Ages is a European fantasy, there are historical drama in Japan, the United States in the western drama, and China in China. There is a feeling of adding a classic primitive era and science fiction worldview in movies. In the classic genre, the elements of fighting games were added to the modern edition, and in the Near Future, we added a boy manga and anime development. The unique worldview of the eight editions combined with elements such as Jobs in battle, RPG scenarios, text, maps, and battles, and featured them.

で す か Can you tell me if you have a good edition?
(I would like to ask you if you are in the planning stage of the horror edition where zombies come out!).

Mr. Tokita: Since I decided each edition as above from the beginning, there is no special edition.
The scenario of each edition was created from the plot and finished it while implementing it, so the details were decided while making it undecided.

About the remake version about casting

─ I got a voice for the first time this time.
It is said that all casting is in charge of Mr. Tokita, but was it imagined that this character is this person at the time of the production of the SFC version?
Also, was there any character that was realized this time?

Mr. Tokita: I didn’t imagine all the characters, but the Mad Dog in the Western edition was imagined by Toshio Furukawa’s light and nihil from the beginning of the original version. This time, a 30-year dream has been realized! Furukawa-san also likes Mad Dog, so I’m impressed.
The other characters thought about casting again and consulted the best people, but I didn’t expect everyone to accept them.
It was a recording since Corona’s evil, but that’s why everyone played positively with Entertainment!
In addition, people who have worked together at FF4 and those who have been working together with Live Alive played and loved me, so it was really hot and wonderful.


Mr. Tokita: The medieval edition To me in the world…

The play of everyone without the lines of the primitive part
The disciples of the Kao edition Kenzhan Ken !!
Western edition…

Oote-in King in the end of the Tokugawa period.

Before the decisive battle of the modern edition
Pogelal Goo ~ !! of the near future edition
The last line of the Corporal of the SF edition
The end of the medieval hash, Uranus
Middle Ages Last Orsted
I would like you to listen to……. I was so impressed that the goosebumps were standing when I was recording myself.

About the main story of the game

─ How did you decide where to renew and where to leave in this remake?

Mr. Tokita: Because the people who loved Live Alive have been supporting me for a long time, the remake is realized, so the general policy was basically not changing. Although it has been released globally, compliance and large-age expressions have been adjusted, but it has not changed significantly as a game experience.
The new part is to make it easier to play as a modern game. Development Historia actively proposed and implemented so that new young game fans, such as tempo and ease of understanding, can play and enjoy them properly.

で す ね Please tell us what the most emphasis is on the part that improved from the old work with this remake.

Tokita: The above-mentioned parts that make it easier to play have been diverse. UI, radar, sketch, tutorial, tips. And the balance of the battle was adjusted many times so that there was no stress, especially with the emphasis on the tempo. And because the voice and 3D production are included, the tempo is felt. This is finely adjusted with the staff at the site so that the original is sharp.

About localization

。 In addition to the first foreign language localization, English voices were also attached for the first time. Did Tokita also check the casting and lines? I would like to ask if there is an episode.
(Personally, I thought that Keno was as if watching the Kasu’s Intonation, including the intonation of the cast, and it was very nice!)

Mr. Tokita: Casting was left to John, who translated the main translation according to the voice quality of the Japanese voice actor. The recording was remote, so I participated as much as possible. It was a global and rational recording method unique to modern times, listening to the recording of American voice actors in a British studio direction. It was hard from 10:00 pm to 7:00 in the morning, but the acting of native voice actors who made use of the world view was very exciting.

で す か Did you have any changes in the localization and the remake of the times?
Mr. Tokita: In the modern compliance, the check staff was localized together to make use of the original goodness until the last minute, rather than the stance of being able to keep it round.

I think that it is a work that contains a lot of essence and romance unique to Japan.
I would like to ask you, especially if you want to see and feel it for overseas fans who touch the work for the first time.

Mr. Tokita: Primitive edition is a universal experience, Bakumatsu, and Near future are unique to Japan. On the other hand, Western edition and SF have an atmosphere that suppresses the realism of a European and American movie while drawing a dot picture. Modern, Kao, Middle Ages-Final is a game that changes the development afterwards with player’s options, and universal elements that can be convinced by overseas people. I believe you can enjoy it in an impactful form!

About music

─ The songs that have been arranged and reborn. I think that it is recommended to throw it away, but I would like you to pick up three songs in particular. I would also like to ask you why.

Mr. Tokita: 3 songs!?
Even 10 songs are not enough, but if you dare to say, the following three songs.

Wings that don’t reach

This is the first song completed in the original. While listening to this, it is a song that represents Live Alive personally, which I wanted to produce by enhancing the image of Middle Ages. It is a lyrical and reminiscent of the drama that will happen, but it was a very impressive song when the orchestra version was recorded again.

GO! GO! Tin King! ! ]

After all this will not be removed!
It is a song that you love as the original gift project, the benefits of soundtrack resale, and the climax of anniversary LIVE. Beyond the times, I had Kageyama Hironobu sang and sang, and my smile and excitement did not stop. The English version is also the best, so please ask!

Live for Live

There are other songs I want to list, but this song decorates the last song. While the phrase of the main theme that starts quietly is played in the full orchestra, I realized that this is a music experience that symbolizes Live Alive. By all means, please listen to the thoughts of each edition at the ending!

で す か Did you have any standards for songs that were arranged live orchestra?
(I felt that it was arranged in the song that is used in the whole story and Bird’s Sky Flying Use Swimming!).

Mr. Tokita: This is a music team with Yoko Shimomura and the sound production team, and I think that it was an orchestra formation, a band formation, or a feature of other instruments.

─ In addition to Hironob Kageyama, who was in charge of VOCAL, Hide × HIDE, who was in charge of the music guests, Norisuke Ushio and Destiny8 indirectly! Did Tokita also requested a participating musician? I would like to ask you about your thoughts and listening.

I would like to ask Aetas, who has planned and produces the 20th anniversary Live A Live A Live, and want to make this song with the musicians who have lived the anniversary LIVE. Arranged with members of Laid Back Gorilla, Hide x Hide, which is indispensable for the end of the Tokugawa edition, YOKO, whistled in the western edition, and Noriyuki Ukura on the keyboard who also participated in Destiny8. I also participated in the guitar Sorao Mori, and the drum Toshiharu Okajima (in charge of drums in LAID BACK GORILLA).
Kentuke Ushio said, Maiden blurred! ], The theme song of the work, but this time, please arrange SF! When I asked, I played when I was in elementary school, so please come!
Hironob Kageyama of Tin Great King asked Kageyama, who has many fans overseas, with English ver.
I was glad that the members of the orchestra were pleased with Live Alive! Do you want to remake!?

で す か Maybe Tokita is secretly in the primitive chorus or the voice of the townspeople?

Mr. Tokita: I did not plan to put a chorus at the beginning of the primitive feast song, but on my proposal, all the men who were there were Uho! It was fun to record. If you are a voice such as townspeople, please check it out in the game!

で す か Do you have any plans to live again? Do you have any other orchestra concerts, etc.?

Tokita: We have received many requests from everyone!
There was a time of Corona’s evil, and the anniversary LIVE has not been held for a while, but we will do our best to make it possible to realize this remake, so please continue to support us!

This is the answer to the director of the director from Takaji Tokita.

At last, the remake version Live Alive, and from 17:00 to 19:00 on July 22 (Thursday), there is also a day manager event for Takaji Tokita at the BicCamera Shinjuku East Exit. If you are participating, please enjoy the self-infectious disease diffusion prevention measures and social distances perfectly.

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Expected PlayStation Plus Increases Now Extra and Premium

Sony’s Playstation Plus add-ons are now on the line as many as eighteen titles.

A huge number of PS4 and PS5 titles are already available for extra and premium members. There are now 18 additional additions, three of which are partly compartmentalized in the Catalog selection within the premium members.


This month, this month, I think the cat adventure stray, which will be seen on the service as soon as its publication this day. It is also obviously a very qualified game, at least based on the metacritic collecting averages.

Game Catalog:

  • ASSASINS’S CREED Unity | Ps4
  • ASSASINS’S CREED IV Black Flag | Ps4
  • ASSASINS’S CREED ROGUE Remastered | Ps4
  • ASSASSIN’S CREED: The Ezio Collection | Ps4
  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade | Ps5
  • ICE AGE: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure | Ps4
  • Jumanji The Video Game | Ps4
  • Marvel’s avengers | Ps4, ps5
  • _PAW PATROL ON A Roll!| Ps4
  • ReadySet Heroes | Ps4
  • Sains Row IV: Re-Elected | Ps4
  • Sains Row Gat Out of Hell | Ps4
  • Spirit of the north: enhanced edition | Ps5
  • Stray | Ps4, ps5

Classics Catalog:

  • Echosft (PSP)
  • Locoroco Midnight Carnival (PSP)
  • _No Heroes Allowed!(PSP)

Launched in 2023, KONA II: BRUME

Koch Media’s LabenScourt announced plans to launch 2023 of Kona II: Brume, the successor to Kona, a first-person narrative-adventure game developed by Parabole.

The previous and sequel developments of the developer of Quebec, Canada, and the intense story-oriented mystery investigation format and unique omniscient point of view, which were well received by Kona (KONA), continued to continue with more interesting stories and events in Kona II: Brume It will be.


Kona II: BRUME means fog in Brume, reflecting the cold and cold reality of the era in the background of a secluded rural snow in northern Canada in the 1970s. The player must become a detective Carl Faubert and narrow the investigation to find the truth hidden in the dark eyes and release the mystery.

The teaser trailer, which was released together, shows the atmosphere of Kona II: BRUME in the 1970s Northern Canadian snow.

Kona II: With the announcement of BRUME, Paravley and Ravens Court actually played Kona II: BRUME in advance at the indie booth arena of the game convention ‘Gamescom’ in Cologne, Germany from August 24 to August 29. He said he plans to run an experience booth that can be done.

Kona II: Brume will be officially Korean in 2023 and will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch and PC platform.


Judge Judges in Exos Heroes-David Jones appeared


Line Games (CEO Kim Min-kyu) launched a new Fate Core (character ability and appearance change costume) ‘Ethan Judge-David Johnson’ and dedicated equipment to the mobile RPG ‘Exos Heroes’.

‘Heresy Judge-David Johnson’ is a dedicated fate core of four-star hero David Johnson. Equipped with the pate core, a passive skill that reduces the accuracy of the enemy who has hit itself with a change in appearance, while increasing the fatal resistance of allies who avoided the attack. ‘Heresy Judge-David Johnson’ can be obtained more easily through the probability event event by the 21st.

Tauros, a dedicated equipment, immediately increases the damage of David Johnson, and the appearance of the weapon can be changed and the combat power can be increased.

At the same time, the probability-up event of the artifact Live Mulge of Live Neighbors will be held until the 28th. The artifact is only for supportive heroes, which has a chance to initialize the turn of allies.

Meanwhile, there is an event to commemorate the new season’s Alpha and Omega updates. By 28th, all users who have access to ‘Exos Heroes’ will receive a Fate-core choice for gold, black, blue, and oranges, and can be hired for 220 free high-end recruitment for the same period.

For more information on information about Exos Heroes, content updates, and events, please visit the official title community.


Just how to transform the pet you save in Spelunky 2

Among the ideal aspects of Spelunky games is the charming characters you might meet. In Spelunky 2, the dog that our hero Ana has as a friend is among these characters, the dog relying on be a charming associate.

If the normal dog is not your thing, the Mossmouth group has included some various pet choices from which you can pick. You can transform the dog to a white and also orange pet cat, or a huge gerbille. All 3 have the very same size, and it is simply the skin of the young lady that you are looking to conserve that is transformed.

To change the young lady that you can conserve in Spelunky 2, most likely to the choices food selection, and there will certainly be a tab for the gameplay. Once below, you can choose between one of the 3 skins readily available, along with all the elements to be unlocked, making use of animal design choices.

Associated post: How to conserve the dog in Spelunky 2

Conversely, you can choose the pet’s skin randomization choice, which implies that a person of the three might appear any time. You can also customize it on a card in the break food selection.

It is interesting to note that each of the skins will certainly generate a little different audios on the map, so we suggest that you be cautious of each time you alter the young lady to ensure that she can have a different noise.


Nintendo finally recognizes same -sex marriage

Although Japan is a country that still has a long way to go when we talk about laws in favor of the LGBTQ+community, it was recently announced that Nintendo has taken a step in favor of this group. Through an update to the Corporate Social Responsibility Information Document, It has been revealed that the Great N supports same-sex marriage.

Although this update to its legal document appeared last year, it was not until a few days ago that this modification was announced. Notoriously, Japan is a country that does not recognize same-sex marriage . Instead, each of the nation’s prefectures have their own laws in this regard.

Not long ago, Tokyo became the ninth prefecture to adopt legislation that recognizes same-sex couples, although that does not offer the same rights and protections as a legal marriage. Here is where Nintendo Corporate Social Responsibility information comes into play, since does everything possible to work in the limits of this legislation , and support the most that can be the same-sex couples. This is what is said about it:

In Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), we want to create a work environment that supports and enables each and every one of our unique employees.

We present the association system in March 2021 as an initiative based on this philosophy. Although currently same-sex marriages are not recognized by Japanese law, this system guarantees that employees who form a de facto couple with a same-sex couple have the same benefits as employees in a marriage between people of the opposite sex. We have also established that the marriage of fact between pairs will be observed in the same way as legal marriage.

In addition to introducing the association system, we review our internal norms on harassment to clearly prohibit discriminatory comments based on sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as reveal someone’s private sexual orientation against her will.

Together with the introduction of the association system in Japan, we notify our employees on the issue of gender diversity with a message from our president as a way of raising awareness about what diversity means. In this message, the president asked all employees to adopt a renewed understanding that even discourse and actions, which do not intend to damage, can cause significant emotional pain, asking for understanding and support to create an environment in the that everyone can work comfortably.


By improving our company’s systems and training, we will continue our work to create an environment in which each of our various employees can fully develop their talents.

In this way, although the government of Japan does not recognize it, same-sex marriages in Nintendo will receive the pampering that any other couple has. Transgender people must also be sterilized surgically according to Japanese law if they want the legal recognition of their gender identity, but Nintendo’s message, on the other hand, promotes gender diversity.

Without a doubt, A great point in favor of the LGBTQ+community, which we hope is replicated in more places throughout Japan . In related issues, Nintendo buys an audiovisual production study.

Editor’s note:

These are very good news. Although it is true that there are several sections within Nintendo and the community of Japan that can be controversial, it is good to see that the LGBTQ+ community already has a better representation and care by the Great N.


Halo Infinite: Sneak peek der Koop

One point in development: We can not give you a beginning date for the Halo Infinite co-op campaign at the moment.
According to the last information from Community Director Brian Jarrard, the sneak peek is simply going through the qualification.
If there are no worry with the process of accreditation, the release of the sneak peek for Halo Insider is intended at the end of the week.
Yet you do not need to wait that lengthy to take at the very least a take a look at Halo Infinite’s co-op project.
343 Industries announces a real-time stream for this evening, 10:00 p.m. in which the development group reveals the gamers a sneak peek.

You can see the online stream right here from 10 p.m

. We will advise you of it again this evening in a separate message.


Xbox Game Pass: These 5 games are brand-new in the membership today

The Xbox Game Pass subscription fills with brand-new titles each week.
Five brand-new games have actually landed in the Xbox Game Pass subscription today.
Only the PowerWash simulator is still a little bit long in coming.


Xbox Game Pass– July 2022

  • 14.
    July 2022-Escape Academy (Console and PC).
  • 14.
    July 2022-My Pal Peppa Pig (Cloud, Console and PC).
  • 14.
    July 2022-Overwhelm (PC).
  • 14.
    July 2022-PAW Patrol the Film: Experience Community Calls (Cloud, Console and PC).
  • 14.
    July 2022-PowerWash Simulator (Cloud, Console as well as Computer).

Additionally, Yard Tale was currently published today in the registration + Minecraft Sneak peek as well as the Xbox Game Pass Quests overview will assist you to bag countless rewards factors once again.
Ultimate clients can likewise safeguard a lot of additionals as well as cost-free incentives thanks to EA Play.


The Last people for HBO Max advancements its best as one of the highlights of the platform

The Last of Us will certainly be one of the highlights of HBO & HBO Max programming for 2023, sharing the costs with The Sex Life of College Girls, The White Lotus 2, The Idol, Succession, Julia, Hacks, Barry, Righteous Gemstones, etc. From HBO Max premieres at the end of August Your house of the Dragon, an innovator to Game of Thrones, and they prepare several collection originated from The Batman, the film by Matt Reeves.

One more year, as well as we have actually already shed count, HBO is once again among one of the most recognized systems in the nominations for the Emmy Awards, the annual awards for excellence in the American television industry. With this seal of top quality behind it, it is regular for the public to show great excitement when the news broke that they were mosting likely to bring The Last of Us to the tiny screen. Currently, as soon as its shooting is completed, when will the adaptation be released?

With a meeting with The Hollywood Press Reporter Casey Bloys , supervisor of content for HBO & HBO Max, has expressed his self-confidence in shutting the landing of The Last of the series for very early 2023 . The exec did not wish to offer even more information, neither hints as to when we might have a trailer, although given the entity of the task it is to be really hoped that we will not have to wait long, particularly taking into consideration the launch of The Last of Us: Part 1 in September.

The Last of United States for HBO finished recording last June and is a manufacturing created by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) as well as Neil Druckmann, imaginative director of Naughty Pet, starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the functions of Joel as well as Ellie, whom we can see in a recent photo released by the platform.


Much more The Last of United States jobs

The television adaptation of the well-known Naughty Canine video game will get here soon after the launch of The Last people: Part 1 on PS5 as well as, with a date yet to be identified, COMPUTER, using users of the Sony console a remake of the computer game that really possibly produce even more need to see the tv series. Additionally, advancement of a multiplayer for The Last people 2 is likewise underway.


The English translation of Aconcagua, one of the last PSX first parties, is now available

Aconcagua was one of the last big blockbusters to come out on the first PlayStation. Developed by Sony itself, the game was published in June 2000, a few months after the launch of the PlayStation 2 in Japan and about to launch its successor worldwide. It was never published outside of Japan.

Today an unofficial translation has been released that brings the game to English, which tells the story of the survivors of a plane that crashes on top of Aconcagua, the highest mountain in Argentina. Hilltop, which recently also translated Racing Lagoon, Square Enix’s eccentric car RPG; can be found on his Patreon.

The game stands out for its cinematographic ambitions: the story of Kato, your avatar, and his descent down the mountain accompanying the activist Pachamama, is told without skimping on cinematic scenes, with up to 80 minutes of videos scattered throughout the game, an amount nothing negligible for the time. Playably, his approach to the catastrophic (an entire subgenre, perhaps not the most prestigious but one that remains active to this day, with Disaster Report as a great veteran) ends up being closer to the traditional graphic adventure, with a little more presence of action scenes.

If something defines Aconcagua, it is precisely the ambitions of all kinds: technically it is more than remarkable, especially with a new console already on the market, and voices were even recorded in English and Spanish, and although in the end it did not reach going out of Japan it seems that there were plans to release it. Hence, in the video above these lines, the patch launch trailer, there is so much dubbing; that part of the work was already done.

Although games continued to come out for the first PlayStation until 2004, Aconcagua was one of the last big first party productions that Sony worked on. It’s not the company’s most well-known project, of course, but surely a translation of this kind can help this interesting piece of PSX history reach more people.