Animal crossing: new horizons

Minecraft is just as popular as ever according to YouTube

YouTube has officially confirmed that Minecraft was the most viewed game of 2020, ahead of others such as Fortnite and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. YouTube confirmed the impressive exploit of Minecraft during a recent blog, claiming that it had reached 100 billion hours of viewing over 40 million active channels. This represents about 201 billion views in 2020, the triple second place of Roblox who attracted 75 billion views. Minecraft is available now for last generation consoles, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Mobile, PC and Via Xbox Game Pass ULTIMATE.

While Roblox has managed to attract 75 billion respectable views next to the 201 billion Minecraft views, some remarkable games have been mentioned in the recent YouTube blog. Garena Free Fire, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Fortnite have all been abandoned. The Royal Epic Games battle has apparently not reached 70 billion views throughout 2020, although the recent release of Season 5 Chapter 2 could increase these numbers for the last month of the year. Minecraft attracted 40% of the views of the top five games combined despite its release more than ten years ago.

Minecraft dominates the hours of viewing on demand, but the fans of the creative game might wonder how it comes with the number of live viewers. Minecraft also retains the first place for live broadcasts, Garena Free Fire being the second most looked and robox falling to fifth place. This hearing is also consistent with Twitch’s numbers, which shows that Minecraft remains relevant in all areas. It is rather a coincidence that the number of Minecraft viewers has increased in all areas, however, at about the same time when Pewdiepie returned to the game.

Animal Crossing is better than Minecraft
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Animal crossing: new horizons

How to get eggs in leaves in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

It’s time to celebrate April _Animal Crossing: New Horizons with Bunny Day. If you have not already done so, go for another island adventure with the brand new event to celebrate. By focusing on April and Easter, you have to find a variety of different eggs throughout the game. Eggs in leaves A type of egg available in this event, and fortunately they are quite easy to acquire.

When you notice one of the eggs left by Animal Crossing’s Zipper T. Bunny in the trees, approach and start shaking the tree. They work like any other type of fruit or money you have already come to grow on your island. Shake the tree and the egg should fall on the floor. You can recover them, and after having acquired enough, you should have new DIY recipes to create before the end of the event.

There are different types of DIY egg projects that you can achieve. Those linked to leaves eggs include:

  • Sheet egg shell, which requires 2 sheet eggs
  • Egg holds in leaves, which requires 3 eggs in leaves
  • Leafy egg shoes, which require 2 eggs of leaves

???? How To Find Zipper, Bunny Day DIY Recipes, & ALL Hidden Eggs! Animal Crossing New Horizons Guide!
You will discover these projects after collecting nine leaves eggs for the event. Some of the other game eggs require that you use eggs in sheets to manufacture them, so continue collecting as much as possible before the end of the event and no eggs are available.

The event started on April 1st and continues until April 12th. Make sure to participate every day to pick up scattered eggs throughout your island.