The creator of No More Heroes, Suda51, makes fun of the revelation of the new game

The creator of No More Heroes, Goichi “Suda51” Suda, made fun of when his study, Grasshopper Manufacture, could reveal his next project. Last year, Grasshopper Manufacture launched the long -awaited third installment of the No More Heroes series, which ended more than a decade of fans requests. Now, with no More Heroes in the rearview mirror, Suda has begun to indicate what he could be doing next.

In a new video shared by Netease, Suda talked about when Grasshopper Manufacture will choose to reveal what is working below. Although he did not commit to anything specific, Suda said that the study potentially expects to show its next project later in 2022. Although this revelation window could end up changing the next year, Suda declared that it is not patient when it comes to highlighting the next company game.

An Interview With SUDA51 - The Future of No More Heroes

«The games we do in this study, I mean really great and completely new games, we will continue to create them, and I think everyone will really be impressed. I wonder when I can announce them. Maybe around the end of the year? I’m not sure, ”said South. «It can end up next year, we’ll see how it is going. Anyway, I want to hurry and show everyone what we are doing ».

Although Grasshopper is clearly working on something bigger on the horizon, the study will technically launch a title at the end of this year. That game is againnot more heroes 3_, but simply on new platforms. When hmh3 first released last year, it was exclusive to Nintendo Switch. However, from this fall, the title will reach the PlayStation, Xbox and PC platforms.

What kind of game do you think Suda51 and the Grashopper Manufacture team could be working below? Do you think it will be related to one of the previous games of the study? Give me your best assumption in the comments or send me a message on Twitter to @Mooreman12.