League of Legends

The most anticipated MMORPG 2022! Preduction is open!

On May 12, the light will see MMORPG with 4K graphics – Fox Legends.
Espritgames is published by the game, and the creator of TinH Kiem 3D developed, whose games are one after another become hits in the West.

The game uses the Unreal Engine 4 engine and the graphics here look incredible! The developers paid special attention to the study of characters and creatures – details at the highest level, and the customization of the characters allows you to configure the appearance of their hero to the smallest details.

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The player will become a master of spirits and go into exciting adventures to learn at the Academy of Medium and stop the impending darkness.

It is officially confirmed that Fox Legends enters Google Play, App Gallery, App Store and PC. Preduction is opened now and all registered ones will receive a gift by mail during the release. Hurry up to the new world!