Deb selection Defines Switzerland 4: 2

The 19-year-old striker Danjo Leonhardt from EC Salzburg shot on Thursday evening the winner (49 minutes). The Nürnberger Daniel Schmölz still met in the orphaned gate shortly before the end and made aware of the preparation for repeated times.

Previously, Stefan Loibl from Swedish Team Skelleftea Aik (25.) and Alexander Karachun had balanced a residue twice from the Schwenninger Wild Wings (38th). Thus, the team of DEB in the third preparatory game on the World Cup from 13 to 29 May in Finland the second success. Previously, there had been a 2: 6 and a 2-0 in the Czech Republic. On Saturday (15 o’clock) is another test against Switzerland.

National coach Söderholm can not yet build on the team, which will lead to the World Cup in May. Mannheim, Berlin, Munich and Wolfsburg deny the play-off semifinals in the del. Other players who are already eliminated Söderholm still clears a break. In addition, the coach hopes for reinforcement of professionals from the NHL.

Germany – Switzerland 4: 2 (0: 0.2: 2.2: 0)
Tor: Testle (Nuremberg Ice Tigers); Defense: Hüttl (ERC Ingolstadt), Münzenberger (University of Vermont), Fohrler (HC Ambri Piotta), Rogl (Augsburger Panther), Husband (Schwenninger Wild Wings), F. Wagner (ERC Ingolstadt), Bender ( Nuremberg Ice Tigers), Weber (Nuremberg Ice Tigers); Attack: Jentzsch (Iserlohn Roosters), Blank (Krefeld Penguine), Soramies (ERC Ingolstadt), Loibl (Skellefteå AIK), Eder (Düsseldorfer EC), Leonhardt (EC Salzburg), EHL (Düsseldorf EC), Pietta ( ERC Ingolstadt), Höfflin (ERC Ingolstadt), Butcher (Nuremberg Ice Tigers), Karachun (Schwenninger Wild Wings), Schmölz (Nuremberg Ice Tigers)

Deutschland vs. Schweiz 4:2 - Highlights, WM-Testspiel
Tor: Nyffeler, Wüthrich; Defense: Loeffel, Le Coultre, Egli, Frick, Fora, Alatalo, Glauser, Delémont; Attack: RIAT, Fox, Rod, Künzle, Thürkauf, Scherwey, Fazzini, Hishier, Eggenberger, Home, Miranda, Bertschy, Fahrni
Referee: Daniel Kannengießer (Rosenheim) / Stephan Bauer (Nuremberg); Viewers: 1900; Goals: 0: 1 Miranda (22:19), 1: 1 Loibl (24:49), 1: 2 Fazzini (31:51), 2: 2 Karachun (37:14), 3: 2 Leonhardt (48:22), 4: 2 Schmölz (59:02); Criminal minutes: 6/8