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Blizzard Diablo 2: Leisure 500 million sales … Only 7 months

[Eye News 24 Moon Young – Soo] The Remaster version ‘Diablo 2: Leisure’ was released in 7 months, up to 500 million sales in the world.

According to reports that quoted Breijad announcement on the 22nd, Diablo 2: Reservoir was found to have secured more than 5 million paid players after the launch of September last year. In the case of the original ‘Diablo 2’, it is a more faster thanks to the period of time, considering that it takes a year until the selling of 400 million employees worldwide. However, it was grasped that it has shown a slow sales record rather than ‘Diablo 3’ sold for the first week of release only 630 million.

If there was no initial connection failure, the sales volume would have increased further. Diablo 2: Leisure has been inherited by server access disorders immediately after release.

Amazon Leveling Guide: Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Ladder
A number of users in Korea and the disruption of smooth games was made. At that time, Blizzard has announced that the server database has been issued due to this problem due to this problem. Since then, the company has made a small effort to improve the server environment and is now stable.

The Diablo 2 reserves developed by Bleejard’s Vacriers Vision, is a remaster game that improves graphics of PC game Diablo 2 in 2000 as a 4K resolution. The 2D character models that appear in the original work are implemented as 3D models and supported 7.1 Dolby Surround audio, which has been implemented for a full remast. The remaster means the release of the past released and improves the resolution to suit the latest technology.

Users can choose from a total of seven characters from the Amazon, Yakari Province, Code of War, Porghum, Elementary School, and Duid, and to complete seven characters from the Duild, and to complete the set of various equipment and create weapons through the rune. It may be.

Blizzard has also been 2.4 patches that have a large change in Diablo 2: Leisure of Diablo 2: Leisure. The new recovery of the game in the game, the new Route addition, improvement of the mercenary fee, and the new manufacturing method of “Herdration”, and set item bonus changes, including various updates and bug fixes. On the 29th, Diablo 2: The first ladder season of reservoirs begins.