Take Two (Rockstar, 2k Games) buses Zynga (Farmville) for 12.7 billion dollars

Microsoft and its $7.5 billion put on the table to acquire Bethesda Soft works in 2021 found more ambitious again: Take Two Interactive, which already holds Rockstar Games and 2K games, has just announced the acquisition of Zynga (Farmville) for the fierier amount of 12.7 miles of dollars. It is never seen in the video game industry, which has used an immediate outbreak on the stock market since Zynga’s action had taken 40% more during this unexpected announcement, to reach $8.89. By putting the hand on Zynga, Take Two Interactive consolidates its positions and even becomes a leader in the mobile market, whose annual revenues are estimated at $93 billion a year. The operation, that Take-Two plans to pay in securities and cash, should be completed by the end of June 2022 and allows the company to join Activision and Electronic Arts which have already bet on the mobile it There is many years with King (Candy Crush) and Pandemic and Flu respectively.

If Strauss Selznick, CEO of Take-Two, welcomes such a redemption, we must not forget that Zynga has been down in recent years, and that the time of Farmville on Facebook where millions of players discovered the video game By the social network of Mark Zuckerberg has passed fashion, preferring mobile game on smartphones. However, if Farmville was the founding success of Zynga subsequently released other titles who also had their hours of glory: Golf Rival, Words with Friends 2, Zynga Poker, knowing that in 2020, Zynga realized A turnover of $2 billion, knowing that 1.6 billion is due to in-game purchases in order to progress faster in their parts. By acquiring Zynga, Take Two hopes, however, to exploit its advertising platform, seduce new customers, but also improve monetization in their respective games. 12.7 billion dollars, it still gives the Turns.