Trapp avoids commitment to Eintracht Frankfurt

Kevin Trapp, German International & Eintracht Frankfurt goalkeeper

Eintracht Frankfurt’s goalkeeper Kevin Trapp expressed its proximity to the city of Frankfurt, but a permanent commitment to the football Bundesliga club avoided. When asked if he will end his career in Frankfurt, the 31-year-old responded in an interview of “Frankfurt goalkeepers Illustrated”: “When I signed a five-year contract in 2019 at Eintracht Frankfurt, I did that because I’m in Frankfurt Eisy feel good. Frankfurt has become my adopted home. I have two years contract here. What happens after that, I can not say yet. ” Trapp moved back to Frankfurt 2018 from Paris Saint-Germain to Frankfurt, first for a year of lending. “Before my time in Frankfurt, I played a lot from 2015 to 2019 at Paris Saint-Germain. This time has brought me a lot to me. I learned a lot at PSG, which concerns the experiences abroad and international games,” described the World Cup Participant of 2018.