How to fight against the evil of transport in virtual reality

The game in virtual reality is a revolutionary experience that players have been enjoying for several years. However, you play on an oculus GO, PlayStation VR or HTC vive, nearly half of the people who played or currently playing virtual reality will experience some type of transportation. This is especially true for new players, because their initial exposure to virtual reality ended with nausea, dizziness or general illness. Essentially, the brain is confusing when you play virtual reality, because of the disconnection between the movement that is visually seen and what is really happening with your body.

Some of the most extreme VR titles, such as Pavlov, OnWard or Dirt Rally, for example, can all be a very intense gaming experience, which can have a negative impact on what you feel. This guide will provide you with advice on the fight against the evil of virtual reality so that you can enjoy the experience without finding yourself in bed with the disease, out of service.

Moderately increase your exposure time in virtual reality

First of all, play the virtual reality in small sessions and constantly take intermittent breaks. Your first virtual reality experience should last only 10 to 15 minutes – the idea here is to slowly pass to the virtual reality, little by little, so that you can train your mind and body to feel it.

Do not try to be a hero of virtual reality

If you start feeling badly in any way, form or form whatsoever, do not force the pain. Remove the headset and stop playing immediately. Continue to play will only make things worse. It is essential that you listen to your body and you went to lengthen or you walk. In addition, do not start playing virtual reality if you do not feel well at the start.

Adjust the helmet accordingly

Helmets that are not installed correctly can be a cause of transportation of transport. The reason is that the VR image is probably badly aligned with a poorly adjusted helmet, so in turn, your brain must work harder to focus. Adjust your headset by following the health and safety instructions on the headphone instructions.

Check the “Comfort Note” of the game

As a rule, comfort notes are on the game of the game shop for each game. The notes will fall into one of the following three categories: comfortable, moderate and intense. Check out the reviews or games forums on the game, if comfort levels are not clearly defined. For new virtual reality players, start with games considered comfortable. This essentially means that in the game, you will not move too much and the general movements are limited. For novices, it is strongly recommended to read virtual reality titles considered “comfortable”.

Eating or drinking products based on gineering

Many players say that ginger helps to overcome or combat the effects of evil transport in virtual reality. Giner is considered a super natural food, with various health benefits. Get Ginger-Ale before your VR session and try it.