Final fantasy xiv

Surprise! Blizzard announces a survival

A second artwork then shows a classic fantasy figure in distinctive armor, which kneels on the forest floor and studied footprints. As you can easily recognize the picture, the project is still in a very early stage of development: according to the job advertisement, Blizzard is currently looking for senior artists such as concept graphics and characters. In addition, Level Designer and experienced software developers are searched.


On Blizzard’s job page, other places are advertised. There is not yet a publication date, but the game should appear for PC and consoles. You may be the survival game around the secret multiplayer project, which we have reported last year.

Since last year Blizzard is no longer out of the headlines. After adhesive reports on discrimination and sexual harassment came to the light, a further message for a view: Activision Blizzard, the mother-comma of Blizzard Entertainment, made the owner and is already a major part of Microsoft. Will. As part of this, Microsoft also acquires all rights to top brands such as Diablo, World of Warcraft or Overwatch. The new Survival Game is expected to appear under Microsoft’s flag.

Once more information about the project will emerge, we will inform you here! Until then: What do you think about the surprising announcement? Do you think Blizzard has the stuff to develop a survival game that can compete with the competition? Write us your thoughts!