Glover, the Nintendo 64 classic published in 1998, will come out in Steam in April

GLOVER , the classic platform released at Nintendo 64 and PC in 1998, will come out on April 20 this year in Steam. The one in charge of its development is Piko Interactive, a company that is dedicated to “buying the rights of games of your childhood to create cool things,” as we can read in his description of Twitter.

In Glover we will put in the meat (or in the fabrics) of a magical glove that will have to find a series of crystals “through six magical worlds full of hidden puzzles and surprises,” explains its page in Steam. We know that it is “completely rehaus from the original source code (in its version of Nintendo 64) and is improved for modern PCs», and will have «30 levels to explore in six unique worlds» and many other characters for knowing what Long from his universe.

Nintendo 64 Longplay - Glover
Also on the page of Valve they clarify that they are currently working “in the implementation of achievements and exchange chromos” and that, once they end up with these tasks, “all systems will be ready” for your departure.

The original title was originally launched in 1998 for Nintendo 64 and PC in Europe and North America, and a year later it would also reach the first PlayStation. Hasbro Interactive was in charge of its publication together with the British of Interactive Studios, occupying the development, a team that would end up becoming Blitz Games Studios in 1999 and would disappear in 2013, with Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two For PS3, Xbox 360, PC and PS Vita as one of your latest projects.

It is not the only resurgence we have been able to see recently of the games of that time of the late 90: Moon, the anti-RPG launched in 1997 for PSX, had a relaunch last December at PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

An improved version of Glover will be published on April 20, 2022 in PC through Steam .