What do you get for the collection of Easter eggs in phasophobia?

If you are interested in what you get, gathering a few Easter eggs scattered on the cards in phasephobia, it is just . In short, the capture of one egg does not give anything, but if you collect all the 34 or 30 on the map, you will receive 100 percent sanity.

If you play with multiple people, they will also get improved sensitivity . But if you are interested, whether something else will happen after the collection of all eggs, it seems that nothing happens.

Because of this, we do not recommend spending time on collecting all eggs, as it is not worth the effort only for 100% sanity . There are also much better ways to gain reason, for example, pills for reason. However, if you are looking for a cheerful lesson with friends, dare!

Fazmofobia Easter Event – All we know

All Easter Eggs from Phasmophobia Halloween Update - Slenderman, Jason and MORE!!
So far, the Easter event for phasephobia appears only to add collectible eggs on all cards. Collecting these eggs will give all players in the lobby or single game 100% reason.

In addition to improving sanity, nothing happens in the game. Together with the event, some changes were made to the game. The first was the visual indicator when using the voice in PC and VR mode .

Video surveillance cameras on the “Prison” map in night vision mode also received increased brightness. If you need a complete list of changes, you can find them through notes to Steam Patch for the game.

More about phasephobia. __ We recommend familiarizing yourself with phazofobi phrases, and with how to use the Spirit box with phasefobia. .


Speculation on Knack 3 grows after the new registered trademark of PlayStation

It seems that PlayStation could be working on Ability 3 if a new trademark is something to happen. When PlayStation 4 was launched for the first time in 2013, one of the titles that were launched along with the platform was that of maƱa, which was a new action franchise and Sony platforms. In 2017, a sequel entitled Afability 2 ended up arising, but since then, PlayStation has not announced any new Knack project. However, it seems that the launch of a new trademark registered in Japan could be causing the return of the character soon.

Discovered by Gematsusony presented a new trademark for Knack earlier this month on March 17. The trademark itself did not refer to anything related Ability 3 or a possible sequel to another name, but the time of this movement is quite curious, especially since numerous rumors of PlayStation run unbridled at this time.

In a general sense, it is difficult to know what to do with this registered trademark. Often, companies will have to re-present trademarks as it is from time to time if they want to preserve the rights of a given name. As such, this presentation could have been done as a way that Sony continues to ensure that it has the name Knack.

In addition, Ahbility 3 does not make much sense that happens at this time because the developer of the series, Japan Studio, greatly reduced its size last year. In fact, Japan Studio ended up merging with Team Asobi in 2021, which is the developer behind the Astro Bot series. In the future, it has been said that Japan Studio is being focused to a large extent on the Astro Bot franchise, which means that other properties like Knack have been archived in the company. Even so, if Ahbility 3 would happen, it is always possible that Sony could have assigned the project to work in another study.

The Fans Who Refuse to Let PlayStation Home Die | IGN Inside Stories

Would you be excited if AlAbility 3 Is it something in what PlayStation is really working on? Or would you prefer that this franchise will continue in the past? Let me know in the comments or you can communicate on Twitter in @ mooreman12.