Adriano should have comforted after failed change with prostitutes

The former Brazilian striker star Adriano is intended to celebrate a failed change in 2015 with a rushing private party with prostitutes. This comes from a media report.

Adriano (40), who was unimaginative then, should actually change in 2015 for the French second division Le Havre. But since the change due to a failed takeover by a French businessman fell into the water for a month after promulgation, Adriano should have comforted with a private party.

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The Brazilian portal Extra reports that the former striker star of Inter Milan should have spent more than 15,000 euros for 18 prostitutes, with which he then celebrated said party. In addition, just under 10,000 euros for food and drinks have come to it again.

In addition, Adriano, who had always struggled with alcohol and drug problems, had been involved in drug trafficking. As early as 2014, the prosecutor in Rio de Janeiro raised indictment. Adriano is supposed to bought a motorcycle at that time and have given it to a well-known drug dealer.

Since 2021 in turn, the portal, Adriano should have sold his villa and since then live in a luxury hotel (12,000 euros per month).

Adriano: four times master with Inter Milan

As a player, he was known from 2001 to 2008 in Italy at Inter Milan, AC Parma and AC Florence, but was often awarded and went back to the Brazilian homeland after another intermezzo at the AS Rome 2011, where he was a few years for flamengo, Corinthians and Atletico Paranaense was active. He finally finished his career in 2016 at Miami United.

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His greatest successes were four Italian championships with Inter as well as the profit of the Copa America with Brazil 2004.