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GTA Online: How to get the Inventoro Coquette Classic car for free

With the weekly promotions of GTA online it is possible that you have a wide collection of vehicles without having paid a pasture to get them. Thus, so that the rhythm does not stop, in this guide we will tell you how Get the classic coquette inventory car for free .

How to get the classic coquette inventor car for free

GTA 5 - Personnalisation de véhicule DLC passé - Invetero Coquette Classic (Corvette C2)

The indispensable requirement to participate in this week’s challenge is the usual, being a member of the LS Car Meet, where you will also have access to a series of special and exclusive bonuses in the event that you play in the version for PS5 or Xbox Series X/s.

The challenge that has been chosen for this occasion is to occupy some of the first three positions in the persecution racing series for three guides in a row . Those who meet the objective will automatically receive the keys of this collector’s cochazo with which you will be the envy of the whole world.

When you finish, do not go very far, because in this place the test track is also awaited so that you check how the implant Dukes scrap, the brave Gauntlet Classic and the Lampadati Casco are handled on the road, either in tumults or in the counterreloj races.

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