Siege with new server on Luna Mobile

Soul Games will open the new server ‘Miles’ on MMORPG Luna Mobile on 18th. Open a new server mile and proceed with siege updates and related events. Participating in Miles Server Advanced Registration gives Tarinthus’s Application, Kelra Drion’s integer, an inverted value, and a random box (pet, ride, costume).

Subsequently, the new server opens will proceed to a number of events. The initial level of the first level that benefits the first level at the target level, the first level of winning the victory compensation to the Guild who won the castle in the siege, Class-level ranking events that are paid, a collection of RS, and U-rated random entrances when a collection is achieved.


In addition, you can receive a random box by sharing an open news on the SNS on the SNS, and gives a 120,000 won consultation cache through the lottery. In Africa TV, BJ promotional live broadcasts. Game professional BJ plays with users and communicates with users.

Soul Games said, “Luna Mobile is trying for better service, and the opinions of users will be heard,” he said, “” I would like to participate in a lot of interest and participation in siege events with the new server open. “

For more information, see Luna Mobile Official Pages.