The Witcher The most important information about the start of Season 2

On December 17, 2021, today’s Friday, the starting signal for the Season 2 of the popular series The Witcher will finally fall at the streaming service Netflix. So that you do not crash completely unprepared in the series marathon, we have again summarized at this point all important details.

When is it going to go with the Season 2 of The Witcher?

Everything You Need to Remember before the Witcher Season 2

Netflix has already given the starting shot in the morning hours of today’s Friday. Since 9:00 German time you can watch the new Adventures of Gerald & Co. at the streaming service. As already at the first season are available to all eight episodes on a beat, so you can guide you in a slip (bungee).

Which characters celebrate in the Season 2 of The Witcher your comeback?

Of course, the actor Henry Cavils slips into the role of the Witcher Gerald. The female protagonists Cirri (played by Freya Allan) and Jennifer (Anya Charlotte) are also back with the game as Tries Marigold (Anna Shaffer). In the Season 2 of The Witcher also celebrates Semi, an old companion of Gerald, his debut in the Netflix series. Also, Other witches such as Coin and Lambert have a performance.

How is the story in the Season 2?

The history of the new episodes proposes immediately to the events from the Season 1 of The Witch R. Gerald and Cirri have finally been summarized, their shared path leads them to the castle of the Witcher — to Keyed Morten. However, they are still the nasty Chair and the Nilfgaarder on the track.

The producer Lauren Hiss rich had already explained some time ago that should be the narrative structure in the Season 2 of The Witcher very much more orderly and without constant time jumps. This was one of the biggest criticisms of the fans at the first season. To the attention of the new episodes, we will present you the latest trailer again under the message.

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