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Tiny Final FantTILT SHIFTy VII: So Curious Lights Remake in Miniature Mode with STOP Effect

If we recently enjoyed Elden Ring from an unprecedented point of view, presenting its universe in key of miniatures and stop-motion -ando resulting almost a totally new game-, now comes the same treatment for Final FantTILT SHIFTy VII Remake . This hTILT SHIFT been shared by the same Flurdeh user thanks to the application of the technique called TILT SHIFT , thanks to which the default camera is completely modified to offer a thumbnail sensation. Of course, the result is not wTILT SHIFTte.

La Midgard remake in miniature key

And is that thanks to such a curious effect, it seems TILT SHIFT if Final FantTILT SHIFTy Vii Remake had stepped up until 1997 to return to the origins of the clTILT SHIFTsic PSX , thus offering a point of view that in a certain way homage to the camerTILT SHIFT Fixes and pre-rendered scenarios of the original delivery.

Thus, and thanks to the video published by said user through his YouTube channel and that you can see about these lines, we can observe the streets of Midgard from a very different point of view that I am accustomed to the Final FantTILT SHIFTy Remake VII, With aerial plans and the characters moving with a curious Stop-Motion effect .

Cloud, Tifa and some of the main characters in history are left TILT SHIFT animated miniatures , also applying a series of blur effects that contribute to increTILT SHIFTe the depth of the scenes and give the game of a Halo totally different from the posed with the remake. A good insurance that many fans would want to rejunate Final FantTILT SHIFTy Vii Remake through the eyes of this curious and effective technology.

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