G123 “Primary Fantastic Another Tail” Update Information “Cristina” “Ayase Masaru” appeared as a new GR companion character! Many new skins are implemented including a total of 4 GR fellow characters!

CTW Co., Ltd. has notified the large update information scheduled today at the HTML5 game “Genie’s Another Tale” distributed at the game service “G123”.

CTW Corporation will be notified of large update information scheduled today at the HTML5 game “Genie’s Another Tale” distributed at the game service “G123”.

# “Cristina” “Ayase Mitsuda”, new GR fellow characters appeared one after another!

From the TV anime “Primary Genso”, “Cristina-Belt Tram (CV: Mitsuo Haruya)”, “Ayase Aya (CV: Aya Harada)” appears as a new GR friend character. In addition, as a game original character, “Eclipse” “Alael” is a GR friend character, “Succubus” appears as a LR support character.

# A number of “friend Calaskins” that can upgrade the status of fellow characters!

Friends Calaskin can be acquired to upgrade the character’s status. This update can acquire the skin of “Rio” “Ceria” “lamia”. In addition, fellow Classkin will appear with various characters. As it is an original costume that can only be seen in anatay, please earn by all means.

# New LR support character “Succubus” appeared!

※ For details, please check the announcement / official Twitter in the spiritual fantasy of the spirit.

# What is the genus fantasy?

This work is the first game work of the TV anime “genie Genso”. A game original hero is a RPG game that fulfills a powerful battle with the original familiar characters, including the main character “Rio (CV: Matsuoka Atsuke)”, which was lost from different worlds. You can create up to 10 parties and enjoy a refreshing turn-based battle that takes place in a full-time.

In addition, the character of “Genie Genso” appears in various limited costs here. “Primary Genso Aoi” Fans, of course, enjoy the Royal Royal RPG of the royal road given by G123, which can be enjoyed by those who do not know the work.

# # Game start is here

# Game Basic Information

Game Title: Primary Fantasy Another Tail Genre: Fantasy RPG Price: Basic Free (In-Game Item Private System) Game Start: https: // Official Twitter: https: // Official Line: https: //

# What is a spiritualism?

The former life and the current world cross-two men with two memories do their destiny!!

A large hit fantasy that gives a lot of sympathy with a boy Rio, a boy who lives on the skular destiny living as a university student and the orphan of the slum city.

When I was young, Rio who was killed by his mother and I was lived desperately in Slam city. On a day, I dreamed of the reunion with his childhood friend and the accident dead “Memory of Tennogawa” and “powerful magic” were awake in Rio, and I was reincarnation in the sword and magical different world notice. Furthermore, by contributing to the solution of the princess kidnapping incident by chance, the nematode of the aristocrat is to enter the prestigious academy…. Rio crawling from the bottom side of the class society is trying harsh destiny while repeating the meeting and farewell.


“Primary Gensoki” HJ Bunko: 1-21 Volume 1-21 HJ Comics: 1-7 Volume 1-7 Volume Authority Launched Author / Kitayama Sakai Illustration / RIV Comic Series / Comic Fire

# # TV anime

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Director and Series Composition: Yamasaki Mosam Character Design: Oil Plant Kyoko Music: Seiyuki Yamazaki Animation: Toms Entertainment Official Twitter: @seireigensouki # Primary Gyenasouki Formula HP:

# What is G123 (Giichinisan)?

On smartphone tablet PC web browser, it is a game service that enjoys carefully selected high quality games without unnecessary member registration.

Official site: https: //

# About CTW Corporation

A comprehensive Internet platform service company that operates the game platform G123 (Giichinisan).

Company name: CTW Corporation: 〒 106-0032 Hongmi 1-9-10 Arc Hills Sengoku Yamamori Tower representative: Sasaki Ryuichi Established: August 2013 Capital Capital: Platform Business URL: Platform Business URL:

(C) Kitayama Yuzu, Hobby Japan / “Primary Gyenasu” Production Committee

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Witch Queen: The best way to increase power to the limit rapidly; More efficient methods

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been launched and in addition to adding a new history, incursion, kind of weapon, you know, the usual. What is also coming back, of course, is the new annual expansion of great powers. Virtually the only time of the year in which the blues sees some love and we are struggling to reach at least the mild limit so that we can begin to interact with more difficult content. In this guide, we will review the best methods for raising your level of power to the limit quickly at Destiny 2: The Witch Queen & Season of the Risen as fast, fun and without stress.

The best way to increase the power to quickly cover in Destiny 2: Witch Queen

Avoid all weekly activities at the beginning to the minimum limit

What you will have to resist at first is the temptation to perform any activity that rewards you with powerful grams or, God does not want it, pinnacle. Desperately want to save them, if you can, until you reach the Soft Cap. It is quite easy to get to the Soft Cap without having to resort to wasting your powerful droplets of enramrs.

That said, if you are delaying, the week is about to restart and is still below the soft limit, of course, be sure to get all powerful rewards to accelerate things. What you do not obtain before the restart will be completely wasted.

This is the key: _Is always, hold on to your highest power equipment in each slot. Do not disassemble even if it is a blue. Its falls are always based on your highest possible power level combined in your inventory, regardless of what you have equipped. This applies all the way until you reach Pinnacle Cap.

Also a quick tip: Your season rewards, such as free armor sets, can be used to complete some areas of your computer that are behind your computer to increase your Soft Cap score.

Once you reach the minimum limit of 1500, you will be ready to go to other activities.

Raising the power beyond the soft cover

Once you reach Soft Cap, you will want (and you will need) to start carrying out activities that reward powerful grams. However, there is an order, do not do anything.

Ideally, you will first want to perform activities that reward level 1 and then progress to level 3 rewards to reach the fastest power limits. This is because level 3 rewards offer you greater power jumps that you want to save for the end. Then, in other words, start with things like Gambit, Crucible and Strikes and then collect their Rewards clan and then end up with level 3 as Nightfall.

After you have done Tode of your powerful scripts activities for the week, Lede is allowed to immerse yourself in your maximum reward activities. Pinnacles are the only rewards that can break 1550 Hard Cap and push it to the territory of Pinnacle Cap that ends in 1560 (the hard limit, duro hat for the resurrected season).

Pinnacle falls for the last time

Then, again, unless his pinnacles are going to be wasted, do not do them until he has done everything else. Once you are in 1550+, the only thing that can increase your power will be those pins drops.

That and the increases of power of your artifact, of course. For the activities in which the power limit of its artifact increases the count (which is most things), you can get more simply by getting XP. Try to make sure you take as many rewards as you can before leaving, comply with them, ideally, with the advantage of active shared wisdom while playing with another player with the advantages of active shared wisdom.

Increase the power limit quickly at Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

  • Hit Soft Cap first, avoid claiming powerful falls or pinnacle.

  • After reaching 1500, start making powerful reward activities, starting with lower levels.

Ideally, level 1 grams are the first.

  • Perform pinnacle activities after reaching 1550 or once you have done everything else.

That’s all you need to know for the the best way to increase your power limit fast in the witch queen and the resurrected season. To get more tips, tricks and answers to frequently asked questions, check our useful wiki guide for the year 5 of Destiny 2.

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