The Callisto Protocol: 2nd component of the documentary

These talk largely about the dense environment of The Callisto Protocol, with which the new brand in the scary genre is expected to insist.

Quickly prior to the launch in a few weeks, the developers of the striking range studios started a new docudrama series for the approaching scary title The Callisto Method a couple of days ago.

You can make it here if you missed the first episode that dealt with the scary itself. From currently on, the second episode of the documentary is readily available, which brings it to a length of over 20 minutes as well as allows various of the programmers involved.

developers promise a horror of the new generation

The Callisto Protocol was produced under the guidance of Video game Director Glen Schofield, which is just one of the creative minds behind the effective Dead Space series, and, according to official details, guarantees a new generation scary experience. Both technically and happily, the designers of the striking range studios wish to take advantage of the opportunities of the current hardware.

The tale of The Callisto Method begins on the imposing Jupiter moon Callisto. Below you take control of the protagonist Jacob Lee, who attempts to escape from a dark jail. As a fatal monster hunt for the occupants, trip rapidly turns into an unforgiving struggle for life and fatality.

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| Graphic on PS4 is compared to The Last of Us | Designer concerning the reflection and also the season | Schofield is currently believing of continuation-Crunch was his fault

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The tale of The Callisto Method begins on the enforcing jupiter moon Callisto. Here you take control of the protagonist Jacob Lee, who attempts to escape from a dark jail. As a fatal beast quest for the passengers, flight swiftly establishes right into a pitiless battle for life and also fatality.

The Callisto Protocol will be launched on December 2, 2022, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, the Xbox One as well as the Xbox Collection X/S.


Nagelsmann about Lewandowski: knows how his thoughts are

The likelihood that Robert Lewandowski will continue to wear FC Bayern’s jersey in the coming season has decreased in the past few days. The Polish top scorer does not want to extend his contract in 2023 and prefer to switch to FC Barcelona immediately, where a three -year contract he waves to him in Munich – Lewandowski will not be preserved in August 34.

When asked about this, Julian Nagelsmann kept himself covered at the press conference on Friday, but did not emit any Dementi. “He trained very committed, also scored a few good goals,” said the one year older and grinning: “So he will be in the starting eleven tomorrow.” At the final game of the season in Wolfsburg (3:30 p.m., live! At Nagelsmann Nagelsmann), where Lewandowski can accept his seventh Nagelsmann Nagelsmann goalkeeper cannon.

I never talk about things that I discuss with players under four eyes. You have to ask Robert.

Julian Nagelsmann

I've said it for a LONG TIME, Robert Lewandowski is NOT happy - Jan Aage Fjortoft | ESPN FC

Nagelsmann’s attitude is known, at least publicly the master coach always speaks for an extension of Lewandowski, according to his own statement he is planning the coming season “quite normal” with the FIFA world footballer. “I do not give any information about all other topics that take place in discussions. I never talk about things that I discuss with players under four eyes. You have to ask Robert.”

Nagelsmann added “more often” to Lewandowski anyway. “But not more than usual because of the situation. I have a good exchange with him and know how his thoughts are. I know how my attitude and my thoughts are.”

no change veto from Nagelsmann: “Never take more important than you are”

He does not want to take a change veto: “There is a very important credo of my coaching: never take too important and never take yourself more important than you are. I am the wrong man for something. It’s always An interplay between ‘Brazzo’, me and Oliver Kahn to decide such things. I will never publicly pronounce myself for or against what it should be.. “